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  1. Salaam Aleikum, After reading some of the Hebrew bible and some of it's verses on Messiah, it seems that he is a Khalifa (king/imaam) who will judge by the rule of David (عليه السلام) and he is from the David offspring and who will bring justice to earth and connect all people to worship one God. All of these characters are also with Imam al-Mehdi (ajf) who will judge by the judgement of David and Suleiman (عليه السلام). What is the relationship with these two personalities, or are they same? @Qa'im
  2. They don't contradict the Qur'an because they are not mean to view in such a manner it somehow lows the woman. All of these rights of man over woman are meant to do in goodness and to make sure that the woman have happiness and good faith and evilness can not apply to these rights. All these rights always need to be applied to Islamic values and laws.
  3. I regret of my past and this topic and I ask God forgiveness and guidance.
  4. Beethoven produces his music also for the entertainment gathering purposes. Classical music inspired all the modern music nonsense, so all of them are mostly Haram same with classical music.
  5. Good question. For every creation there is always time and space, the only one who does not have time and is not in location is God. If we say we are timeless or outside of time then we attribute ourselves to God attribute. God will make sure that in every moment of time in Jannah we will have life and death with not over come us and we will not age.
  6. Because when I quote Bible, I only quote the old testament. Of course If I want to understand something that was revealed to Jews I need to seek the understanding of those verses from Jews perspective and not Christians, because they have nothing to do with Christians in first place. If I want to ask a Christians about the nature of Holy Spirit, I would ask him to quote the new testament. But I know the Christians perspective and I disagree with it and so do Jews and Jewish scriptures.
  7. There were different Christians with different beliefs, one of them are in truth and others in false. Do you think that the original teaching of Jesus through his disciples disappeared right away? Of course not. Paul even argued against the Jesus disciples that their teaching were wrong and that his teaching are right and approved by Jesus. Why do you think they disagree with Paul, because His new religion is strange and wrong from the original. So two group of Christians separeted, the one who became majority are those who follows the Paul teachings. You are making it sound that the scripture were thousands of years corrupted when it is not the case. Do you really think that for example the current Torah we have was written by Moses at his time? Some books were written many hundreds years later from their revelation. In these times for some beliefs it was corrupted but then later prophets corrected them. It is common thing for the scholars to inteprate wrong intepration and write things that are not God words and call them it is from God. As for prophet Muhammad (عليه السلام) timing, Imam Ali (عليه السلام) said: In this way ages passed by and times rolled on, fathers passed away while sons took their places till Allah deputised Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) as His Prophet, in fulfilment of His promise and in completion of His Prophethood. His pledge had been taken from the Prophets, his traits of character were well reputed and his birth was honourable. The people of the earth at this time were divided in different parties, their aims were separate and ways were diverse. They either likened Allah with His creation or twisted His Names or turned to else than Him. Through Muhammad (S) Allah guided them out of wrong and with his efforts took them out of ignorance.
  8. I will end my discussion with this topic with following statement: Ascending and descending are properties of creation, thus any thing that have these properties are created. This is an self evident! There is no verse that tells that God Spirit was created AND NO VERSE that says that God Spirit is NOT an creation. But reading all these verses implies that this spirit have limited attributes and does contains on place and time. May God Protect and Guide us, Peace.
  9. Here the Rabbi Tovia Singer even says that Islam is closer to Judaism. Modern Christianity is very far from the teaching of Judaism and the previous prophets. Because of the Paul pagan teaching of the polytheist beliefs (sacrifice, God becomes a flesh) that he inspired from the Greeks and the false teaching that Christians do not need to follow anymore the laws of the Jews made Paul religion very strange from Abrahimic religions.
  10. Doesn't matter for him, he believe this Spirit is The Essence of God! Only Paul have taught such a beliefs, and they are the earliest Christian works and the gospels came later.
  11. Read the academic scholars works and you will found out that the early Christians believed in different beliefs than the Paul teachings who current Christians follow. That would be an false conclusion, from any one who never read and understood Islam. No. Allowing something to be corrupted does not mean God is deceiving it's people. Rather there is always correct and false path and man need to found of the truth and choose according his own limit. There were Jews and Christians who accepted Him and converted to Islam. Jews will not accept Christians and Muslims, nor Christians accept the Muslims, but at least we accept all of them because all those previous believers are called Muslims too. Ibrahim, Jacob, Isaac, Musa, Isa all of them were Muslims, because they all submitted to God will and followed the truth path.
  12. Some of them do agree that Arabs did have an prophet. Some of them may not agree, but one thing they agree is that we do worship the same God. The jews even allow their own people to go to Masjid to do their prayers but they do not allow to go to church.
  13. Rather, it is an Christian teachings that God Is Spirit, originated from Paul. Jews and Muslims believe it is creation, read their interpretations.
