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  1. Aslam o Alaikum Mods kindly approve I hope you guys haven't forgotten about me I was away for a while as i was struggling mentally but as of now i am hanging on to Islam Alhamdullilah So the issue is i was reading about prophets and i have some Questions regarding some Prophets 1: Hazrat Idrees AS: I was reading his history and i found that he might have come over 10000 years ago! But i have certain issues regarding his story 1: alot of people were present during his time period but he was a direct son of Adam AS and some say was Adam AS was alive during Prophet Idrees AS If that is the case than how were there soo many people that one of Adams children managed to get them all Astray thats why Prophet Idrees AS was blessed with prophet hood and he AS himself is believed to have alot of followers... So how were there soo many people if Adam.AS himself was alive we are probably talking about a whole new nation here! Shukria
  2. Salam alaikum I Hope all are doing good by the blessings of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) Before beginning as you guys know I've recently reverted to Islam so My Question is simple does Quran actually Talk About BigBang because some accuse Quran of plagiarism from Egyptian and Mesotopiam myhts And some say according to Quran they pre existed And they rejected the expansion verse of Quran too Can someone explain these two verses to me JazakAllah khair Cuz i am new and learning Just for my knowledge Shukria
  3. Aslam o Alaikum The same new Muslim here My question is can we align metochondrial eve with Hazrat Hawa AS It is scientifically proven that today humans have same DNA that she did But she might have lived 200000 years ago Even those who deny religion believe that she actually is our common mother even though other women might have existed but she can be called out common mother JazakAllah khair
  4. I just came to know that Ebla Tablets have mentioned names of Prophet's of Islam although some rject it Name.is Hazrat ibhrhim dawood were said to have been found in these writings Is this true As you know i just reverted to Islam soo seeking answers JazakAllah
  5. I can't thank you enough for this brother thank you soo much
  6. I actually heard an aalim say That after 6 days of creation in Quran Allah says and I've my Throne above water
  7. I had another question In quran Allah says he created/built his throne above water Well does this mean water was created first means before everything In that case was our universe also created out of water? What does throne above water mean
  8. Thank you all as i said my brain isn't stopping saying stuff i guess I'll have to ignore kindly quote some videos and stuff thay can strengthen my faith as i am almost new
  9. Perfectly explained thank you I am getting extreme bad thoughts about Islam and Allah i hope its because i am.new
  10. I do know they existed my question is why aren't there graves available like Prophet Muhammads
  11. Thank you for your response i have embraced shia islam but i am getting alot of thoughts I hope I'll get answered thank you
  12. Asalam o Alaikum brothers As a few days ago I posted on this platforms about some of my questions and the reason i had left Islam Luckily i have embraced it back but thing's aren't the way they are suppose to be i have started praying but some more questions have raised in my head For the last 7 days I have been studying doing research and i did find out that after all i was wrong! But while my research I don't know why i was looking if there are any evidences of Adams Existence like the biggest evidence of Ibrahim AS existence is the Kaa'ba While i was doing my hunting for answers i found something that shocked me A moulana saying Adam came only 7000 years ago i was like how is this possible? Anyways i did find various articles according to which he is dated before 10000 years atleast Now while i was doing research i found that a Temple worlds oldest religious temple exists in turkey which is 12000 years old So how will we date Adam AS and why aren't their any solid evidences of other Islamic prophet's except for Muhammad SAWW and Ibrahim AS Shukria for your help last Time I have reverted to Islam some of theae questions took birth in me recently
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