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  1. Seems the Anglos are willing to fight until the very last Ukrainian: Exposed: Ukraine blew up Kersh bridge which British Intelligence plotted
  2. They failed to destroy bridge or the railway tracks, so the Russians will still be able to transport heavy equipment and supplies to Crimea. Ukrainian casualties are going to be horrific, seems political (or symbolic) victories are more important to them than military ones.
  3. Agreed. I am not that old, but I'm guessing it must have felt similar during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Like we are walking open-eyed into disaster. There is no good way how this can end for anyone if this continues.
  4. I'n rather surprised the Ukranians didn't launch an offensive to coincide with their attack on the Crimean Bridge, as the Russians will now increase security and make future strikes much harder.
  5. Facts. I can't say I'm a particulary big fan of either Russia or China - but a multipolar world beats a unipolar one any day of the week.
  6. The worst is, this is the result of a suicide bomber. So someone thought blowing himself up to kill children is what Allah ((سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى).) wants. Just think for a second how twisted that is. Just wow.
  7. Before 2019 I would have agreed with you, but it is clear he has become increasingly sectarian, and this isn't even a topic of debate. Just compare Nakshawani of 2015 and 2016 to him these days. ...and his "apology" following this latest debacle was a disgrace and wasn't even an apology, he was basically just saying "I'm sorry I offended you.." rather than "I'm sorry I misrepresented a Marja".
  8. The US raising interest rates isn't really going to do much, because ultimately as more and more countries run into trouble they will sell off (some) of their dollar reserves to shore up their own currency. China tells banks to brace for massive dollar selloff And as this currency finds it's way back to the US inflation will get worse. I can't see this this getting better with the Ukraine War, the looking energy crisis in europe & now the looming collapse of Credit Suisse.
  9. This is bad. Very bad. It's going to be much worse than 2007/2008 because it comes at the tail end of enormous Covid QE & at the start of a massive energy crisis in Europe going into winter.
  10. When I was younger I was a very troubled and rebellious teenager, and I started listening to heavy metal - more specifically Death and Black Metal (I.e. Emperor, Deicide, Morbid Angel, etc) and I can tell you evil music completely changes you. I was consumed by anger and depression almost constantly. Had terrifying sleep paralysis practically every week or two.. and had experiences of shadows in my room. People really need to watch what they listen to.
  11. It really irks me that Nakshawani speaks like a spineless middle manager when he addresses critics. It is never X or Y says this and it isn't true, it's almost always "there are certain people in the shia community.."
  12. Not sure about the old one, but the new one seems pretty incompetent & downright racist against non-Pashtun.
  13. Don't play many games anymore, but I'm a huge Command and Conquer fan, so I play Mods of Red Alert 2 like Mental Omega, Rise of the East, 20xx and Red Resurrection. The fangame of Renegade X is awesome too.
  14. It's a good question. I think the reason component generally follows afterwards, acting like a form of confirmation bias to justify the choice. I'm generalising now, but you generally never seen people exiting religious debates convinced to convert to another faith. Generally the 'losing' side will just fault their debater.. like it was a football game of sorts. Generally when I listen to witness testimonies, of people who convert to Islam or Christianity, there is usually an emotional tie-in or hook of some sort. People will often say they felt lost or hopeless, or had no sense of meaning.. or somesuch. But maybe I'm overthinking this.
  15. On a related note... I recently read his '12 Rules for life' (and i will likely read the follow up too), and while the book is full of some useful advice, it really struck me that none of it was smart or profound. It was advice your father, older brother, &/or grandfather would give you. It really troubles me that basic advice like what's given in the book is considered profound. Is this really how bad fatherlessness has gotten in the West?
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