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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam Pencak Silat is indonesian , thats where they practise it and attribute its history. I dont know how it relates to Imam Ali [as] . Why middle eastern or islamic martial arts or fighting techniques have not been carried over to our generation is simple. because arabs are lazy :lol: ok thats a joke but let me explain the origin of most martial arts , like muay thai , and karate etc . They were used to fight off conquerors from their land , however they did not originate with fists and gloves they were all sword forms [just look into thailand and mongolia history i know that they openly explain this , not sure about the others] over time they adapted them to a sport to keep the art alive and instead of stabbing with a sword , it turned to the jab :D . Now the middle east did not do that , no one learnt and adapted our forms of fighting / furusiya into a sport or any form which is manageable in our current society , and it has been lost in history sadly. thats what i think anyways
  2. Salam , Mystic , when i say they are preparing for the dajjal , that is how i interpret their actions and their current route . It does not mean that they believe in dajjal , or they believe he will come in the flesh and claim to be god. I believe that the current direction they are taking this world is the ideal environment or leading the world to the ideal situation for the rise of dajjal . wa Allahul 'alem. maulla , i have to say some of the arrivals was far fetched and hilarious . Lady in red :o , now i get 'the fear' everytime i see a woman in red :lol: you didnt reply with things you recommend , give me the names of series which you think are infact true and not so distorted
  3. Salam , i really like global research ive been reading from that site for years , and now its wide spread im glad. well i really think that their opinion is spot on . Obama just mentioned al wefaq today. al wefaq also said they are ready to go into direct negotiations. This means two things to me , yes exposure is putting alot of pressure on the us and the international community . some one is going to have to be americas new pawn . I think al wefaq may state their requirements and the us will fulfil them under the condition that they pick the new head or prime minister... and Allahul 'alem
  4. salam , first to comment on this the arrived , do they mean it literally ? or do they mean it in terms of , events and actions . ? maula dha bro , very interesting thoughts .However i must say your words are as trustworthy as any one else on this website. i have to say that some of the info you mentioned is new to me , but it is as easy to cast doubt upon what you say as it was for you to do to the other brother. No i dont think the arrivals is correct, but i do think that the general idea most of these series are trying to shed light on is true. The devil is in the detail , and as truman said , if you cant convince them , confuse them thats whats happening i think. all of a sudden[in the last decade or so] theres a large influx of series and videos regarding the same topic , just to cast doubt . Most of these episodes throw one or two pieces of true information to hook you [not you maula people in general :lol:] and then pile up a load of garbage. i dont think mtv currently shows rituals in all its videos , but i do know that the new age music is brainwashing our current generation towards a specific mind frame which does not serve Allah or us as people. i do know that our current news stations and tv channels are also promoting all sort of vices. i dont know if the templars were shia , i havent done enough research on them. Frankly i dont think it matters, i think that the end of times will feature a battle of good vs evil . i believe the same way muslims are preparing for the Mahdi {may Allah hasten his appearance] there are others preparing for the dajjal. Please correct me , if you think i am mistaken. Also please advice on any interesting books/articles or any series which you recommend
  5. Salam Shias in bahrain are no longer divided due to marja's and have united among common ground.... even the tension that used to exist between shirazis and wilayat faqih supporters is long gone . As for statistics they dont exist , however i can safely say that a minority are Ayatollahs Fadllallah and shirazi and modaressi followers , while the majority support wilayat al faqih - among these majority a large number are Ayatollahs sistani , Khamenai , and behjats. THere arent many akhbaris in bahrain , dont know where you got that from ... a lot of the older generation follow Shaikh Hussain Al Alaama , they believe that its ok to follow a marjaa' whos passed away. I believe its balanced in bahrain , and less of an issue than it may be in other countries. There is more in common than there is difference , and i believe people should stop this nonsense. who cares if your marja is different , its like fighting or coming to a conclusion about a person , just because he likes oranges and you like apples. The people here are united as bahrainis , not as shias , hence the slogan no shia no sunni one united bahrain. Divide and conquer is an old war tactic , and its been working for hundreds of years , its about time people saw through the same plan. As of iran , no one wants another wilayat faqih state, even the more radical previously known as haq movement leader hasan mushaima , said that he doesnt mind a western style government if thats what the people want . They said they dont want a shia president or king , because that would only put our sunni brothers in the same positions we are in right now , so no need for more division .. the best option would be a similar system to jordan , where the king exists but is only there for international relations and not the control , while the law is controlled by a fully elected government so its fair ..... peace
  6. Salam it is not a sunnah , i am not saying tis haram either but did you ever look at it this way [you probably didnt because it is legal] - it is very harmful to your body it brings about an altered state of mind or a change in your consciousness. wait.... arent those the conditions which makes things haram ? :o coffee actually has two main ingredients , firstly thrombine which is the chemical available in cocoa , which gives you the good feeling when u eat chocolate or drink hot chocolate , then caffeine which is the nasty thing which keeps you awake and active etc. http://www.abc.net.au/quantum/poison/caffeine/caffeine.htm there are many articles online , talking about the dangers of caffeine , and how it affects your heart , blood pressure etc. now watch all the caffeine addicts argue for days on end :lol: ....
  7. they are way ahead of you ....this was all over the news in the uk - Sativex - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sativex Sativex is an oromucosal (mouth) spray developed by the UK company GW Pharmaceuticals for multiple sclerosis patients, who can use it to alleviate neuropathic pain, spasticity, overactive bladder, and other symptoms. Sativex is also being prescribed to alleviate pain due to cancer and has been researched in various models of peripheral and central neuropathic pain. Sativex is distinct from all other pharmaceutically produced cannabinoids currently available because it is derived from botanical material, rather than a solely synthetic process. Sativex is a pharmaceutical product standardised in composition, formulation, and dose. Its principal active cannabinoid components are the cannabinoids: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The product is formulated as an oromucosal spray which is administered by spraying into the mouth. Each spray of Sativex delivers a fixed dose of 2.7mg THC and 2.5mg CBD. In June 2010, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency of the United Kingdom licensed Sativex as a prescription only medicine for the treatment of spasticity due to Multiple Sclerosis. This regulatory authorization represents the world's first full regulatory approval for the medicine. Sativex is being marketed in the UK by Bayer Schering Pharma. Sativex is expected to be approved and launched in Spain for MS spasticity in the second half of 2010
  8. Salam brother i dont know if you heard of a chastity belt ?
  9. Salam I believe that you are addressing the matter wrong, being all self righteous and aggressive using fault finding ways to point the finger at the brother who smokes , wont really get him to stop :lol: prolly get him to smoke more . to the point at hand , i believe most people nowadays are completely confused about the legality and morality of these so called drugs. Just because weed is illegal some will say its worse than alcohol . which is actually not true [ http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/health/article6899534.ece] .... alcohol destroys the home , causes violence and has irreversible effects on your liver, millions spent a year to repair damage caused by alcoholics + many more. But just because its legal , some accept it . Only reason weed is illegal , is not so you dont smoke , or cause its harmful , its because the its a commodity that cannot be controlled , and it poses a massive threat to the already existing industries in terms , of timber , cottons etc . .. do some research , those who lobbied against the legality of HEMP [ which is the basic source of weed with virtually no thc ] are those who own major corporations in the timber and cotton industry . you can make rope , paper , clothes , different fibers and other products so it would replace wood etc [ there are many youtube vids , and articles online explaining this in detail] .. this is the same with the people who owned companies who produced , legal opium and heroin as medicine in the 60s , then lobbied against their own products to make it illegal because there was too much competition and the profit margin was going down , therefore , they made their own product illegal and enjoyed watching its price sky rocket over 100% over night..... its all about profit just like everything else ... hemp is an uncontrollable natural resource , you can make an infinite supply from just one seed , and thats the issue , there can be no monopoly , other wise cannabis would be legal... also all the drugs u get from your doctor are also mind altering , and well you may say its haalal coz the doctor gave it , well there are doctors prescribing weed as well , where do we draw the line ? prescription drug abuse is at a rise like never before , which is because they are the same as -illegal drugs - mainly using , opiates , or synthetically made opiates , and other chemicals ... ps - i ve never had a mind altering affect from smoking shisha/hookah , but i have seen people who are terribly disoriented from smoking it , and say they have a really heavy head , feel dizzy n have to lay down for a while ... so it would be haram for them , and not for me ? what do you think
  10. sup man how have you been what are you up to nowadays?

