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  1. Salam Those with long covid are vaccinated? or do unvaccinated also get long covid?
  2. Salam Aleycum It is true that at one particular time you had to be vaccinated to enter Iran. I know this 100 % because i wanted to visit Iran and called the embassy in Stockholm. Not only Iran made it obligatory to be vaccinated, even other muslim countries as Pakistan. In some muslim countries you had to vaccinated to enter a mosq. Even if this virus is real which hasnt been proven yet it's still ilogical to demand a test for a virus with such low mortality and for people without symptoms. You dont have to be an expert to know this. There was never a need to test and to vaccinate everyone.
  3. Salam aleycum This whole pandemic is a scam and shouldnt even be called a pandemic because of the low deathrate. But almost all countries agreed on this fraud and the ones who didnt their president were assassinated (Tanzania). I wonder why Iran the so called islamic country supostly the country that will prepare the world for Imam mahdi as. Its seems to me they are not. A year ago if you were not vaccinated you cuould not enter Iran. The fake vaccin mrna is more dangerous than the virus itself. I do not know about the other vaccines but what a coincidense that so many countries developed a vaccin at the same time. And almost everywhere they introduced the vaccine passport and they want to keep in future (read about G20 meeting last year). At the G20 they also agreed that the mrna vaccin were succesful ( acording to who?). The sionist/masons/globalist wants to reduce world population, eliminate paper money and introduce digital money and id. No muslim leader is speaking against this. Why?
  4. Salam Aleycum I wonder why Iran a few months ago made it obligatory to be vaccinated against covid to enter the country? How can this be islamic? Forcing muslims to take a experimental jab? Who made this decision? Are they runned by globalist and masons? Some of their politiians were atending WEF like Rohani and Zarif. Also in G20 (Usa, Russia, China) last year the countries involved agreed on a digital passport for the next pandemic...and also agreed that mrna vaccines are safe. In the end of the doccument they give special thanks to the Rockefellers, UN, Etc Doesnt seem like they are really enemies of each other
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