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  1. Wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu. Its hard for us converts living with non muslims to feel confident in our islaam. Pray as many obligatory prayers as u can on time everyday, read a new page of quran everyday and learn about the infallibles the best you can. Allah ta ala says in the holy quran اتقوا الله ما استطعتم obey Allah as much as you can. He ta ala also says ما كان الله ليذر المؤمنين على ما انتم عليه حتى يميز الخبيث من الطيب Allah would not leave the believers in the state you are currently in until he separates the filth from the pure. The holy quran also says that Allah created life and death to test who can have the most beautiful deeds and you careing for your grandmother is a most beautiful deed. We gotta keep our heads down and our duty to Allah, then he will guide us to ways nearer to him. Dont forget to take time to think, relax and veg out. You will do fine calling the name of mawla al haqq the real master!
  2. Bismillaahir rahmaanir rahim. As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. Im a white american male of christian origin. My mother converted to sunni islaam when i was 9 yrs old then marryied a practicing sunni muslim pakistani. My muslim step father raised me to practice islaam but i didnt accept it til i was 14 yrs old after having my first palestinian muslim friend for a yr. Having a muslim friend made me actually start investigating the holy quran. Reading the abdullah yusuf ali translation, listening to shaikh yusuf estes and dr zakir naik convinced me that the noble quran is %100 the only known complete book of God almighty. Meeting my first pakistani shia friend in high school, reading a shia encylopedia and watching sayed ammar nakshawanis lectures convinced me that the jaafari school of thought is the closest to prophet Muhmmad peace be upon him and his family. I love islaam. Even though i read ayatullah yazdis commentary of the glorious quran and become so enpowered by it, i am still surrounded by non muslims; there is no mosque in my town and no imam baargah in hundreds of miles so i get doubts sometimes when i see my christian families and friends recieve Gods gifts; sometimes christian arguments seem alluring until i go back to the grand quran where i find no contradictions and inrefutable claims by that most interesting of books. Im sorry to write so much, thank you if you gave me your time in reading this. My whole point to this is that the best evidence i found to always come back to islaam is the holy quran. Use that excellent book to bring people to or back to islaam. After they come to the holy quran, let them figure out how to get to Muhammad peace be upon him and his family. Allahumma salli ala muhammad wa aali muhammad. Wa aakhiru dawana anil hamdu lillaahi rabbil aalamin
  3. Salaamun alakum brother Waqar, if you're still around central missouri, please add me on facebook, my name is Michael Baker, i'm a convert to shia islam, i live in a small town near columbia.
  4. Bismillah Allahuma salli ala muhammad wa aalih Salaamun alaykum, i am a 33 yr old white american male convert to shia islam, i live in a small town near columbia missouri, if there are any shia around central missouri i would love to make some friends from the followers of abi turaab alayhis salaam
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