  11. Salam Well bro , i would have to say within a 2-3 months , you would have the edge over the average person , but it also depends on how you work it out , just doing sticky hands may not help you in a fight , if you dont practice the forms in a sparing match , as applying these techniques during sparring and a real fight are different than when just doing ur sticky hands training , - why ? range is different , sticky hands you are in wing chun range aka medium range , just perfect for wing chun technique , fights and sparrring sessions , have different ranges according to who you are fighting , and you rarely find it that some one will fight you in wing chun form or range ... also its harder to 'feel' ur opponent at a distance and when your hands arent on each others... but like you said bro , all in alll its a long process , and yes it takes years to master the wingchun system lots of technique to learn .. look at master wong for youtube lessons on wingchun from basics to the advanced he has over 100 videos... another thing to check out , would be the Keysi fighting method , its a spanish fighting system recently developed and its amazing for brawls protecting against a large number of opponents and street self defense... you can find the videos on youtube , and there are quite a few , some better than the others , some of them are just basic demonstration and others are good pad work like this is also the fighting method adapted for the batman movie...
  12. salam Self defense is different than fighting... and it differs from situation to situation , if some 1 is pointing a gun at u ur best option it to give them what tthey want , but if they are pointing a gun at you to shoot , then what you do really doesnt matter does it ? if you dont react ull die any way.. however if its a small knife , or a situation where you think you can strike , you better aim for vital points like the neck , or gauge the eyes , or kick to the groin , and then run ... you dont want to hang in there till the dude recovers... however the spiritual part of martial arts always leans towards the idea of avoiding a confrontation whnever you can coz u knw u can hurt them you shouldnt...... those who say women cannot fight are abit ignorant , as again it depends , there are women mma fighters who will kick the [Edited Out] out of the regular male , + the juiced up male in the gym... see cris cyborg , she would probably beat a couple of male mma fighters as well.. wing chun is also the only martial arts to be developed by a woman , and its a wicked self defense form aiming all the strikes to the neck and other sensitive places..
  13. Yousif

