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  1. He said: Abu Bakr Muhammad b. Umar al-Je'abi reported from Abdullah b. Ishaq,
    who reported from Ishaq b. Ibrahim al-Baghvi, who reported from Abu Qatan, who
    reported from Hisham al-Dastwai, from Yahya b. Abu Katheer, from Urwah, from
    Abdullah b. Umar that the Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, said:

    "Surely, Allah does not withdraw knowledge from the people by erasing it from their
    minds; rather, He does so by taking away the learned people (from among them).
    And when there is no learned man around, people adopt the ignorant men as their
    leaders, and refer their questions to these (ignorant leaders), who answer without
    any knowledge, thus going astray, and causing others to go astray."  Al-Amali Sheikh Mufid p.26