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  1. What he means by body is the illusion that we are the body itself (materialism: that holds that matter is the fundamental substance in nature, and that all things, including mental states and consciousness, are results of material interactions), when we are not the body.
  2. About Haq al Nas, what about things that you have totally forget. And what about the issue you remember but you can not found them anymore out to ask forgivness.
  3. Because it is a faulty concept in first place, no one is untouchable: Do people think once they say, “We believe,” that they will be left without being put to the test? Qur'an 29:2 Some of them succeeded and some of them failed the test during or after the Prophet (saws).
  4. It is impossible because there is no chance or randomness in reality (actual world) but only causes (from potential to actuals). As from our perspective (our perspective is limited only to what we know and don't know and what we can know and and what we can not know) either we believe that these causes are Divinely guided or not. It is reasonable to believe in divine guided order, because the outcome give us almost impossibility (From our perspective, what we know as unknow, we can only give prediction, but the unknow happened in reality independently from us) of such an chain of causes to happen in such an order that it will leads to all different complex form of life and form of creations without divine guidance.
  5. Salaam Aleikum, May God bless you brother, excellent and truthful essay.
  6. True. It is the opposite qualities of Good that make human toward materialism, and all these opposite qualities of Good shall be removed and the light of the man shall be perfected. The new body surely will experience for forever new knowledge about God and His actions and surely for us there is no limits. Experiences of paradise do includes sensations, including drinking, eating, having sex etc but it is more than that. What if God create unlimited ways of senses and thus we will experience the paradise unlimitedly different ways.
  7. Knowing about how someone is going to die does not mean that they know the actual time and place of death. Every actions of Imams (عليه السلام) are guided with utmost knowledge so they will only choose the right choice that goes according the laws of God. Suicide people intention is that they want to end their life, so they try act to end their life. Imams (عليه السلام) and believers have no such an intention and nor such an actions. They trust God and they follow and act to what is best and loved by God, even if it could lose their own life. Say, "Indeed, my prayer, my rites of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allah, Lord of the worlds. 6:162
  8. Salaam Aleikum, If the person repents and start to do all according the commandments of God till he dies, will he be asked in grave about the evil deeds before the repentance. In the day of the judgement, will he also be shown and asked and measure the evil deeds before the repentance? And whoever does an atom's weight of evil will see it. 99:8 Can we say this verse happens only for those who did not repent their evil deeds? Or this verse means that everyone needs to see their all deeds.
  9. Salaam Aleikum, In Al-lawh al-Mahfûz are the absolute and unchanging decrees and knowledge that is going occur no matter what. Bada' can only occur in knowledge of humans and angels. And We appointed with Musa a time of thirty nights and completed them with ten (more), so the appointed time of his Lord was complete forty nights 1. In God Knowledge He have the absolute knowledge and He knows that it will be 40 days and this knowledge is recorded in Al-lawh al-Mahfûz. 2. From the perspective of Humans, we know only that it would be 30 nights ( the case of Bani Israel and Musa (as)) , but then GOD decided it to extend to 10 days more. This is what Bada' means. From our knowledge it changed from 30 to 40. “Allah erases what He wills and establishes” (13:39) This is why from our perspective we may think that something will occur or is destined but then it actually could change by Will of God. The final result and final actions are all in Al-lawh al-Mahfûz, because of this, our position in hell or paradise is also written in Al-lawh al-Mahfûz.
