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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. All i was trying 2 say,is that a girl who sinned is not worse than a man who sinned... men are tempting to women exactly like women are tempting to men and both are equally involved when they get carried away. But our societies tend to view a girl who sinned once in her life worse than a man who has sinned numerous numbers of times. In Islam, both have sinned equally,and this is why they have equal punishments. Some people forget that women also have sex drives and men can seduce them exactly like women seduce men. I am just trying 2 point out that certain sexual sins related to our desires, i find are worse than backbiting people, stealing, cheating, etc. and our societies should become less harsh in judging people who could be great human beings and treat people respectfully and are loved by every1, but have sinned some time in their life due to late marriage, sexual pressure, strong attachment.. etc.
  2. Us, Arab Men... or let me say eastern muslim men in general... are hypocrites...or just ignorant to say the least... Most of us, say 95%, spend our youth chasing girls... and getting into relationships with mainly, EASTERN MUSIM girls.. then when we decide to get married, we try to find a girl who has never been touched... so we convince ourselves. And we complain that there arent any good girls around anymore... well... since 95% of men are engaging in such relationships before marraige, what men fail to realize, is that they are engaging in those relationships with WOMEN. it takes 2 to tango... Women are in need of physical and emotional connections just as we are in need of them... just cuz a girl has had a past relationship and maybe committed some sins in her life,does not mean that she would make a bad wife. Marriage is an issue related to the essence of the person, whether the 2 r compatible mentally, intellectually, physically etc... whether they could see themselves with each other... I know of men who leaves girls they LOVE because she agreed to get physical with HIM. he loves her, convinces her to love him, makes a move on her when shes in her most vulnerable situation... and then leaves her cuz she agreed to touch him... and then goes for another girl whom he knows nothing bout her past. And just cuz his mother says this girl is from a good family, he assumes she has never been touched... i say, if ure in love,and u commit a mistake, ask for forgiveness and marry the girl if she loves u,and get over our stupid cultural ideas.
  3. i had that dream twice already,and it freaks me out!!!dreaming of being a homosexual!!!and by being i mean engaging in homosexual acts during the dream!and in the dream i seemed 2 not mind it at all!!!!!!and on both occasions it was just any random person i know from skool or life...of course im not a homosexual and i hate them as a matter of fact!!!i wonder what those dreams mean in an lsamic way!!and i wonder if any of u guys ever had such a dream...u feel like s*** when u wake up seriously!!lol on the website www.dreammoods.com it says: dream dictionary Homosexual To dream that you are homosexual (but you are not in your waking life), represents a union with aspects of yourself. It is symbolic of self-love, self-acceptance, and compassion. If you are heterosexual and you dream that you are having sex with someone of the same sex, signifies not necessarily homosexual desire, but an expression of greater self love and acceptance. You need to be in better touch of your feminine or masculine side. i wonder how scientific that explanation is!its satisfying though!lolll :D
  4. lol can some1 fix the poll please!i have no idea!
  5. from my experience,i think its hard to find a girl(or a guy) who wasn't involved in some type of relationship before marriage...i always think bout the girl i wanna marry and i want to be her first and last..!!and from past experience too i noticed that girls are VERY VERY good at acting innocent and concealing any mistakes theyve done in the past...i personally know the histories of many girls who have been married to guys who "think" they were the 1st and that there was no1 before them!!! many girls also defend the bf case by saying that they were in luv and they werent using their brains but their hearts...and most who confess of a past bf deny any intimacy(kissing,cuddling,etc...) and i personally dont believe that,whats ur stance on that point specifically?i think a guy who has a gf would not accept not having intimacy at all...that defeats the whole purpose of him having a gf in the 1st place...i cannot bear the idea of my future wife having kissed a guy before...!!! :cry:
  6. its not that i doubt god astaghrifullah... its just contradictory feelings bout my passion...and bout how ready i am to be commited to god and to a certain lifestyle ,im probably scared of trying,cuz i guess ill have to change many of my friends,i have to go out to different places,act and talk in different ways...praying is not hard nshalla ill make it a routine,but what i mean is a proper follower of ahl al bayt (as) i always felt that if im married it would be much easier,im still in university,its a bit hard to think of marriage now! nshalla in a year im graduating and maybe i might start thinking then...
  7. thanx for ur care sister.im a brother btw...dear sister,dont u think that i should at least take it 1 step at a time,cuz i find it hard to do everything at once,i feel its a big load....
  8. Salam brothers and sisters...please i need ur views on whats happening with me...... before moharram i passed through a phase where i was totally away from god,i had stopped praying,and totally forgot about my religion,moharram came and i started attending ashura lectures in our local mosque,the other day the sheikh was talking bout tawba,bout return to god,bout this life and how its just a passage to eternal life,it was like i heard that stuff for the 1st time,its been a few days im up till 4am everyday thinking,1 day i feel that im totally into what he said,and i go to the extreme that i want to be the perfect religious muslim,i want to stop listening to music,start praying again and a bunch of other lifestyles i have to change...the next day i feel the total opposite,i feel im bored of what i thought of the day before,and that its really hard to change alot of my lifestyles,and that i wanna have fun and enjoy life for now...and the cycle goes on,its hurting me alot :( those contradictory feelings,i wonder if anyone felt like that before,and if theres some middle solution...
  9. Salam everyone! I am interested in the sisters answer to this question since it is considered a big issue between guys!we always hear:Get married before u turn completely bald!!!And sometimes the amount of head on a guys head is considered directly proportional to the beauty of his wife!!the more hair he has,the cuter she is!!! Is this true??is a guys hair that important???some guys try to get muscular to shift a girls attention from his "head" to his arms!!!! depending on this poll,brothers who are starting to bald should decide whether they should start looking for a wife before theyre doomed or not!!! :P Have fun! :D
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