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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Give me your number sayed repenter , i need an iranian citizenship , since Islam has no boarders. When can we arrange it, how long is the procedure , im eager.
  2. Iranians are pretty good at putting words in somebodies elses mouth , i have never claimed to be a baathi nor a supporter of Saddam. Infact our family are mostly Dawa supporters. Everyone that is against Iran must be a baathi? , beep you are wrong buddy. Iraqis in general dislike Iran for one reason , it is not an ethnic based,secterian based reason it is rather the trial and error we have had with Iran with its foreign policy. Iran is and have always been imperialistic agenda , even before islam. And Iraq has always been its first target. Now please keep wait for imam al mehdi untill we "try" solve our things . Karbala and Najaf is open for business , what more do you ask for?
  3. Yeah good for you , now we Iraqis hope that the rest of the iranians think alike you , but unfortunally their foreign policy tell exactly the opposite igniting iraqs secterian voilence is just one side of irans policy. Ignoring the fact that Iran dont have a role in Iraqs political arena is just being ignorant. Please keep wait for imam mehdi reappears untill we settle our things down, dont bother meddle. You are welcome to spend your money in Kerbala and Najaf meanwhile , it il do good for our economy. :angel: :wub:
  4. Just another terrorist thread , has no support among general iraqi population anyways. Al-Qaeda is almost entirely deleted , Sadrist are way less active , a couple of Mini terrorists group left are soon enough gone. They are there because there is demand for blood spilling on Iraqs land wether its US forces or Innocent Iraqis its not a big deal , Demand is needed among various idiots on forums like these and muslims in general. Iraqis know where to put their interest in , and its certinally not groups like these.
  5. Iraq in a sense has always been a place of multi ethnicities , Modern-Islamic ideologies such as Iranian style WF is just going to doom Iraq to death , economically handicapped and a backwarded population spreading hate aka "Bar Margh Amrikka" . We Iraqis know better then this , and are not going to lower our self to the Iranian level.
  6. You know most iraqis probably wont side you on this one buddy, wether your iraqi or a foreigner trying to "free" iraq under so called resistance groups , asaeb al haq sounds like a bunch of retards to me , and when they free iraq what the hell are they gonna do, introduce us WF state? annoying mujaheedens , get the hell out of our country.
  7. Bro disrespecting Iraqs poor mi3dan who is by the way are real Iraqis in sense of history , tradition and culture is a no no. This shroogia and Mi3dan way of talking was introduced by Baathist and elitist sunnis during their regime . its a way of illegitimizing the southern people of their country. Next time you want to badmouth mi3dan, think about it for a second. http://www.laputanlogic.com/articles/2004/01/24-0001.html here is a good reader for you, wether you are southern shroogi or ajami.
  8. Its funny how you guys become civilized when the target is Bush , and victimize the villian in this case this journalist. Theoritcally if Khomeini whas alive and somebody threw a shoe at him, would the response be identical? :) now thats something to think about.
  9. Good news for Iraqis , Al-Qaeda and Iran wont be meddling in Iraqs internal affairs as long as we have a strong friend like the United states.
  10. I agree , presstv.ir is suppoused to counter reuters , funny how their layout is almost identical to reuters , too bad it dosent have any credibility.
  11. This is a imperialistic premark , and it justifies why arabs in general have this sentiments against Iranian policy. Claiming that Iraq and Bahrain belongs to "Persian Aryans Civilization" is a very chauvinistic view , sure Persian has "Conquered" Iraq and Bahrain but it never belonged to them from the start . Mesopotamia and the Gulf it self has been predominantly semitic throughout history , any educated historian can prove you that. and the fact that Ahwaz has been semitic (Elamites) is another case where Persia is trying to cover that it belongs to them. Iraq(Mesopotamia) has always been a semitic piece of land, where Sumerians,Babylonians , Akkadians , Assyrians etc. have been living there since the dawn of times, same applies to Bahrain where the Dilmmun Civilization flourished and they are Semitic aswell. Being an Arab dosent mean you are genetically an Arab from the Arab peninsula , for example you have the Marsh Arabs in Southern Iraq , they share the same traditions as former Sumerians who used to live off the Marshes. Surely now Ahwaz is a case of disputes , Iran will not let it go easiley , cause its their biggest source of income. Discussing realpolitik now if there whas a case of War between the US and Iran . strategically they would only need to conquer Khuzestan and tapping the oil fields, wich would make the Islamic Republic bankrupt in a matter of years. There has always been disputes between Semitic Mesopotamia and Aryans , especially on the boarder between Iraq and Iran. the 80s War whas certinally not the first one , and i dont think its the last one either. as long as Iran keep meddling in our Internal affairs there will be disputes . You dont see the same involvment of Arabs in Iranian internal affairs either.