  10. This following hadith make much sense, where the companions directly in same sermon ask the Prophet what are these two weighty things: [2/185] الخصال: محمد بن الحسن بن أحمد بن الوليد، عن محمد بن الحسن الصفار، عن محمد بن الحسين بن أبي الخطاب ويعقوب بن يزيد جميعا، عن محمد بن أبي عمير، عن عبد الله بن سنان، عن معروف بن خربوذ، عن أبي الطفيل عامر بن واثلة، عن حذيفة بن أسيد الغفاري قال: لما رجع رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله من حجة الوداع ونحن معه أقبل حتى انتهى إلى الجحفة فأمر أصحابه بالنزول فنزل القوم منازلهم، ثم نودي بالصلاة فصلى بأصحابه ركعتين، ثم أقبل بوجهه إليهم فقال لهم: إنه قد نبأني اللطيف الخبير أني ميت وأنكم ميتون، وكأني قد دعيت فاجبت وأني مسؤول عما ارسلت به إليكم، وعما خلفت فيكم من كتاب الله وحجته وأنكم مسؤولون، فما أنتم قائلون لربكم؟ قالوا: نقول: قد بلغت ونصحت وجاهدت فجزاك الله عنا أفضل الجزاء ثم قال لهم: ألستم تشهدون أن لا إله إلا الله وأني رسول الله إليكم وأن الجنة حق؟ وأن النار حق؟ وأن البعث بعد الموت حق؟ فقالوا: نشهد بذلك، قال: اللهم اشهد على ما يقولون، ألا وإني اشهدكم أني أشهد أن الله مولاي، وأنا مولى كل مسلم، وأنا أولى بالمؤمنين من أنفسهم، فهل تقرون لي بذلك، وتشهدون لي به؟ فقالوا: نعم نشهد لك بذلك، فقال: ألا من كنت مولاه فإن عليا مولاه وهو هذا، ثم أخذ بيد علي عليه السلام فرفعها مع يده حتى بدت آباطهما ثم قال: اللهم وال من والاه، وعاد من عاداه، وانصر من نصره واخذل من خذله، ألا وإني فرطكم وأنتم واردون علي الحوض، حوضي غدا وهو حوض عرضه ما بين بصرى وصنعاء فيه أقداح من فضة عدد نجوم السماء، ألا وإني سائلكم غدا ماذا صنعتم فيما أشهدت الله به عليكم في يومكم هذا إذا وردتم علي حوضي، وماذا صنعتم بالثقلين من بعدي فانظروا كيف تكونون خلفتموني فيهما حين تلقوني قالوا: وما هذان الثقلان يا رسول الله؟ قال: أما الثقل الاكبر فكتاب الله عزوجل، سبب ممدود من الله ومني في أيديكم، طرفه بيد الله والطرف الآخر بأيديكم، فيه علم ما مضى وما بقي إلى أن تقوم الساعة، وأما الثقل الاصغر فهو حليف القرآن وهو علي بن أبي طالب و عترته عليهم السلام، وإنهما لن يفترقا حتى يردا علي الحوض. قال معروف بن خربوذ: فعرضت هذا الكلام على أبي جعفر عليه السلام فقال: صدق أبوالطفيل رحمه الله هذا الكلام وجدناه في كتاب علي عليه السلام وعرفناه 2. [2/185] al-Khisal: Muhammad b. al-Hasan b. Ahmad b. al-Walid from Muhammad b. al-Hasan al-Saffar from Muhammad b. al-Husayn b. Abi al-Khattab and Ya`qub b. Yazid from Muhammad b. Abi Umayr from Abdallah b. Sinan from Ma`ruf b. Kharrabudh from Abi Tufayl `Amir b. Wathila from Hudhayfa b. Asid al-Ghiffari who said: We were with the messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وآله when he was returning from his farewell pilgrimage. He went forth until he reached Juhfa where he ordered his companions to decamp. The call for prayer was made and he led his companions in a two-unit prayer. After that he turned his face to them and said: The Kind and All-Aware has informed me that I am to die and you too will one day die. It is as though I have been called and have responded. I am to be asked about that which I was sent with for you and also what I leave behind in your midst including the Book of Allah and His proof – and you too shall be asked – so what are you going to reply to your Lord? They said: we will say ‘you have conveyed, counselled and struggled, so may Allah reward you on our behalf the best of rewards’. Then he said to them: do you bear witness that there is no God but Allah and that I am the messenger of Allah? that the Paradise is a reality, the Fire is a reality and the resurrection after death is reality? They said: we bear witness to that, he said: O Allah witness what they say. Behold! I make you witnesses that I myself bear witness that Allah is my Mawla, and that I am the Mawla of every Muslim, and that I have a greater claim over the believers than their own selves, do you admit to that and bear witness to it about me? They said: yes, we witness that to be true about you. He said: Behold! To whomsoever I am a Mawla then Ali is also his Mawla, and he is this one, and he took Ali by the hand and raised it with his own hand until their armpits