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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam brothers, please this question bothers me quite often. I find myself many at times away from a convenient place to urinate and clean up. Sometimes I may be on construction sites and bush like environment. When the urge to urinate comes, I have to ease myself in a nearby bush. I always try to ensure I have water with me to clean up. When cleaning my organ with water, I sometimes realize that there are tiny drops of water, during washing myself, that splash on my shoe or the end of my trouser. Is the water drop on my clothes that splashed in the process of washing my private organ clean? Do I have to consider those drops from the flowing water on/from my organ clean? And the thing is I do not know if the drops splashed during the first touch of water washing off the urine on my organ or from the flowing water subsequently after the first touch of water had cleansed off the urine. But it is also possible that the drop splashed from the ground where the initial flow of water that touched my organ with urine fell. Please what is the legal opinion of scholars? Do I have to also clean my cloth from the drop of water in the process of washing even though I'm not sure the water is impure, and it could have been impure? What should I do? This causes me lot of confusion because I want to be clean far away from home in order to be able to pray. With the doubt in mind, my purpose of washing is defeated as I'm not sure if to carry on with my prayer. May Allah reward you effort and help.
  2. Salam, please sign and share: https://www.change.org/p/council-of-the-european-union-european-commission-the-eu-should-take-a-proactive-stand-on-the-zaria-massacre#petition-letter
  3. I really wonder why this topic hasn't gain much attention on this forum. if its to post pictures of Quds Day in Zaria, everyone would and then boast that "look what the Shia are doing". but when they get massacred, little attention is given. "Vigil at Nigerian High Commission in London to Protest Quds Day Massacre in Zaria" source: www.islamicmovement.org
  4. thank you all for the replies great replies,especially the last two.may Allah reward you all.
  5. salam brother for the sake of clarification on your statement,please can you explain what you mean by "near descendants of Ibrahim (as)". what do you mean by 12 in two contexts? are the 12 tribes different from 12 offspring? then how did the 12 tribes emerge? thank you.
  6. just to clarify,Bashar al-Assad cannot be the/a "sufyani" because he did not descended from abu sufyan.the Assad family like others in syria and lebanon descended from Banu Assad.this is the same clan that buried the martyrs of Karbala.i stand to be corrected if the sufyani can be a descendant not of abu sufyan.
  7. (salam) i want to revive this thread since there is unconfirmed report coming from riyadh and jeddah that the king of saudi arabia is dead and there is high tension in saudi arabia and state of hightened alert. please,it would be of great help and use if someone can present to us an old copy of Musnad Ahmad (before the rule of Al-Saud) containing the stated hadith in the OP. Jazakum Allah Khair!
  8. thank you for the link.upon examining the link,i saw that the references of the narrations are all sharh-nahjul-balagha of Ibn Hadid. also,the hadiths are in arabic.is there any other source you can provide me from Sunni hadith books and preferably in english? may Allah reward you for the effort! thank you for the suggestion.i will try to see if i can find the book and also it has to be in english.i do not understand urdu. thanks for mentioning. i have read that about Ammar Ibn Yassir (ra) and have presented it as well.but the stumbling block is on finding the needed material on Abu Dhar (ra).
  9. thank you both for trying to help out. please can anyone still post the actual narrations or excerpts and their references from Sunni sources only. the reference given by brother Abu Dujana is appreciated.but i could not find the history of al-tabari online to copy the needed parts on Abu Dhar (ra).i also do not have a hard copy to scan. please kindly assist me with the narrations and their references strictly from Sunni sources.
  10. a very foolish man! can you imagine how much "power" and "support" from the west and "israel" would hezbollah,the shia and bashar al-assad get if they decide to embrace "israel" and stop their fight against israeli cruelty towards the sunni palestinians and israeli occupation and threats? this man is totally insane or rather simply cheap and a sell-out who donated his soul to the devil.
  11. please someone should kindly assist me with the hadiths.i need them urgently in a debate with a Sunni.
  12. wahhabi filth on the rampage again! when the world see Islam and Muslims for truly what we are and be able to discriminate and know who and what a wahhabi jahily is?when would they see wahhabis are a menace to Islam and to humanity at large? may Allah's curse be upon the tyrants.their days are numbered as our Lady Zainab (as) rightly said.may their end come sooner than later. may Allah curse the royal families in saudi arabia,bahrain,kuwait,qatar and in all countries where they oppress the defenseless. it won't be more than insulting those pigs who call themselves "kings" and "emirs".or sending la'nat on the enemies of the Ahlul-Bayt (as). the most annoying part is when these accursed people accuse a Shia Muslim of insulting the Prophet Muhammad (sa).are they trying to be funny or just plain stupid? this is an accusation even a kid would not believe.
  13. (salam) please kindly provide me with hadiths from Sunni sources acceptable,reliable and held by Sunnis to be authentic on the exile of Abu Dharr al-Ghifari (ra).also provide me with any relevant hadith from Sunni sources talking about the disagreement between Abu Dharr (ra) and Usthman and Muawiya (la). Jazakumullah Khayr!
  14. inshaAllah more people get to see all of the above and know the truth about an issue that the enemies of Islam use to attack muslims.
  15. Is it true that Lady Khadijah (peace be upon Her) was older than the Prophet (peace be upon Him & His family)? Question : Assalamo alaikom Is it true that the wife Khadija (p) of the Prophete (sawas) was older than him? Thank you to answer Assalamo alaikom wa rahmatollah Haidar Answer : In His Name the Most High, All praise is due to Allah, may peace be upon Muhammad and his pure progeny and may the curse of Allah be upon their enemies. The Office Answer: Assalamu Alaikum, According to what has been narrated in Biharul-Anwar on the authority of Ibn Hammad and Ibn Abbas, the holy Prophet (peace be upon Him and His pure family) married Lady Khadijah (peace be upon Her) at the age of twenty-five, while Lady Khadijah (peace be upon Her) herself was no more than twenty-eight years old. [1] There are also traditions reported by the opponents of AhlulBayt (peace be upon Them) confirming this, al-Hakim reported, according to al-Bayhaqi, that Lady Khadijah (peace be upon Her) was twenty-five years old when she married the holy Prophet (peace be upon Him and His pure family). [2] Although the first tradition is deemed more authentic, the second tradition is perhaps closer to the truth, in terms of Lady Khadijah's actual age. Despite Bakris' claims to the contrary, both were approximately within the same age range at the time of their marriage. Needless to say, Bakris allegedly claim that there was a significant age difference between the holy Prophet (peace be upon Him and His pure family) and Lady Khadijah (peace be upon Her) as they allege that she was forty years old at the time of their marriage. His eminence Shiekh al-Habib believes that such claims are perceived to be forged by Aisha (may the wrath of Allah be upon her) through which she deliberately wanted to affront Lady Khadijah (peace be upon Her) and make people think that for the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon Him and His pure Family), she was the youngest and most radiant while Lady Khadijah (peace be upon Her) was an old woman who had lost the passion of youth when she married Him. [3] 27th Ramadhan 1432 The Office of Sheikh al-Habib in London http://alqatrah.net/...index.php?id=93
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