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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. wow...what was messi doing today? i guess we all figured out who's NOT the best player in the world...and that's messi !! kids nowadays will say anything without thinking :) Higuain's hatrick was the one to watch :)
  2. so far, only netherlands have played the game like a world cup game is supposed to be played. germany, although the score was 4-0, was way below par. por-ivory game was amazing today albeit unfortunately there was no victory! north korea's defense right now is doing great..the real world cup will start tomorrow with spain vs switzerland...spain shall show the teams how to play !!! @ everyone who says messi is the best player...messi is the best striker, not the best player. there's a big difference and i have enough experience alhamdulillah with it !! At barca, he gets plays handed to him...th
  3. mahmood mamdani..he explains with great details the change of american attitude towards the "extremists" which i think he pretty rationally proves..
  4. this conflict is more political than we think it is.. i mean those people from iran and iso (pakistan) are great and commendable.. but it's not like this conflict itself has a religious importance that i know of..shia or sunni or even non-muslims, most lebanese people (and i know a lot) say that their families back home and most people hate palestinians which religiously they shouldn't (hate maybe strong but they're not big fans of palestinians).. as far as hezbollah goes..it's really fascinating how a paramilitary organization has such a political power..if u talk to someone from lebanon they
  5. ^ which is exactly why they're better than real madrid..right?? gimme a break dude..they got messi, pique, puyol, i'vic, henry..talk about top notch players..it's not like barca is the underdog!! their salary cap is pretty huge too. sure madrid' players don't guarantee 5-0 wins all the time but it's gotta be something when the club is constantly one of the hottest in the whole europe..the hottest club i beg to state..barca too tried the same strategy madrid by signing i'vic, pique, henry one after the other and guess what, it works for them..i'm a team player fan as well but star power definit
  6. Reading "Good muslim bad muslim" these days..excellent account..everybody should take a look although it has some provoking ideas for shias.. but overall, nice book
  7. if ur offering an advice, you should be the one who's basing it on something, not some sheikh. he just spoke at rutgers yesterday.. amazing speech mA..at least he wasn't scared to speak about what shias are in front of a sunni crowd..i disagree with many things he has said in the past, but can't demean him totally
  8. lol alright, ur not my type of person. I am more of a loyalty fan. I am a Dallas Mavericks fan and i don't even live there anymore lol. I don't live in Pakistan but that team remains on the top. I started with madrid and i'll end with that. ur right about cheering the team/player if they play good..which is why i like players from barca.. like i mentioned messi, henry being another great person. I appreciate them because they play good, but i can never be happy with barca winning, just like i can never be winning with india winning a cricket match (against anyone) lol no offense.
  9. I hate barca because it is over-rated. 60% of the barca fans u meet today jumped on their bandwagon after last year's win. This ridicules me.. BE AUTHENTIC! I've been a real madrid fan all my life, still am, and will die as one. Being with this team is also one of the reasons i hate barca lol.. but messi, no doubt, has great talent. ronaldo is one of the great players of his generations, but certainly not on the top, and this is coming from a madrid fan.
  10. Yep That was priceless. As much as i hate barcelona, i admit i would have paid to see messi's hatrick. great player in the most hated team, against a player i really dislike in my own team (ronaldo). I don't know where to go anymore.
  11. Cricket, Tennis, Basketball , Soccer, Football, Boxing. These 6 i follow intensively. For favorite, I'd have to say Cricket.
  12. england certainly is a fav.. with likes of rooney, terry, and lampard. however my picks would be argentina, spain, england, or 'maybe' portugal. If i would, i'd put my money on spain. p.s. italy has no chance
  13. Maula Dha bhai..Where exactly do you get this info from? Close Fox news Please. The tax penalty applies to people with an income above a certain amount. And no, the insurance companies have a certain quote that they pay. Every time we make a visit, we end up paying something too so patients do have to worry. Another thing the bill did, was that children can stay under the parents' insurance till age 26 now which was age 21 prior to the signing of the bill. We should keep in mind that this bill is more than 100% intended to be for a short-run effect (yes, 2014 is short run). This is because mos
  14. Salamun Alaykum: Inshallah, the first Majlis observing the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (as) and his companions will take place on Friday, December 18, 2009 starting promptly at 8:00 pm. Majalis will inshallah continue daily through the first 12 days of Moharram. (December 18, 2009 - December 29, 2009) Moulana Jafar Banglori will address the majlis in English and Urdu. Schedule of Daily Majlis Hadees-e-Kisa: 8:00 pm Soz Khwani: 8:10 pm Moulana's Speech: 8:30 pm Matam: 9:30 pm Shab-e-Ashoor Schedule Hadees-e-Kisa: 8:00 pm Soz Khwani: 8:10 pm Moulana's Speech: 8:45 pm Matam: 9:45 pm Yaum-e-Ashoor S
  15. http://muharramshirts.com/short.html Also I think profoundaesthetic.com is creating some designs.. u can ask them
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