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    Abu Nur reacted to Qa'im in A Guide to Sunni Trends   
    Did you read my whole post or watch the video?
    I've read Radical Reform and I've met Tariq Ramadan several times. He says in his book and in his talks that his idea of "reform" is moreso "renovation" and "adaptation" - reforming seminaries, education, civil society, media, and a temporary ban on hudud. Again, he is a modernist, so is the MB, and having these views is very typical of MB-types, who are not totally reactionary. They often embrace democracy and modern nation-states, but are still conservative (family values, traditional fiqh, anti-alcohol/drugs/prostitution) and critical of U.S society and policy. The MB didn't revive hudud in Egypt, and the MB-types did not revive hudud in Turkey or Tunisia either. But the MB/AKP/Nahda are still categorized as "political Islam". The "Liberal Reformist" category hates people like Tariq Ramadan and sees him as an extremist sympathizer.
    Watch this video too:
    As for Jonathan Brown, the guy's profile pic on Facebook is of Morsi and Erdogan together. I'm not saying that is a good or bad thing, I am saying that this is typical of the MB-type category.
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    Abu Nur reacted to Gaius I. Caesar in National Museum Riyadh   
    I really like that, I would love to visit the National Museum in Riyadh.
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    Abu Nur reacted to Haji 2003 in Old certainties   
    Here's a reference to Trump's selection of Bannon:
    I am not necessarily criticising American's desire for the above or indeed their double standards. But people of other cultures who believe(d) that the liberalism that they were being asked to adopt has been abandoned by the very people originally promoting it, when it was no longer in their interests.
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    Abu Nur reacted to Qa'im in Sisters-Choose The God-Fearing Man   
    Ya Amir al-Mu'mineen ...
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    Abu Nur reacted to Qa'im in Jesus and Husayn   
    As you know brother, all Imams are Mahdis, and rising up was up to the Imam's discretion, based on the circumstances around him. I see no problem with believing that there would be 12 Imams, with the twelfth being the Qaim, the universal saviour who establishes world justice and piece. Still though, that revolution could have began with an earlier Imam. If people were not rebellious, Imam Ali could have established a true Islamic state. The narrations say that Husain had a choice to either destroy all his enemies or meet with Allah, so he selected the latter.
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