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  1. Salam brothers and sisters,

    I've been very stressed about this  marriage/accepting this proposal and it is certainly not an easy decision to make. Every time I think about it, it causes me anxiety/depression and I can only pray to Allah. I cannot find an answer at all and no path is clear to me and I feel so much pressure. Basically to either accept this proposal with some pros and cons (demands which make this decision very difficult) or to say no. However I become scared for my future and what will happen if I say no and the consequences I may have of not getting a better proposal. Its just not an easy decision and I'm feeling the pressure. 

    I recently have been seeing this image when I visit imambargah/mosque with light radiating from this vision i see but cannot see anyone. At first I ignored it but I recently read a dua and this image came again at the mosque. It appears when i think about my future and me being scared for my future. I see white light radiating everywhere, and I sense so much positivity in the image and a smile however I can only we sense the smile/posivitivity. The voice says to me everything will be all right with a positive smile and I get so reassured. i saw it atleast twice when I sat in the imambargah and listened to majlis. At first I ignored it and said who am I kidding, but it's appeared atleast 5 times. 

    Do you think it's a sign from god and a direction I could take? Has this happened to anyone? Thank you. Any answers may help me make the right decision. 

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