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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. HI All Please share the lyrics of Almout li israel nasheed (in arabic and English) Thanks Jafery
  2. Dear I just need the soft copy of Ali Seestani tozeeh in text format to make it aailable to you people. If you have it please send it at msnquran@hotmail.com Thanks and regards Jafery
  3. Salam Due to some problem I have shifted my server to another location. Hence the new address for MSNQURAN help is as below Regards Jafery
  4. Ya Imam AlHussain Your words are still in the air "HAL MIN NASIR YAN SURANA". Ya Imam why I am alive when you are no more between us. Why I am not replying on your SADA. Ya Imam I want to be in the Karbala and give my life for you before you ask for help. Ya Allah hamain Imam-e-waqat , Imam-e-zaman ka sacha ashik bana. Hamain Imam-e-Mahdi kay un ashaab may say qarrar day jaisay Hussain ibn-e-Ali ko Ashaab diya...YAALLAH YALLAH YALLAH...
  5. Salam The service is launched commercially. You can also hear by dialing 1314 from mobilink sim. Regards,
  6. (salam) I dont have any gallery of Nohas. We asked for the content of Nohas from a content provider to aviod copyright laws. However my below thread has both nohas of Asad Amanat Ali which are uploaded on youtube http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=234938775 Regards,
  7. (salam) Alhamdolillah we have launched first phaze of Muharram service for Mobilink Pakistan(an Orascom Telecom). I know it is too late to launch the service, but we have taken a step and hopefully from onward we will be having better service and better selection of content. So far the service is available on GPRS download in true tones format. I have selected below nohas for the service. We will soon add Majalis clips and make this available on Mobilink 555 service (jo chaho sun lo). Below are the nohas with their codes Code Noha Nohakhan 40154 Abbas (a.s) mir-e-karwan Nadeem Sarwar 40155
  8. (salam) Very usefulee thread and shows that many of us love Allama sadiq hassan. Does anyone has the link for listning the lectures of Allama sadiq hassan during this Hajj given in makkah/madina? Thanks
  9. Salam I have added few more languages option in Quran service. Now the Quran is also available in persian,indonasian,dutch and russian languages. To check the translation in persian just type "quran 1 7 pe" for russian type "quran 1 7 ru" for indonasian type "quran 1 7 in" and for dutch type "quran 1 7 du" MOD: I am unable to edit my first post. Please make the edite option available for this thread. Thanks Syed Khurram
  10. Salam All We are working for providing muharam service to one of the pakistan mobile operator. The service will include noha/salam,majalis clips,quotes imam hussain/imam ali a.s. I need to know if we put audio noha, will there be copyright issue? I mean as muharram has been started and signing contracts with noha khawan will take time and hence service will be delayed, so if we put noha like nadeem sarwar's, will we face copyright issue? 2ndly if u could provie direct contact numbers of different popular noha khawan to ask their permission. Also i will be required ur assistance in selecting u
  11. "in ankhoo nay kia kia dekha..." asad amant ali khan outstanding http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5...58295&hl=en
  12. Salam Tears of Karbala: can u provide the wording of "Sajjad dhi paak javani yak dam karbal ...." or the audio/video link of this noha. I am greatful to u Jafery
  13. Salam "yeh sochta hun ..." from asad amant ali khan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VufjYdeGG2w reagards, Jafery
  14. (salam) I have a plan to create a unique shia website but currently I am not working over it. The site will containts all the information from one of my service already running. Please see below link for service description. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=234933905 Regards Jafery
  15. One thing to remember regarding the quoted text. This sayings may be valid for only those who have seen the prophet/imam in their lives(Ashaab of prophet/Imams). Cause no doubt a devil can not adopt the figures of a prophet/Imam but he can adapt anyt figure and say that he is Imam or prophet. We can not identify that cause we havent seen Prophets/Imams in our real life. As few of them said regarding Nomstrdemus, He was non muslim european personality, after seeing his prediction should we start following him?
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