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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam Un Alaiykum, I recently read a message from you in 2007 about the timing for isha getting qadha, and i appreciate so much how well you explained it with different Ayatollahs opinions. So you reffered to Ay. Khoie's and Ay. Sistani's opinion on the timing, but main question is because Ay. Sistani continued most of Ay. Khoies teachings, shouldn't their answers and methods be the same as to when to calculate it in reference to zhur timings. And because Ay. Khoie is now passed away isn't his ruling not allowed to be followed anymore?

    You said: Ay. Khoie says to add 11 hours and 15 minutes to Zuhr and Ay. Khoie says to use the opposite timings of zhur for the midnight. I've looked so hard to find the easiest way to calculate midnight but i didn't realize we could use Zuhr timing as a method to find midnight.

    So please let me know the answer to that question, and then I trust that you may be educated well, but if you don't mind, since i don't know you, can you tell me how or where you get your answers from, what's your reference?

    Thank you, JazakAllah

  2. assalam-o-alaikum i am esp moved to see thousands of mominat attending the protest along with there kids.they can kill a shia but can never finish the love of hussain from there heart AA DEKH MERAY GHAZI UNCHA HAY ALAM TERA
  3. asalam-o-alaikum protest against the genocide of shia muslims going on in karachi for the last 2 days.thousands & thousands of momineen attending despite cold weather . labaik ya hussain http://pakshia.com/live/ wassalam
  4. assalam-o-alaikum would u plz tell us the traditions that recommends to read ziarat ashura at night as i have always heard that it is better to read it at asr.also it is better to read the 2 rakkats after ziarat,
  5. assalam-o-alaikum is there any way you can upload it too http://www.shiadownload.com/Quran/Qari-Shaharyar-Perhazgar/Quran-with-Urdu-Translation thanks
  6. assalam-o-allaiikum in the folder of al quran there are number of qaris . would u plz. tell us that who are shia qaris in that list.plus would u pplz upload shia qari with urdu traslation thanks
  7. assalam-o-alaikum may i know the source & should it b read once or three times or more thanks
  8. assalam-o-alaikum 1) can we eat multivitamins that contain gelatin ( in usa) 2) can we eat food containing small amount of alcohol 3) can we pray wearing leather belts or carrying leather wallets bought from non muslin country 4) is choclate liquor allowed to consume 5) is whey allowed to consume thanks wassalam
  9. On the day of the conquest of Khyber when Ja’far returned from Abyssinia the Holy Prophet ( s.a.w.s.) asked: Don’t you want a reward? Don’t you want a gift? Don’t you want a present? Hazrat Ja’far replied: Why not, O Messenger of Allah? The Messenger of Allah ( s.a.w.s.) said: I am giving you something that if you perform it everyday it would better than all those things that are present in the world. And if you perform it once in two days the Almighty will forgive the sins of both these days and if you perform it every Friday or every month or every year the Almighty will forgive all the sins committed in between. The best time to perform Namaz-e-Ja’far-e-Tayyar is on Friday before noon.
  10. (salam) its mustahib for the first takbeer too (wasalam)
  11. Question : assalam-o-alaikum its my understanding that time of nawafil of fajar starts after performing namaz tahajud. as according to the esteemed view time of namaz shab starts with start of night ,does this means that i can pray nawafil of fajar in the early part of night after praying namaz shab wassalam answer: íÌæÒ ÏÓåÇ Ýí ÕáÇÉ Çááíá ææÞÊ ÕáÇÉ Çááíá íÈÏà ãä Çæáå
  12. http://www.islamicdigest.net/v7core/2007/1...hura-in-arabic/
  13. (salam) imam ali(a.s.) will say nothing . because its them who made ulemas hujjat on us.if its such a clear cut thing than why ayatullah sistani & ayatullah khameni gives a FATWA on this issue that french cut beard is haram . istead we see great aalim like late ayatollah khoi allowing it .others allowing it includes ayatollah lankarani ( late), ayatollah bashir najafi ( i have been told by his student that he allows french beard),ayatolllah hakeem . not to mention that keeping beard is not proven as a wajib act in the eyes of ayatolah saanei .
  14. (bismillah) i have send this qs to ayatollah saanei & najaf.org ( ayatolah sistani representative) .my qs. was assalam-o-alaikum may i know what exactly is ayatul kursi which is recommended to read before leaving home & after wudhu & on several diffferent occasions.is it ayah 255 only or is it 255,256 & 257. this is the answer i got : ayatollah saanei : In the name of God It is Ayaat 255 and 256 and 257. Best Regards Office of Grand Ayatollah Saanei najaf.org : In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful It is sufficient to recite verse 255 but it is preferable to recite upto 257 Wassalamu Alaykum my comments --> ayatul kursi may comprise only ayah 255 but it is recommended to read 256 & 257 too.so read 255,256 & 257 when u plan to read ayatul kursi
  15. (salam) u r doing the right thing .u can pray ur namaz shab during imsak .perferable time to perform namaz shab is the last 1/3 of night & the best time is just before fajr , so if u r sure about the fajr timings ,u can perform ur namaz shab just before it ( ie in imsak)
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