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  1. انا لله وانا اليه راجعون We lost good politicians, may Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) bless them and their families and grant Jannah.
  2. It is really laughable reading about Us army being good. They were never good, nor from their colonizing and killing Indians till this current time. They were never good in World wars either. British is even worse. It is very simple, all those who joined knowingly Iraq war will receive part of evilness of what their leaders have brought.
  3. Envy is real. If you envy then it can effect your decisions. If others envy you, then it can effect their decisions to act bad toward you. If you also found out that someone envies you, then it can also effect you in your decisions.
  4. It is about acting upon ones envy and carrying out with practice. Evil spells, demon possession are real, but they are very rare. Majority statements about people possessed by Sihir is rubish, because majority of them have mental illness or false judgement.
  5. He is correct. I realize that majority of Muslims are accustoming to the environment and the environment is taghut, so what he says make sense for the masses.
  6. They will fall when Iran goes full war against Israel, this is because the people of these countries will go against their leaders who will side with Israel. In such a situation, you can not stay neutral and you must choose side. That's why these Arab leaders are constantly crying for no escalation and they try anything to neutralize with Israel, putting full pressure to Iran. But they don't understand that even if you neutralize with racist Israel, there will be revolution inside their countries and these leaders will be wiped out. I'm amazed that many Sunnis have come out in Shia youtube channels and siding with Shias about the Palestine issue, this is amazing, this is what these arab leaders fear most, the unity of Shia and Sunnis.
  7. That is true. At least what we can do is to protest, boycott and never vote for these governments and if there is any good chance to move, then move out from the country to better one to save your family from potential apostasy.
  8. Every government kills their people here and there. Every injustice killing from the actions of Government is wrong, and thus it must be condemn, even if it was Iran. But I disagree with movements that tries to cause Fitnah, where I believe Iran is correct to try to shun it, but not by killing.
  9. Forget the drama about living in West, rather what is the Islamic law about paying uncontrollable taxes? Can we assume that paying taxes, we have an intention only to pay them for benefit of society? Another example, what about Universities that majority support Israel, studying in such universities are questioned in the hereafter? What about majority of groceries that buy goods from Israel, buying from that Grocery, do I support also Israel?
  10. I think Natanyahu failed to bring Iran to war with US. I believe US and Iran have talks via Oman how they don't actually want to go to war and escalate the situation. The Iranian attack is actually very good demonstration how the missiles can land to Israel bases even when they are protected with best equipment in the World. This is good in future when Iran develop more of their military capability and economy increase, making them more powerful and ready to directly attack Israel.
  11. People are starting to laugh at the Israel response, I would not do that because mostly it could be just an information Israel is seeking for future attack.
  12. Jerusalem Post, citing government sources: Israel will not officially claim responsibility for the attack on Iran for strategic reasons This is defenition of cowards who attack but never take any responsibility, thus who ever retaliate back they will cry and accuse that Iran started, Hamas starterd, Hisbullah starterd. Pathetic losers.
  13. The ridiculous moment in the video is when the sheikh shouth but "they curse Umar" who liberated Jerusalem, they love and praises the killer of Umar, they have his grave in Iran, it is like when Imam Hasan (عليه السلام) said to masses to stop practising tarawih, the croud shouted Umar Umar. It is absurd sectarian argument trying to justify that What Iran do for palestine is not sincerity, when according to our belief it is our duty to help the operessed muslims, even if they are Sunnis. And Iran do not celebrate Umar death or his killer, and Abu Lu'lul' grave in Iran is fake one. But did he ever took his time to found out the truth? For these people , they live in their bubble.
  14. If you see Israel attacking back while after all of her allies saying don't escalate, then know that these allies are just lying to people the same how they lied about the genocide of gaza. It means that they truly want war with Iran. They want to remove all the resistance in ME and change their government, so that every ME government will normalize with Israel.
  15. This is why the Sunni world will never acknowledge the Shia resistance, they are all manipulated by lies of these scholars who think Shias leaders are only pleasing the Shia masses and that they really don't care about other Muslims and that they have done nothing for Palestians.
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