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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. lol. guys thats 2 much info. shhhhhhhhhh. b4 you get in trouble!
  2. 3asel

    Shia Youth

    Some people actually go there 2 study. I can't personally study when there are people i know because i get easily distracted, but i thing that blogg is exaggerated Yes that library does not have the best of reputations, but who cares. At the end of the day, if someone is going to smoke shisha, pot or whatever and have haraam relationships then they don't need an excuse. Shadowfax is right, enough with the fitna making bloggs. Making these bloggs is not a solution to anything.
  3. There are islands that are deserted in greece and cyprus. You rent a boat and go. My friend did that. She wasn't wearing hijab and got an amazing tan. All her photos are non-hijab. Its soooooooooo romantic. But if your just gonna go to a holiday resort with yr hijab on and half naked girls lying around...thats crazy. You will feel [Edited Out]. You would probably wanna kill your husband 4 looking (even if he didint mean to). Dunno about you girls, but i'd kill him :P
  4. 3asel


    Awwwww! Mabrook sis. Hope you have a happy and successful life. Hope yr husband treats you like a princess ;)
  5. 3asel

    I'm Back! :)

    whats with the face Zul? You never missed me?!
  6. lol because then you can argue...that he was satisfied after he married you and thus stopped looking elsewhere :P
  7. Awwwww. It's ok sis. trust me. We have all been there and done that. How about getting up from bed, in your nightie, hair all over the place...thinking dads locked out. Opening the door. Realising its not dad...and slamming it in the guys face again! Tragic.
  8. 3asel

    I'm Back! :)

    Salaam, After 2 months of hell, i finally put 'my pen down' for the last time (until retakes are due :P ). Felt so cut off from life. i hate exams! Hows everyone doing? I missed you guys! :)
  9. I saw the bodies on Furat :( That's so sad. Ina lilah wa ina ilayhi raji3oon.
  10. Ina lilah wa ina ilayhi raji3oon. May Allah (swt) bless his soul. Please inform us when the burial is so we can pray salaat il wa7sha. It's very thawab and help's the person being buried. The first day of burial is really hard. Should we do quran recitation for him?
  11. (salam) Thanks 4 the advice. I really do need to chill. But as for the nitrous oxide...i think i'll pass but it is nice to know what gets you going! 'i am more like brussel sprouts might be a bit harsh but got no poison only good for you' awwww. But seriously NO. 3asel 1 Fieldy 0 :P Better luck next time ;) I'm sweet like Chocolate :wub: P.S I don't reply 2 pm's and if you learnt anything from this thread you wouldn't either!
  12. (salam) '3asel it was no hidden secret that mustafaalsadr and abdulrasool identities belong to me' Really?! So why were you sending me me pm's like the following: salam sister, inshallah ur well, please ask your friends from myh/muslimyouth.net same thing to make comments. i really appreciate your service to islam, by allowing the truth become so clear ahsant sister Here you pm me with broken english wanting the 'truth to become so clear', when as Mustafaalsadr you were bashing MYH full stop. This leads one to think that you just wanted to stir trouble by getting people from MYH on and so-called 'exposing' them. You were then later exposed for the fitna you were trying to cause. 'personal attacks are not new to us... it's always hard for our community to see someone amongst us to rise . it is sad to see it from our own community that the attacks are from, but illhamdolilllah our aim is not to gain satisfaction from our community'. Maybe if you stop attacking other organisations you might get somewhere. Haraka have tried time and time again to put other organisations down such as AIM and yet they still have the audacity to ask why people in turn attack them back?! 'Statement like "Nakshawani or no one" are very ignorant, i challenge anyone to have worked with a more diverse range of speakers. many of the speakers, scholars and islamic academics i know, rate Sayed Ammar's achievements and his ability illhamdolillah these are the experts' Firstly that wasn't directed at you in particular, It was addressed to people like 'sadr' who don't see any good in others. Secondly, this is not about Ammar Nakshawani. I have said this before and will say it again people should not impose their taste on others. Nor should they put other people down in order to make others look good. A person with credentials will stand out regardless of whether he has people like 'sadr' or not. 'i dont know if it's sad or great the haraka (just with brothers) is getting a attendance of 100 people on the same night just under double the shomali lecture' Thats great. The modaressi event they held some time back was great too. They have done some really good things. If only they learnt to waste less time back chatting others and stirring trouble then perhaps they may prosper more. W'Salaam
  13. Standard. There are people on here that i call the 'crew'. They have very few posts and often numerous accounts (so they back up what they are saying). Who remembers... (mustafa al sadr and abdulrasool). It's like say something other than Nakshwani and we eat you alive. Come on people. Give me a break.
  14. Loool. Why am i not suprised. You know Sadr you really should make yr moto 'If hes not Nakshawani...he just ain't good enough'. 'Sorry to sound like I am putting Ali Latif down'. To 'sound' like. You are funny. I must give you credit for that. Anyway...event is over. Was quite nice. Something Hashim said caused alot of controversy (about jaafari not wanting to budge even if he wasn't wanted).
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