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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    I Have A Dream

    brothers n sisters, if dr martin luther king had become shia and moved to pakistan, he would have said these words, and all would be well with the shias.... "I say to you today, my friends... so even though we face the problems of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the Shia dream. I have a dream that one day this qawm will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed : "Ya Ali Madad!". We hold these truths to be self-evident : that all men were created for the love of Ali (as)." I have a dream that one day, on the red hills of Dera Ismail Khan and Bhakkar, the sons of malangs and the sons of muqassirs will be allowed to sit down together at a table of brotherhood. I have a dream that one day even the state of Sindh, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression and ignorance, shall be transformed into an oasis of Azadari and Lanat'ing. I have a dream that my three little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the karre on their wrists but by the content of their mind. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day down in Karachi, with their vicious pseudo-Akhbaris, with its fake zakir, having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification, one day right down outside 404, little malang boys and malang girls will be able to join hands with little muqassir boys and muqassir girls like sisters and brothers. I have a dream today". "
  2. lol!!! zakeri who is claiming to be a double agent and saying that the CIA owes him $1.2m for his services, who can trust him? ignorant khomeini-hating malangs of course!
  3. (salam) at that time, the land of khorasan stretched from present-day iran, including the official province of khorasan, to kabul in the east, or even to the indus river, and from herat to uzbekistan in the north.
  4. a lot of the earlier shias called themselves imami
  5. ^^is it an interview or a secretly recorded telephone conversation??? lol, ppl have gone overboard on this
  6. (salam) :D i think the bro means deceased which means dead diseased means seriously ill with a disease for shias its not recommended for husband to give ghusle mayyit to wife or vice versa. but its not haram. alsayed1 could u provide reference that its recommended plz?
  7. imam ali (as) didnt seek to justify it and was against it, in fact he was the only one who tried to anything about it, so y should we try to justify it. altho uthman and committed many sins and done a lot of zulm, it wasnt for some mob to kill him, but he has to be tried and punished the proper way. but plenty of people in madina decided to stay quiet and believe that for uthman, what comes around goes around. if he was killed in a proper way by the order of imam ali (as) there would be no problem. but the mob who killed him included good people who had become over-emotional (eg ibn abi bakr) and also munafiqs who wanted to cause fitnah. imam ali (as) said: If I had ordered his assassination I should have been his killer, but if I had refrained others from killing him I would have been his helper. The position was that he who helped him cannot now say that he is better than the one who deserted him while he who deserted him cannot say that he is better than the one who helped him. I am putting before you his case. He appropriated (wealth) and did it badly. You protested against it and committed excess therein. With Allah lies the real verdict between the appropriator and the protester.
  8. (salam) pakistan says that iran doesnt need nuclear weapons iran says it doesnt want nuclear weapons so wheres the dispute? :huh: or am i just not getting it?
  9. its a disgrace to azadari-e-syed-e-shuhada (as) that "azadar" have become so pathetic y not just look at the proof and decide 4 yourself.
  10. (salam) if some other tyrant "muslim" forces people to become muslims for his political gains and the expansion of his kingdom and this leads to more ppl becoming muslim and their offspring being muslim, this doesnt mean the tyrant is good. its a good effect with other bad effects from the act of a bad person. its time sunnis broaden their vision and realise everything aint so simple.
  11. lol if its true, u shouldnt have advertised here in public :P the fbi will be after u now :Hijabi:
  12. this is the image of cyrus, with the two horns i have read mawlana mawdudi of pakistan (sunni) who also wrote that cyrus is the most probable candidate for zul-qarnain.
  13. yes well said. we might agree with some of what he says here, but he himself is a dubious character linked to neo-nazi, white-supremacist and far-right groups. this includes supporting the apartheid government of south africa and the fascist canadian organisations. we dont need nazis like him.
  14. the rasool's (pbuh) work was more than just to lay the usool of deen, it was to teach the intracacies of shariah as well. umar's additions are not additions in deen. and if they are treated as such, it is bidah. the rasool (pbuh) taught that there are 4 fardh acts in wudhu and other details of shariah and the quran says it quite clearly too. the fiqh books were deductions based on sunnah of rasool (pbuh), and is not an addition to deen. what i have heard is that the harakat did exist before, but were not written and this had become a habit. they reverted back to the practise of adding harakat to make life easier in reading quran. this is not an addition in deen, but interestingly it was the ahle bait (as) who suggested this to the scribes. i dont know the truth in this, but the rasool (pbuh) had already laid out the rules of hijab, and its up to us, even today, to administer things for the convenience of hijab. Again, this isnt an addition in deen. the rasool (pbuh) didnt come to teach arabic grammar, he came to deliver a message in arabic and explained this message as much as he could. his message also included the striving to become literate and learned in all sciences. he could at least have the message, the quran, ready in book-form and in a single compilation for the ppl to read. and indeed he did.
  15. (salam) the quran that we recite is the same which was compiled in the time of the rasool (pbuh), under his supervision, and spread and learnt by the muslims in large numbers, in such large numbers that no taghoot leader would have the stupidity to change it. Being accused of changing Quran would lead to their own disgrace. and open fisq against the deen and ummah which they wanted rule. in fact, presenting themselves as the "saviour" of the quran was more in their interest so they made up stories about how they compiled the quran after the death of rasool (pbuh) and how they saved it from annihilation. it was always the ahle bait who kept the quran from being distorted. the next generation after the sahaba slaughtered the household of the rasool (pbuh) so how could they be the successors of the generation that was given the task of compiling the quran?? if they treated the ahle bait in such a way, how would they have treated the quran? it was always ahle bait who saved quran and deen. as somebody has already pointed out, zameel your argument is based on the assumption that the quran was compiled by the sahabah. it was not. it was compiled by the rasool (pbuh) and he left it in full for the ummah to read after him. omarkhazim: how can you say that when sunnis also say he didnt even leave us a comiled book called a "quran"? he was a MESSENGER, and he didnt leave the MESSAGE properly for us?? sorry, we don't believe that.
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