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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. every baby is different. usually for teething i only give my son panadole, dunno where ur from but im from australia, we have panadole and nurefen which do wonders. gel never did anything for my son. but just a questioon, has ur son beeen in routine before now? did u try put him in routine from birth? ill give you an example. i have a baby who is 13 months old, a boy. from bith i used to bath him and change him then feed him and put him in bed by 7.30, for the first 2 months hed wake up a few times at night, coz i was breastfeeding. after 2 months his body got used to the routine. soo every
  2. salam my friend hs been married for about 4 months now, her problem is that from the first night of marriage her husband wasnt able to break her in due to lots of pain and it just didnt seem like it was ever getting anywhere near breaking her hymen. its 4 months down the track and its depressing her, what should she do? what could be the problem? still now she is a virgin months down the track. im sure ud agree its a hard situation, as i feel very sorry for her and wish i could help. your help please sincerity
  3. 1) yes this is forever 2) theres another option, of moving to iran and living amongst the scholars and studying, but that one isnt easy either, for work, accomodation isnt available there. i agree, its veryy confusing for the friend, especially if your really attached to your husband, seeing him only 26 weeks our of 52 weeks a yr is difficult.
  4. (bismillah) (salam) My friend has been confronted with this situation... and id like to know what youd do, or what youd suggest she do :)
  5. (bismillah) (salam) Q 179: Is the discharge occurring during sleep considered semen if it is not accompanied with the three signs (ejaculation, sexual excitement, and weakness of the body) and it is not noticed except after awakening and observing wetness on one’s underclothing? A: If all the three signs of discharging semen or one of them does not exist or you are doubtful about it, the discharged moisture is not ruled as semen unless you are certain in one way or another that it is semen. My question is; what is meant by weakness of the body, please explain.
  6. (salam) Jazakom Allah khayr bro/sis i was pretty much confused totally, i heard too many different ways of praying it. Alhamdullilah its clear. Salam Alaykom
  7. (bismillah) question is, do we pray the 8 rikaat all at once with 1 intention that we are praying 8 rikaat salatul layl or after each 2nd rik'a do shahada, and taslim, and then get up and pray another 2 rikaat to then equal 8 rikaat. i dnt get it please explain clearly how i do the 8 rikaat, are they consitent 8 like all 8 at once or seperate 2s, with 4 seperate intentions or wat, urgent answer please. salam alaykom
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