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  1. For sure the Quran because that is unquestionable. However, the concept of imamah mostly appears in ahadith, and their status appeared after the Prophet’s death, so how would we know in this case?
  2. Salam, For one, the concept of Imamah and how we can take their word for certain. Where does it mention the infallibility? I understand that some things just need to be accepted, but if I have one little push of motivation, I’ll be able to manage with the rest, Insha Allah.
  3. Alsalam Alaykum, I’ve been struggling with this thought for a while. While being in a Sunni environment, I tend to question my own faith in terms of how and why we differ. I resolve to speaking to my parents about it but I’ve become too dependent on evidence that it becomes hard to accept small things. What should I do in this case? Is there any advice for my to strengthen my iman and confirm that this path is the right path? Jazakumullah Khayran.
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