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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. لعل الأشياء البسيطة .. هي أكثر الأشياء تميزا ولكن .. ليست كل عين ترى ..! جلال الدين الرومي
  2. Salaam , I think both are beautiful =). Thanks for being here and leaving such comments
  3. “Be like the flower that gives its fragrance to even the hand that crushes it.”

  4. Awesome ! But have you listened to this Farsi one by Khajah Ehsan Amiri . Here is the link :
  5. So Impressive ! May Allah Hasten the Arise of Imam Hujja A.J
  6. أيّامُ عمري ايّامُ عمري لها في القلبِ أصداءُ = تُدمي الجفونَ وفيها الألفُ والزاءُ أيّامُ عمري كنجمٍ لاحَ في سَحَر = يأتي بهيجاً وعند الفجر أنباءُ ما كنتُ أحسبها كالأرضِ دائرة = تطوي الزمانَ وفيها العمْرُ ميناءُ... تجري كومضٍ بيوم السعدِ نائية = والليلُ دهرٌ إذا أعياني الداءُ اللهوُ فيها وفيها القلبُ منشغلٌ = والناسُ موتى وهم في الجسم أحياءُ الحلمُ ظلّ سراباً حين أقربه = والعمرُ حتّى مع الآمال بيداءُ حولي النعيم وكفي لا يطاوله = كالأبل عطشى وفي أحمَالها الماءُ جرّبتُ فيها صنوفَ الناسِ قاطبة = ما عادَ فيها من الأخيار أبناءُ ما عادَ فيها أمينٌ او له شيمٌ = والكلُ فيها
  7. Bismillah Salaams Well-done !.It's indeed a great work.Insha Allah I'll be visiting it from time to time Peace & health to you :)
  8. Bismillah Salaams all I want written English Nasheed by Basim Al Karbalaei in title( 14 Lights from Rehana Album ) I want 14 Lights only. Meaning the English one Can anyone write for me that Nasheed . I want only the English sentences in the Nasheed. It goes like this Ahmad ...Zahra...Ahmad ...Zahra.....14 Lights are shiny..... can anyone complete for me? Thanks a lot :)
  9. Bismillah salaam alaykum all please can anyone help. I need to get the correct tranaslation of this Arabic phrase (ÚÝíÑ ÇáÌÈíä) How can I say it in English. I need the meaning not how to write it in English I know it can be written like this ( Afeer aljabeen ). But I wanna the meaning in English Thank you very much for your help
  10. Bismillah Danke Bruder...thank you brother Well-done....but how about performing it in the studio? it's clearer...Anyone does have it done in the studio? Thank you
  11. In His Name the Most High Assalaamu Alaykum brothers/ sisters in faith If anybody can offer some help...I would be very grateful to him/ her indeed I am looking for English Latmeyah by Haj Osama Alattar in title " What happened in the camp? Let's remember" I 've listened to that latmeyah one time on TV. And I really really hope to listen to it again and have it on my PC Help me please Thank you very much Wassalaam
  12. (bismillah) Salaam Alaykum dear sisters & brothers How are you all? Hopefully all are OK Inshallaah. I am looking for Prof. Hassanain Rajabali's lectures or Majlis.I also need a webiste in which I can follow his all new lectures or the lateste ones . Are there any official websites for him or related to all his lectures? Eh...indeed I have some of his lectures but when the net is cut off from my PC they don't work :( . so in this case I can't listen to them at anytime. Please....I'll be so thankful if you do me some help. Jazakum Allah Khairan You take care and May Allah Bless you all R
  13. Assalaamu Alaykum A very good day to you all my friends ! I hope all are OK and doing well Inshallaah. People ,,,I need help... I want Shia English sites that have peoms, good articles and many other issues :blush: Can you help me please? I'll be so thankful. Take care all
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