    All Old Skool Geezas

    when i was in newcastle did alot of sticky hands , but here i dont have a partner , there me and my room mate trained together ..cardio you can get back , just need to keep training , each round does feel like ages for me , especially when doing every thing , if i just box can do that for ages, from that arm and shoulder conditioning vid , but when taken downs and kicks are involved gas tank is smaller. there are these two shows, ffight quest and human weapon , they show two dudes who travel the world to a dozen locations learn each countries martial art from the best schools and fight a dude from there in 5 days pretty goood
  14. Yousif

    All Old Skool Geezas

    Salam alaykum Bro , we are talking about the past , now im back in bahrain again , graduated allready , i was studying in newcastle ... now im just job searching and well , trying to keep up my training , since i got no routine . The crotch thing , i get it , but thats why you wear the crotch guard , and besides the last thing il be thinking of while some one is trying to ground and pound me or break my hand is whether hes rubbing against me or not haha.. but yes its funny ... man just general mma , didnt attend any Bjj or jj classes , but i do try to keep updated with sweeps and lock variations and options from youtube ... i did basic wing chun , and adapted what i can for mma , still learn more technique online , but the main thing , is the chain punches and the philosophy and block/ attack at the same time. Muay thai , been doing it here , but im little rusty on take downs from the clinch as im used to mma .. still also working on flexibility , ive been reading that the classic stretches dont really work been trying diff types... if you got suggestions i can do head kicks , just not straight off my stand up is on track , i can and will obviously get better , bt im ok, cardio is what ive been working on , the thing is bro , my nose broke and i had trouble breathing , and had to do an operation in ramadan , which kept me off training for 2 months, and theres where i got a little rusty , now just getting back on track... i am going back to my muay thai gym beginning of next month , but for now ,i train with full wing chun head gear ( cage mask) coz my nose is super sensitive and do well basic shadow boxing , like 5 km joggs for cardio , with sprints involved , also i find this is good to keep my hands up . arm and shoulder conditioning , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_FeI88Tc_U this bas ruten training vid - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYmfmwUc3p8 hand stands , pull ups , i do pad work for friends . jsut general stuff - 5 or 6 times a week, on a good week , ill do twice a day , sparring say 3 times a week but will change when i attend class.. so any routines or workouts yoo bro i didnt realize i was that famous , who the hell are those people , im guesing they have their own forum and are jealous of this forums success , but i really wasnt aware that i had that much affect, i dont even remember why they hate us that much . Ali common say the truth is it you who keeps posting those hilarious jokes in their guest book? :D surely seems like something you would have done lol yeh man the signature is epic, i found it on my old pcs hard drive. is everythign good with you bro ?
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