became visible, then he said: O Allah – be a guardian to whomever takes him to be a guardian, and be an enemy to whomever takes him to be an enemy, aid the one who aids him and abandon the one who abandons him. Behold! I will proceed you but you will catch up with me at the reservoir – my Lake-fount – tomorrow. It is a Lake-fount whose breadth is like the distance between Busra and San`a. In it are goblets made of silver like the number of stars in the sky. Behold! I will ask you tomorrow about what you did in regards that which I made Allah bear witness to – over you – in this day of yours when you reach my Lake-fount. And also about what you did with regards the ‘Two Weighty Things’ after me, so take care of how you will preserve my legacy in them when you meet me. They said: and what are these ‘Two Weighty Things’ O the messenger of Allah? he said: as for the greater weighty thing then it is the Book of Allah Mighty and Majestic, a rope extending from Allah and myself in your hands, one end of it is by the hand of Allah and the other end is in your hands, in it is the knowledge of what has passed and what is left until the Hour comes. As for the smaller weighty thing it is the ally of the Qur`an, and that is Ali b. Abi Talib and his descendants عليهم السلام – the two will not separate until they return to me at the Lake-fount. Ma`ruf b. Kharrabudh said: I relayed these words to Abi Ja`far عليه السلام so he said: Abu Tufayl has spoken the truth – may Allah have mercy on him – we have found this speech in the book of Ali and do recognize it. Shaykh Asif al-Mohseni: معتبر - Muʿjam al-Aḥādīth al-Muʿtabara
  11. Salaam Aleikum, “I am going to leave with you two heavy burdens. The first of them is the Book of Allah: in it is the true guidance and the light. Therefore, hold fast to it.” Then he (the Prophet) prompted and induced the Muslims to adhere to the Book of God. Then he said: “And my household. I remind you of Allah in matters relating to my household. I remind you of Allah in matters relating to my household. I remind you of Allah in matters relating to my household.” - Do you think it makes any sense to tell about two heavy burdens that every Muslim need to hold them and follow and take the principles and guidance from them, but at the same time in the same sermon he never define who exactly are His household? Instead you have bunch of narrations from companions who add all these different addition about who are these members of household when people are asking about them. Like for example: He exhorted (us) (to hold fast) to the Book of Allah and then said: The second are the members of my household I remind you (of your duties) to the members of my family. He (Husain) said to Zaid: Who are the members of his household? Aren't his wives the members of his family? Thereupon he said: His wives are the members of his family (but here) the members of his family are those for whom acceptance of Zakat is forbidden. And he said: Who are they? Thereupon he said: 'Ali and the offspring of 'Ali, 'Aqil and the offspring of 'Aqil and the offspring of Ja'far and the offspring of 'Abbas. Husain said: These are those for whom the acceptance of Zakat is forbidden. Zaid said: Yes.
  12. When the parents notices that his child is having tumor in his body and he fears about it and is so concern and goes to doctor to check it. Do the parents fear about his child physical body or the separation of the soul from the body? This soul is what chooses, experiences, learn, act, ascend or descend.
  13. It is bit confusing. Humans have potentials to exceed the angels, thus in their essence they have such an potentials and actualizing them they become higher than angels.
  14. It is not relevant in this matter, what is relevant is that God emphasis the creation of Humans by calling He Himself created by His own Hands and no other means. This is the same way how He for example honors the Ka'bah by saying His House.
