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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalamalikum brother, I"m addressing you assuming that you are being truthful and not trying to cause discourse. The tendancy to have homosexual desires may be genetic . However so are violent tendancies. There are family histories of drug and alchholism, this however does not make you a slave to those desires. whatever harmful desire you have can be fought off and controlled regardless of whether it is lusting after your neighbors spouse or wanting to bash in the skull of your mother in law. I would suggest that you receive some counselling about your abuse but be sure not from a secular source and I would also suggest looking to the possibility of marriage to have a healthy sexual outlet.
  2. Top 10 Gender-imbalanced Cities: Rank Metro Gender gap 1 McAllen, TX 28% more women 2 El Paso, TX 27% more women 3 Memphis, TN 17% more women 4 Bethesda, MD 17% more women 5 San Jose, CA 17% more men 6 Birmingham, AL 16% more women 7 New York, NY 16% more women 8 Baltimore, MD 16% more women 9 Little Rock, AR 16% more women 10 Columbia, SC 15% more women Aquote] Do you have a statistic on Muslim men?
  3. They're also mandatory in several states in the united States.
  4. Assalamalaikum, It's because most muslims in the West are immigrants. Well educated upper class muslims have no need to come here in general.
  5. Assalamalaikum, The movie wasn't even consistant with the book it was based on. Domestic violence has nothing to do with religion race creed color or national origin or even gender.
  6. assalamalaikum, I believe that it may be possible that the girl is you. you need to nurture and educate yourself. sorry if you're a dude and I'm way off.
  7. Assalamalaikum, I believe the point was that one should try and show why one believes what one does and not simpy focus on why the other shouldn't believe what he/she does.
  8. assalamalaiukm, The police intervined on the girl's behalf so what's the point of bringing it up? we all already knew there were sickos in the world.
  9. Assalamalaikum, I have the brain of a man(or so all my female aquaintances and friends tell me) Yet oddly I'm not a lesbian so I don't think that's it.
  10. Assalamalaikum, If you don't get at least 50 marriage proposals after that post the brothers are stupid.
  11. Assalamalaikum, Why try? she won't have trouble finding another husband. Love the one you marry not marry the one you love. There are 82 sisters in Nigeria who need husbands pick one of them.
  12. There are plenty of single brothers on this forum we should send them all over to select. As soon as their Iddahs are finished.
  13. he he ehe he hehe he ha ha ha ah :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: LMAO
  14. Assalamalaikum, Good news brothers in a few months they'll be 82 Muslimahs ready for marriage. None of them are the jealous type or require much attention and apparently don't care how you look. Go get em boys!
  15. assalamaliukm, I don't know about a shortage. but I mean you only need one. So what's the big problem?
  16. assalamalaikum He's right. You must think of your future children. Rear your kids not to be racist. this is all you can do. Culture shouldn't matter but it does. Lebanese families have a habit of doing everything in their power to destroy the marriages with outsiders. why start your new life in conflict? If her dad says no you should respect that and not question his motives.
  17. assalamalaikum, Next time ask your dad to pray with you. then you still have the benefit of congregational prayer without annoying your parents.
  18. assalamalaikum, Temporary marriage isn't for virgins. It's for old tired women like me.
  19. Assalamalaikum, Why is everyone concerned with the stupid dog? The poor man was already terified of women that's why he played it safe and met one on line. Now he's probably in some closet somewhere crying. I think we should chip in and send him a fruit basket or something. ... and some people dear brother don't need to be emotionally traumatized they go nuts anyway.
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