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  1. Alsalamu Alaykum, I want to ask about how I can pay kaffarah online and how much it is (I think it is $600?). Because I live in the US, it's difficult for me to just find 60 poor people to feed. The Kaffarah I need to pay is for breaking my fast intentionally. I regret what I did and I truly wish I didn't do it. Inshallah paying this kaffarah will help me get past that. I found this site: zahratrust.org that has an option to pay kaffarah. I was wondering if it's ok to pay there. Thank you! I do also want to note that this kaffarah is over due because it was a couple of years ago where I broke those fasts. Does that change anything? I have not actually done Qaza on all those missed days, I have 4 which I have not done Qaza on. Do I still need to do the Qaza fasts or do I just pay the kaffarah Thank you so much for your time and please let me know as soon as you can. Inshallah may God guide me and all the muslims in the straight path.
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