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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thats your shallow mentality, doesn't make it a fact. You make it sound dramatic because your idea of suicide bombing is the ISIS version. In the iran-iraq war a full battalion was crossing the khorramshahr bridge to take over the city and kill thousands of civilians. A 13 year old kid strapped on grenades and threw himself under the first tank and halted their advance enough for thousands of civilians to escape. He did that because he didnt have an RPG or an f-16, he had no other choice. So you stop your ranting about Stop this and stop that and go tell imam Hussein who KNEW he was goin
  2. There is a difference between sacrifice and suicide. Say a brigade of 200 tanks and 5000 soldiers are invading, and the only way they can invade is over a bridge, resulting in thousands of deaths if they cross. And your ownly choice is to run in and blow yourself up and create a blockage to give the civilians time to escape. Is that suicide or sacrifice?
  3. Meh, thats it. You yourself said if you are a resident of a country you consider them citizen. You have been born and raised in Aussie, deal with that, you aren't Iraqi according to yourself, as much as Sistani isnt Iranian. Worry about gay rights and transexuals in Australia, let us deal with Iraq and Iran. If you were half the patriot you say you are you would not be such a coward and move back to the land you love so much and help make it sovereign. Until then, be quiet and let proper revolutionaries that care about Shia more than if you eat ghorme sabzi over iraqi bell pepper to identify s
  4. Weird mentality that a country shouldn't be under someone elses influence. What if it's a good influence? Doesn't friendship automatically cause influence? Why can't Iraq and Iran have positive influence on each other for the better?
  5. What do you mean guys have no rights? Why did you agree to a dowry you cant afford in the first place? You signed away your right with your own hands.
  6. Technically speaking any object placed in any dimension can experience other dimensions that have a common demoninator For example a being only able to experience things in 1 dimension x, can infact experience x in a 2 dimension environment x, y. Same goes for x, y in a 3 dimension. If as you say jinns have 4 dimensions of existence we as humans can still experience 3 out of 4 dimensions they exist in. Proof of them being 4 dimensional is hard though. Maybe they are 2 dimensional, but dimensions which are different than ours. Btw electromagnetic fields are very much felt
  7. For people who keep talking about rights this rights that............. Rights in Islam are red lines, not guidelines. Just in case you are looking for a happy marriage........might wanna keep that in mind.
  8. In that case if it was truly international instead of 5 countries ruling...then i would say its ok?
  9. If im not mistaken creation is something that came from nothing...in other words came into existence out of nothing, whilst make or made ias something coming into existence from things already made or created. For example a soul is created??? A chair is made?
  10. Usually water doesnt just divide to the degree of splitting a sea, neither does the moon break in half or dudes walking around raising the dead. I guess Allah can make exceptions for his prophets?
  11. Are you looking for an answer from a muslim point of view or UN point of view? There is a big difference....
  12. The leader of Hezbollah(lebanon, kataib iraq, quds, fatemyoon, zeynabiyoon and irgc) is Sayyed Khamenei, and there are plenty of statements from him. And yes they go under the same chain of command. Chief commander of hezbollah in lebanon is Nasrallah, he reports directly to Sayyed khamenei just like hajj Qassim of quds reports directly to Sayyed Khamenei.
  13. He is talking garbage. He is basically saying Iraq owes Iran money for the 8 year war that Saddam caused. What the hell does the Iraq now that had nothing to do with Saddams crimes do with anything. It's like Israel still getting paid by the Germans for something Hitler did. It's stupid. Our parliament is filled with retards like this, don't pay too much attention to it.
  14. No they cant. You have to have physical access to them..and know where they are.
  15. You simply don't get it do you. Difference is Iran is willing to lose more, US losing 1 base is a disaster. Even one plane is a disaster. They simply aren't willing to bleed. And they will bleed a lot, their own people will protest "bring our boys home" while in Iran the slogans will be "send more boys". The world will be pissed due to both gates closing yemen and hormoz, and Hezbollah will start a campaign again against Israel. It will be such a mess that they simply can't afford it. You are looking at it simply by numbers that US has x amounts of planes and x amount of bombs so they can bomb
  16. US presidents don't call the shots, they haven't in a long time. Eisenhower: "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist." This is the reality today, presidents are just for show, even the elections are show now. They are bought and paid for.
  17. Because Islam doesn't believe in get slapped and turn other cheek. As Imam Khamenei says, the time of hit and run is gone, and they take him serious. Also there is a reason i told you to google Mersad. Because Iraq invaded Iran again after 598. So much for guarantee right? So Imam Khomeini was right and knew Bathi Iraqi Kufans would not hold their end of the deal. You just don't want to admit that you are wrong, point was Iran being that weak and Iraq being that strong with the whole world behind them couldn't do anything, and the only reason is faith, nothing more. Just like US can't do
  18. What are you on about? Iran wasn't strong enough to conqure baghdad. Some slogans were said, fact is that it was a defensive war and the whole world behind Saddam couldnt get 1 inch of iranian land, and as a matter of fact, Iraq lost land hence the begging to sign 598. Iran basically had radars that they had to move around because they didnt have enough of them. They had Jets with no parts....they had weapons with no bullets. And yet they stood their ground an gained enemy territory. Now its another ballgame.
  19. They werent tired and unwilling to fight. Google Operation Mersad......genius. They stopped because just like Imam Alis soldiers.....some commanders forced Imam Khomeinis hand...hence the cup of poison. Read more history then come back. Do you have reading comprehension issues? When Iraq fought iran it had the whole world behind him, Iran took POW from over 25 different countries.........while iran was sanctioned. When US fought Iraq(at its strongest, where the hell did you get this from) Iraq had no one and was standing alone. Also, the french and the british and the Americans did
  20. You are talking to a wiki reciter. He mentions 8 year war where the whole world helped saddam and he didnt gain 1 inch of land when the Anericans claimed he would take Tehran in a week. It git so bad that Israel had ro invade lebanon just so Iran had to fight on 2 fronts. And compares it to a broken iraqi army with zero motivation and old equipment being bombed by US. Then he says this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbbx8mw_Qxo Is combat proven..... Then he says Bavar is 50z tech whilst 40z tech hit Hawk stealth fighter in serbian war. Also iran has s-300 but he for
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