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  1. OCD, my dear brother. Do not overthink. Busy yourself with some busying activity. Trust in yourself. Break the cycle of compulsion. Remember, if Allah helps you, none can overcome you. Remember Allah. Try these things.
  2. Has Tauzih al-Masail of Ayatollah Sheikh Asif Mohseni been translated into English? Can somebody please guide what are his distinguishing fatawa?
  3. I randomly found this which somehow answers OP, sharing it here so that those who read the OP may read this too: In case where a weak (dhaeef) hadith has to do something it is something like this: These are the views of esteemed Ayatollah Sheikh Asif Mohseni (may Allah be pleased with him). Other experts in ilm-ul-hadith may have differing opinions. I request knowledgable members of this forum to share views of other experts in the field.
  4. I randomly found this which asnwers OP: But this is his methodology in Majma Ahadith Mautbar. Could someone confirm whether he applies the same methodology to other works of him like Ahadith Mautbar fi Jamiya Ahadith Shia & Misharat al-Bihar Anwar?
  5. You're probably referring to this: https://thaqalayn.net/hadith/8/1/483/483 But there is mistake somewhere. Here is scanned page from Mirat Ul Uqool about this hadith that says it is dhaeef and mursal. Besides, this hadith is also termed dhaeef by Allama Qaryagdi in his exegesis of Rowdhat al-Kafi. See this: البضاعة المزجاة ; ج ۴ ص ۶۴ PS. I don't know what Allama Behbudi says about this hadith. I assume the reference mentioned in Thaqlayn.net is incorrect.
  6. Does shia collection contain any work like Kitab al-Mouzuat (Book identifying fabricated narrations) or Silsilah al-Mouzuah?
  7. Ayatollah Sheikh Asif Mohseni's (رضي الله عنه) methodology is not misleading in any way. He wrote a commentary on Bihar al-Anwar. Why did he comment on those traditions found in other sources. Besides, if you look at his magnum opus, Majma Ahadith Mautbar, you would find each narration supported with a number of sources. So, something is missing in Bihar al-Anwar, you can find that in Majma Ahadith Mautbar.
  8. Seems fine. Do you know any weak hadith with unacceptable and strange content?
  9. OP is about weak narrations with objectionable content (matn) which cannot be refuted by those who reject ilm-ul-rijal. Like narration I shared above, has objectionable content i.e. Usman and his followers are winners. This is something which rejectors of ilm-ul-Rijal cannot refute and they have to accept that the narration is unacceptable.
  10. Like Nehj al-Balagha was compiled by Al-Sharif al-Radi (359-406 A.H) in 4th century A.H. Who compiled Al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya and when? What is history of its compilation? Are there any variants of this? What is opinion of various scholars on this?
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