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  1. so it doesn’t come from animals? cause I was told it comes from animals or synthetically
  2. Hey sisters and brothers hope you are having a blessed day inshallah I would like to discuss a very upsetting situation. So i’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner until I read the ingredients. I mever ever thought I need to to look through ingredients of cosmetics products until I was on youtube and saw a lady make a video about the hair company that I was using “Maui Moistriser” Anyways she discusses about toxic chemicals in the products and toward the end she mentions that there is an Ingredient called “urea” “uric acid”meaning that it contains animal pee. This shocked me because I know for a fact that animal pee is najis. Thats is so upsetting that Ive been washing my hair with animal pee and probably millions of other muslims such as my relatives using without awareness. I realised that even some skin care products contain this ingredient. I just want to spread this awareness to the brothers and sisters that this is an issue if you know or not know about it personally in my community no body knew about this. Its upsetting to see companies using urine in our cosmetic products to create “good quality”products be a high brand . so apparently not only do we have to read the food labels but also cosmetics products lol. However I do like to address that there is two types of urine used in products it can be synthetic or animal urine. Its best to contact with the company which type they use because the synthetic is halal (correct me if im wrong) so please share this. and be aware. may allah forgive us and bless us all.
  3. Thank you for sharing your situation. I heard that there are times where it’s permissible to lie and I hope it falls under your situation because you dont want to cause harm to your mother by telling her the truth, that your father is not in a good state.You never know maybe youre saving her, maybe the truth would kill her like a heart attack she might get. maybe the best way to tell your mum is inshallah he will live long and becomes healthy rather than saying he is not gona die. that way you wouldnt be lying becuz we truly can’t decide when we will die whether we are ill or not because only allah knows. I believe allah is merciful and your intention is clearly pure, and he wont hold you accountable for that inshallah may allah forgive us all.
  4. thats excatly where my thought is at. Majority of our tax money especially in a white western country they got to war and other haram things like alcohol, music festivals not really sure but many things. I would rather pay half tax and keep the other half to provide for the poor because we live in a selfish world where the government loves to help the people that are well off and forget the ones in need (most of the time) i completely agree with your statement because its true. its such an argumentative topic which makes it hard but only the niyah matters. Also its my hard work but yea being employed is not free I guess.And my purpose for this is not because Im selfish and want all the money to myself, I would rather support my family who struggle financially and people on the streets, sadakah too. I also heard that it’s permissible to lie under certain circumstances. But im not sure if this circumstance is included. thank you for all your responses tho i really appreciate your opinions
  5. Hi, just a brief background of to why Im asking this, I recently opened up my own hair dressing business. I earn alot which means I have to pay more taxes. However because I accept cash payments would it be haram to not report my full income to the government? In my heart Id rather use that money that we pay to the government to to help out people like my family, people on the streets sometimes, but Im very paranoid and scared it might be a be sin to not fully report it to the government. The thing is I will still report part of my income to the government but not all of it. I am living in australia btw please let me know your advice or what you think about this. Thank you!
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