  15. I take the shia position that hands are not interpreted as literally. If it is literal then the hands are defined as form/shape and God does not have any shape.
  16. It is honoring the Bani Adam. I believe this have the relation that Humans have such an attributes that will take them higher in status than Jinns and Angels, thus it could mean that the sajda refers to it.
  17. Wa Aleikum Salaam, Said He: “O Iblis! What has kept thee from prostrating thyself before that [being] which I have created with My hands? Suad 38:75
  18. Whichs one is greater, the rightous ones who were honered and created by God Hands or the ones who God create by saying Be and It Is? The dearest of the creations of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) is the Prophet Muhammad (saws) and in our supplication we always say and no angel brought nigh or prophet sent out may parallel him in Thy sight. I would say this, these attributes that Angels have will all be perfected for humans too, when Human ask God to perfect their light. Thus human beings will suppress the attributes of lust and anger.
  19. https://www.iqraonline.net/a-critical-analysis-of-dr-hossein-modaressis-view-on-the-life-of-imam-al-sadiq/ Good critique against my OP. The author will criticize these four points: Imam al-Sadiq (A), while having the political support of many Shias (about 100,000 men) who were ready to oppose the oppressive rulers, refused to uprise and rebel against the authorities. This caused the Shias to object to Him (A).[1] The readiness of the Abbasid authorities to step down from political leadership and handing over the reigns of power to Imam Sadiq (A). However, the Imam (A) did not accept their offer.[2] In many instances, the Imam (A) did not see himself as the Imam and He rejected being addressed as such.[3] The Imam (A) would prevent his companions in engaging in any form of proselytization and preaching the Shi’i madhhab and did not allow the scholars or preachers to attract anyone from Ahlul Sunnah and calling them to join the Shi’i madhhab.[4]
  20. I personally have witnessed such people and I also have witnessed their change from such characters to repetance and sincere God worshipper. To change them, they need a wake up call by sincerely practical believer (who they personally know) who can effect their heart, to become humble from proudness and to see their own problems and the values of Islam, the moral teaching, justice, love and sincerity of worship. Most of these kind of men lacks these sincere believers who could touch their heart and guide them.
  21. Sunnis and Shias believe in same thing, they both Believe in free will and destination and both take the middle path.
  22. Start from the definition of both words and see if there is any connection between each other. 'Mujiza' (معجزة ) means 'Such act which people are unable to do and Allah shows it on the hands of a prophet or Imam to prove the prophethood of that Nabi or Imamat of that Imam. Camera only captures visual image that is observed by vision. If I perform an miracle where it is observable by human vision (And we assume that the miracle does not contradict the physical world and follow its law, in this case light emits and bounces this miracle entity such that we can see it physically by our own eyes), then camera will only capture the visual image of it. Of course because human beings are so doubtful beings, they will start to think that this visual image must be edited or added some with some visual effect. This is the syndrome of every generation who produce same words that is mentioned in Qur'an: This is clear magic Qur'an 46:7 But even if someone performs an miracle and captures the visual image of it and others doubts it, it does not mean that camera makes the miracle void.
  23. The problem is that such a sinner will one day lose his faith if he knowingly sinning without any care and do not repent and change his way. Praying and fasting for such a people are not done in sincerity.
  24. It means that in reality events happens by the principle of causality, and not by probabilities. Probability exist because the consciousness beings with intellect are trying to predict something to occur. But every events in reality happens by actualizing the potential, so they are not related to our predictions. We formed these laws because we observed the causal events, and the laws will only describe to us humans how something may happen with approximation and probability, like you said. But that is exactly all what it does. This is what I mean, the following text is from finnsih Wikipedia site about qm In particular, it should be noted that quantum mechanics provides only a set of mathematical computational rules for making statistical predictions, and does not in itself provide an answer to why nature behaves as it has been observed to behave.
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