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  1. السلام عليكم. I hope you are We know that Allah has made clear the pillar of Iman like the thawed or the akhriratou for exemple so that no can doubt it or disscut about it. The imamate is a pillar of Islam for shia. So everyone are agree that their is irrefutable proof. So I ask you where this clear proof that Allah will appoint by himself twelve iman who will follow each other until the day or resurrection : _in the quran _ In a hadith everyone agree that is sahih with a lot of reporter _ we rational logic that every human Muslim or non Muslim agree expect the one that blind himself. With any interpretation. A world as clear as "La Ilam illa allahou "for exemple for the tahwid. Thanks for answering. I'm open to disscution. الله يحفظكم
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