  12. Ok i dont know where you got your made up numbers from, but whatever its not like sources claiming otherwise gonna convince you, muslims in general nowdays have a mindset on that says hate the western world no matter what i will not argue that with you. KSA is a terrible example to compare, why didnt you bother to compare to the UAE or perhaps Kuwait , meanwhile ignoring the fact that Iran is just as terrible as KSA when it comes to individual freedom , this comes from many fellow iranians i know abroad. Ok so your [Edited Out]ing at the fact America has an imperialist agenda , superpowers always are existent that is the way the political field are built , are you ignoring the fact that Iran has no imperialist ambition in the world, let alone the middle east? come on buddy, catch some history books. Surely, superpowers always in time are there to spread their cultural influence and strategic military bases, Americas agenda is to spread Consumerism (aka democracy) , currently there is no better option , and id say thats alot closer to what Islam is really all about then Isolationist such as Iran , being hostile to its neighbour , funding militias , Totalitarian Khamenei is One and Only. But yeah, simple analogy , youd rather have An American cooperating , building your economy , giving the good track record of their products and services in general over an Iranian one? Seriously look at Iranian products they distribibute , [Edited Out] food products and alot they send expired [Edited Out] food over to our boarders , [Edited Out] car that breaks after a month of use these so called S[Edited Out] metal renaults. [Edited Out] expertise who nobody recognize. Simply as an Iraqi id prefer Coca Cola and Pepsi(as we iraqis call it Bebsi) over any got dammn Zam Zam cola . Iraqis are sick of war and emotional pretexts such as Imam Khomeini,Palestine Issue , Pan-Arabism bla bla. We are certinally ready for Mcdonalds,KFC,Chevy Cars and other WESTERNZIONISTCONSPIRACY made products.
  13. Iranian and muslims in general must be pretty pissed that Americas agenda in Iraq are turning out to be the opposite of what they though , truly economic freedom for Iraqi citizens this totally legitimize the war , and its getting clearer everyday . I remember when this part of forum whas rampaged daily with "Jihad" videos and support , and many of the posters where in favour of them . it must be pretty disheartening to hear some good old fashioned economical news for the idiots that where in favour of these so called "Jihad" groups , i kinda miss syrian sister , where is she nowdays ? haha slowly wer getting there, the day we can appreciate George W. Bush ciao
  14. Im not saying its a majority opinion, but the local opinion now is that Iran is not helping the situation at all it is rather destabilizing the apparateus . Sure we can come to trade agreements and entry agreements for each parties , but we cannot play with our security with Iran . Many on this board ar way to ignorant to even think that Iran is meddling in Iraks situation by hosting extreme factions and in some cases funding them with money and arms (badr wing for SCIRI is an example) and in some extreme cases there has been funding to Al-Qaeda , now everyone is gonna pick at me for saying that , but remember the saying "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" and certianally Iran is publicly support an extreme sunni organization *hint* HAMAS so why would they not do it in Iraqs case? Iran is playing the ugly cards , sure the consequences is blurry now but they will definatelly taste it in the future of a stable Irak. Turkey for example has been a good acting neighbour and are now benefiting from large trade agreements between the two parties , it is the single largest trade partner with Iraq at the moment , sure they had their rotten days with the Kurds , but they are definatelly solving that part now , Irak is very important for Turkey financially and vice versa. Speaking from my point of view it has nothing to do with ethnicities or racism , The Iranians has constantly been a nagging neighbour since dawn of history , i hope we can settle our differences in a diplomatic sense but history has proven otherwise :(. None the less Shia Iraqis almost all of them affiliated with Tribes , in a sense of Muslim unity , Tribalism has probably been the biggest obstacle and removing that is not possible because it is deeply rooted in Mesopotamian society and Arabs in general. So even after all the grief with Sunni arabs and their former regime, Shia Iraqis feel more affiliated with their Arab counterparts then the Shia Iranian.
  15. You are partly right , the corruption here is absolutely horrific , bribery is the road in a daily basis . I have currently moved to Baghdad , Working in the real estate business , mostly we handle real estates owned by iraqis outside Iraq , getting a verification on the Deed is a pain in the ass , our lawyer does that job and sometimes its very frustrating with bribery at the local real estate office and getting documents signed and approved aswell. Surely people who have worked in Europe, US or in Dubai , Baghdad is not an expat friendly place yet but it sure is improving , The security has definatelly improved since my early visit in 2004 and 2006 , nowdays i can drive around most Baghdad areas pretty safe. Maliki had security a top priority , now that its almost fixed , and he has gained very popular support especically in the last trouble free provincial elections he can definatelly expect a majority mandate in the parlimentary one . The Iraqi population is definatelly getting wiser as the provincial elections whas not secterian based , maliki won a huge support even amongst Sunnis , People are realizing that their religious leaders wether its Adnan al dulaimi or "Sayed" Hakim is not in their interest, let alone the nations interest. You see the corruption in Iraq has many factors behind , Partly Saddams era , and the 2004 elections wich whas based on ethnic and secterian division. Basically Maliki cannot just remove any minister as he pleaze , altho legally he has the authority but since its secterian based this will have so many consequences on a local level and high ranking level , mainly the destablization of the current security situation wich more priority then corruption. Only way he can appoint corrupt free ministries is if he has mandate in the upcoming elections . 2009 elections are very important for Iraqs future . Inshallah i see all Iraqis coming back to Iraq , surely its a dream , but Iraq is rapidly stabilizing and its very possible that Iraq will be expat friendly in perhaps a periods of 5-10 years if not less. I never though i would write something like this in shiachat , i whas mainly opposing fanatics in favour of militias in the "Occupied Iraq and the Post-war Conflicts" Forum a couple of years ago , clearly the point of debates are pointing at the right directions , and inshallah we can discuss Iraqs economical and social problems more detalied and more briefly here.
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