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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The majority of Sunni scholars and historians have declared in their books and research works that when Hazrat Ali [a] was selected by people as Caliph and he agreed to it then the first chapter of dispute over Caliphate of Hazrat Ali [a] was finally resolved. What I wish here is a debate upon this topic? Was it really sufficient? Was the Caliphate of Hazrat Ali [a] enough to resolve the dispute that occurred just as the Prophet closed his eyes? If yes then what are the key reasons to say that yes the Caliphate of Hazrat Ali [a] was enough to resolve that dispute. If no then what are the key reasons to say that no the Caliphate of Hazrat Ali [a] was not enough to resolve the dispute.
  2. To convince her to denounce her dreams is not wisdom, wisdom is but to seek Allah's help to make it come true because Allah and His Prophet and Ahlulbait are Most Powerful and it is in the will of Allah that is kept the fulfillment of all dreams. If people will not seek help from Allah then how will they succeed and if people will not know about Power of Allah then how will they attain Marefat and if people do not attain Marefat of Allah then I donot think that they will ever learn the knowledge of Islam that Allah has created. Isn't Allah the biggest truth of Irfan, nobody has seen him or heard him yet all believe in him. The biggest Substance of Power and biggest means to seek Allah's help is kept in the secret of the each verse of Quran. Isn't it amazing that Bismillah talks about Ism of Allah without using Alif in it's spelling. If Alif had been used Ism would have been separated from Bay. The inseparable character of Bay and Ism into Bism is s secret just at the very beginning of Quran. The most powerful gem is Bismillah and this is the biggest power of Allah that He has revealed in Quran by means of which one can attain the Marefat and Marzi of Allah. All this is the result of deep study and result of constant Taqwa. ========================================================================================================== Many of the things cannot be disclosed but there are resources available written by Ayatullah Khomaini and other great scholars on the authority of verses of Quran and authentic ahadees of Prophet and Ahlulbait.
  3. I don't know about your thoughts my friend, I do not give false hope nor do I predict something. Great is Allah who has created us and provided us guidance from Prophet Mohammad [a] and his Ahlulbait [a] and great are teachings of Imams [a]. The people who work day and night to attain the Marefat of Allah learnt the divine secrets of the Power of Allah and everything happens by the Willingness of Allah and to learn the method of submission before Allah and to gain His Willingness is called as Irfan. Ilm e Irfan is a branch of sciences taught be Imam Jafar Sadiq [a] known also as Ilm e Jafar. Ilm e Irfan is also a part of Hawza Studies. Ayatollah Taqi Behjat was the most famous scholar in Hawza who had mastered in the Science of Irfan. Syed Mahdi Baharul Uloom the great Scholar had also learnt the Science of Irfan and had even taught it to people. There is no scholar of Hawza who does not know the basic elements of Science of Irfan and many of them specialize in the field in the later ages of their practice.
  4. By this statement, Allah has made one thing clear that the hopeless situation which had come up earlier in your life that you were not even hopeful that your family will be convinced and he will come back and marriage will take place, Allah has made it clear that your family will be convinced but by your efforts, he will come back but by your efforts and marriage will take place insha Allah. Relax, smile and be happy, Allah has made it possible. It will happen one day.
  5. Allah says that He will arrange for a day when you will see him. But Allah has subjected you to a test He will only arrange for moments when you will be able to convince your family for him and He will only arrange for moments when you will be able to convince him But how you succeed in convincing them depends upon how much you effort and work hard for it and put your best effort each time you get a chance to convince either of them. However if you are unable to effort much at any stage fear not, Allah is kind, He'll help you in gaining the strength back and He will encourage you to move ahead.
  6. I'm glad that you already recite Dua e Tawassul. I'll pray for you and will try to help you with the answer to the question that you have still in your heart regarding his come back, may be Allah answers it to you before I get to know of it. I'll be glad to see your dream come true. I'll post the answer myself before the onset of the morning and you can verily read it before the limit of remaining posts exhausts.
  7. (bismillah) (salam) Allah says that, your family and people have been troubled at mind and thus they bear all the pain their heart gives them just to ignore the truth that Islam is the righteous path and thus they are cruel to their own selves and they harm themselves. The person who explained to you the religion, upon whose explanation you were encouraged towards Islam has also borne a pain that his heart has given him by refusing to the commitment of marriage which he had in mind and heart while he talked to you. However if you explain to your family or people, they will feel it in heart but will not believe in it, they will be enlightened towards truth but will not accept it and they will listen to you but will not remember and try to forget whatever you say regarding merits of the righteous path of Allah, His Prophet and Ahlulbait of Prophet . Thus these are difficult days and Allah has been knowing of these days that were bound to occur. However you need not worry, Allah says for that, Call upon Asma ul Husna i.e. Beautiful Names of Allah, and pray by means of them for the people who believe in these names are always protected by Allah and only those people are not protected by Allah who refuse to accept the exaltedness of these Asma ul Husna. Hazrat Ali [a] says that the Hujjat of Allah are the Asma ul Husna and Imam Jafar Sadiq [a] says that, Asma ul Husna means, Hazrat Mohammad Mustufa , Hazrat Ali Murtuza, Hazrat Fatima Zehra, Imam Hasan Mujtaba, Imam Husain Shaheed, Imam Ali Zainul Abedin, Imam Mohammad Baqir, Imam Jafar Sadiq, Imam Musa Kazim, Imam Ali Raza, Imam Mohammad Taqi, Imam Ali Naqi, Imam Hasan Askari, Imam Qaem Aal e Mohammad (Alaihim-as-Salam). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pray by means of Mohammad and Aal e Mohammad
  8. At 9: 30 PM, as per timing in India, I'll come back and tell you the answer of your question.
  9. Yes it was a miracle and yes I will do it and let you know of the answer.
  10. My name is Aun Ali and I've been given this name by the exalted personality known as Hazrat Ali [a] when I was at Najaf e Hind. My real name is Syed Ali Mohd Rizvi. I am a scholar and have taken up many tasks in the glory of my exalted master Hazrat Ali [a] who revived me when I had died on my way to Najaf e Hind. The light (noor) of Hazrat Ali [a] entered by body through my eyes and in a brilliant jolt of the azure of light I felt myself engulfed by light and I was like stone only eyes felt everything until I was shaken by a big jolt of the light vigorously numerable times at the end of which I revived. If I be a person whom people can trust then I'll be of help in every despair to every person on earth.
  11. Thanks and Jazak Allah to you too, may Allah bring happiness to you.
  12. and So the posts were simultaneously added lol!!! But I guessed it right. If some one is looking for an answer then he does Tafaweel which is provided by Our Imams [a] to know that as per Allah's wish will he be able to achieve his goal. However if you wish then I can tell you the method or observe the tafaweel. The method was told to me by Imam Jafar Sadiq [a] when I was in great difficult days and prayed a lot to him for assistance.
  13. It's not a topic about relationship in my sense, it is about being together with the person for whom and because of whom she converted. However she even has a problem that her family is against Islam and that boy. So she fears that she may have to go back to Hinduism if she doesn't find a fitting solution. Then instead of marrying any other Muslim she would prefer the boy. Now comes the problem that the boy has himself refused because he now thinks that it was wrong to have relationship with her and thus she has got stuck.
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