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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'm a bigger sinner than you are.

  2. Exodus 22:5 If a man shall cause a field or vineyard to be eaten, and shall put in his beast, and shall feed in another man's field; of the best of his own field, and of the best of his own vineyard, shall he make restitution.
  3. [21:78] And remember David and Solomon, when they gave judgment in the matter of the field into which the sheep of certain people had strayed by night: We did witness their judgment. [21:79] So We made Sulaiman to understand it; and to each one We gave wisdom and knowledge; and We made the mountains, and the birds to celebrate Our praise with Dawood; and We were the doers. David and Solomon, both, being prophets arrived at different verdicts; and inspite of the fact that both had been blessed with wisdom and knowledge, Solomon's judged to be more wise. Isn't it unfair that Solomon is made to understand - or in other words, he's inspired - and David isn't and ironically with the claim that each one of them has been blessed with wisdom and knowledge. How much significant is "matter of field" for any percievable religious problem (relating to law, revelation, knowledge and wisdom)? One should also hypothesise about it as well.
  4. Can we just get rid of Aristotles PRIME MOVER!
  5. Using Quran and reason associated with it...
  6. Freedom to "induce" and "deduce" from certain set of premises in a very philosophical way!
  7. If the whole intent was to leaving the Wife you wouldnt have read the 4:25 verse in Quran
  8. BravO!!!!!!!!! Thats why I believe that MARRIAGE is NO Solution to SEX. One JUST cant have SEX and SEX alone. The whole package comes with it :D
  9. although the logical/rational part of the mind does function (in some ways) like a computer does. Its the other way!
  10. An interesting Article http://www.free-minds.org/forum/index.php?topic=5869.0
  11. The word used is nushuz (in the verse) implying rebellion. Do we have any room for metaphores or euphemism there? Someone with arabic might help.
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