  14. We have similar Sunni hadiths, so basically this OP is trying to cause troubles here.
  15. Yes they are weighted in favor of the mother, but for married women it is their husband.
  16. From Kitab al Tawheed: Imam Abu Ja'far al-Baqir (عليه السلام) said: Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) created, chose, selected, and related the Spirit to Himself, favoring it over all the spirits. Thus, He commanded and breathed from it in to Adam. Imam Abu 'Abd Allah (عليه السلام) said: Verily, Allah, The Blessed and Exalted, is the Alone, the Needless, without an interior. Verily, the Spirit is a creation from His Creations. It is a helper, aid, and a source of strength. Allah places it in the heart of the Messengers and the Believers. Imam Abu Ja'far al-Baqir (عليه السلام) said: Verily, a spirit moves like the air. Hence, it is called a spirit (ruuh), because its name has been derived from the word air (riih). Verily, He derived it from the word al-Ruuh because the spirit is homogeneous [mujaanis] to the air [al-riih]. Verily, He associated it to Himself because He selected it over all the spirits like He selected the House from the houses and said: My House, and said for a Messenger from His Messengers: My Friend and its like. All of these are created, with a beginning, have a Lord, and are managed.
  17. Ascending and descending are properties of creation, thus any thing that have these properties are created. This is an self evident! There is no verse that tells that God Spirit was created AND NO VERSE that says that God Spirit is NOT an creation. But reading all these verses implies that this spirit have limited attributes and does contains on place and time. It is not Eternal in the sense that It has been with God Eternally. Because I do not need to show that something is creation as long IT IS mentioned in scripture that it is created. Yes, but this Spirit is not God. The throne is an creation of God and God is not on it. When God says My Heaven, My House, My Spirit, My Friend, etc they are all honorable creations that is subject to His will. He is equal in distance to everything and He is not closer to one thing than another. Saying that God is resting in throne in heaven is limiting God to location. The Jews will agree that God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob is Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and that Muslims worship the same God. Muslims agree that Jews worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the same God than Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). While Muslims also believe that Christians do worship the same God, but majority of them attribute false things about God. What you and majority of Christians are following the footsteps of Paul. Very strange beliefs comparing to Jews beliefs and early prophets and messengers.
  18. Because A spirit that dwells amoung the people or place is self evident an creation that have location, or properties of descending and ascending. David asking God not to remove the Spirit is self evident of creation that manifest God will for particular capacity, location and time. And also I checked the same concept from Judaism. It is very odd that the only person that believe it is God Himself is no other than Paul. No previous prophets have ever said it is God Essence. Show me in the old testament that the Spirit is very of His essence. It is not matter of capability, it is matter that there is no such a thing as His Essence goes down or up. The presence is itself an creation. And God is not located in Heaven because He is not in place, thus all these attributes of Up and Down are limiting God to space and time. All physical and spiritual manifestation of God are not His Essence but are all creation to become an manifest of His will and they all have their own essences and limitations.
  19. I’m saying that Holy Spirit is not His attribute because His attributes can not limited to space and time or any similarities of attributes of His creations or limited them to limitation. His Holy Spirit is aspect of His power, it is an subordinate of God wills: Subordinate entity is not God Himself or part of God. It is an creation that serves God and Manifest whatever God wants to manifest to His servants.
  20. I'm not joking, you can not relate something to be part of God that have attributes of ascending and descending. This is the problem, you think that God spirit have always existed and is part of God and it moves with locations. You have not even addressed that how it can be part of His essence when it has such an attributes of ascending and descending.
  21. God does not take places, He does not descend or ascend because He does not have location: Ecclesiastes 12:7: "the spirit shall return unto God". The Spirit descend and ascend, thus it's is different from God. Anything that returns to God is an creation.
  22. You already made your mind to not take any jew intepration, even when they agree together about this issue. Pointless discussion.
  23. I already prove you that it is an creation, but you don't take it as evidence.
  24. The problem with this statement is that now there is literally impossible to take any truth from the Jews who have thousands of years receiving prophets and guidance of the meaning of their own books. Rather, what you need to do is that to investigate on the common things the Jews accept with each other. About the Ruh, it is commonly accepted between themselves that it has different meaning in different context, but no where they accept that this Ruh is part of His Essence. For example they accept commonly that in this sense the Ruh means manifestation of an aspect of His power, it is an subordinate of God wills: “Then His people remembered the days of old, the days of Moses: ‘Where is He that brought them up out of the sea with the shepherds of His flock? Where is He that put His holy spirit in the midst of them?’” (Isaiah 63:11) Because it can be included among the creations that has not explicitly mentioned of its creation. When It comes to the creation of Heavens, it can include different creations that dwell in Heavens. Angels, Spirits etc.
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