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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Right now, The Palestine is gone and done. No country or group care to do anything to them anymore, because they have their own problems.
  2. Thank you for the information I will make sure to eat enough and right. Alhamdulillah that our food is healthy, it seems that I just need to eat more.
  3. I feel actually fine and can do things etc only that sometimes with the different laying position I can feel my insides. I only have 5h to eat, and because of my small tummy I can only eat particular amount of food, such that I would only lose some weight. I have very fast metabolism.
  4. It is very hard for me to eat big portion of food, so I'm surely going to lose more and more weight. I'm in the very edge of serious underweight and this is where the fear is coming. I really don't want to break my fast, but I'm also worrying of myself that if I continue few days, something may happen. Next time inshaAllah I will make sure that I will have more weight to fast. Last year I started from weight 62kg, and I succeeded with no problem, but this 60kg have made me worry in these days.
  5. When I started, I was underweight, but now I came to the point where it is "significant underweight". I'm guy with height of 184cm.
  6. Before fasting my weight was 60kg, now it is about 56.3-5kg. The doctor will always say to stop.
  7. Salaam Aleikum, There is only few days left for fasting and I'm starting to worry of my weight which became 16.72 BMI, which is significant underweight. I really don't want to break my fast, but I was wondering am I even allowed to fast in this situation?
  8. Unfortunately it is the jahil mentality who consider these things to related to black magic, ghost or jinns. They make their own conjecture when in reality they should accept that not all bad things are related to these unseen things. If they see things then they should immediately go to see therapist, that even scholars give it as the first advice.
  9. What I mean is that colour is related to consciousness and it possible to receive directly an image even when the eyes are close. It is interesting when reading about barzakh life where the personal will have immaterial body and still in such a situation he can see colours.
  10. There are many weak hadith that need to be studied and reconsider their authenticity.
  11. Let say that there is no human beings to observe the Apple Color. The attributes of Apple still exist. But the qualities that Apple is Red for human observer does still exist even when we don’t exist with God knowledge. If Adam the first human sees the Apple, thus the redness become manifested to reality trought his consciouness. It is like God give us the colorness of redness to us in our mind. If one is blind because of his eyes, can God give him to see colorful images even when he does not observe the image trought his eyes? Of course He can, because colors is manifested in consciousne
  12. When I mean by manifestation, I mean as God creates it, or bringing them to being to the physical existence with their attributes that conciseness observe their qualities. But the abstract concepts always exist in God knowledge.
  13. I understand what you mean. I believe they are just an abstract objects in God knowledge that manifest by different consciousness in different way. Even if there is no consciousness to observe the color, they still exist beyond us, but they always manifest in our consciousness.
  14. Same with mathemathical objects. I believe these are all in knowledge of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and He manifest them in reality. They all exist infinitly in God knowledge.
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