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  1. Jazakallah everyone for ur answers! I will surely refer to the refrences
  2. Salam, I wanted to address my doubts on some masaib which are very famous among us, if u could kindly answer my doubts 1. Was bibi Zainab ((عليه السلام)) in sham e ghariba bear headed? Why would allah put this situation to the lady who is known for her hijab? How is this true? If bibi sughra is a daleel then, then a point comes from what i heard that only the niqab/chader etc was taken and the maknah remained, how is this proved? 2. In a masaib it is said that during the fire in the khaimas (camps) bibi sakina went in search of her father imam hussain ((عليه السلام)) when she heard his voice she hugged her father, my doubt is that the body was already pamal by the horses, how did she hug her father? 3. It is said that when bibi sakina had fire on her clothes a man said that he wanted to help, bibi sakina refused as she is from the ahlulbait, she said if u want to help me, than tell me the way to najaf, at that time it wasnt discovered that imam ali ((عليه السلام)) is buried there how is this masaib true? 4. When the lion haris was revolving imam hussain that no enemy would attack him, when he felt that no one attacked he went back to the jungle, how is this possible becuz afterwards imam hussain (عليه السلام) was attacked only, its so obvious that this would happen, how did harris just leave? 5. Is taboot, zanzeer zani allowed? There is no narrations of this 6. Plz give refrences of true masaibs of imam hussain (عليه السلام) Plz answer these questions May allah guide all of us Jazakallah
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