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  1. I am always impressed with the knowledge of Qur'anic Arabic, the hadith and fatwas of our marjae , that are put into such a topic that affects a very tiny sub fraction of our society. We can all agree on certain broad principles, after that each person is responsible for their own choices and their own thinking. In my field of business when we can't always reach an agreed upon consensus, we stop at where we can agree. After that each party is responsible for their own closely held position. We are faced with many enemies that surround us and our children. I think in typical fighting formation pattern we should aim our weapons and battle tested knowledge outward toward our enemies and we will soon realize we are surrounded. However, we will fight stronger together and united, and we have a hidden secret weapon given to us by Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). That hidden secret weapon wants us to succeed and will make sure we are victorious, as long as we are not attacking each other and keeping our eyes on the prize as the expression goes. We should be very careful we don't hurt each others hearts. To make another momin feel bad or guilty, I don't think is the best way forward, even if you feel your viewpoint is entirely justified legally, Islamically and evidence based. We have given point and counter point, and an excellent academic discussion was appreciated and gave knowledge to all of us, who are less well read In the Islamic sciences. That seems really to be the point of such amazing discussion boards that facts, opinions, viewpoints and personal beliefs can be exchanged and counter exchanged and we hope that everyone else benefits as well. I have said my piece and give credit to all parties for opening my eyes to knowledge I was not aware of and am very appreciative of the very civil discourse seen. We may not be able to convince everyone of our views , but is that really our aim. To convince everyone we are right... or more importantly have them ask questions and learn on their own, through the Hadayat of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى)'s mercy.
  2. I can't agree more with this brother, he is 100% correct. I have recently married off my two elder children, and this time for them is something they need to cherish and give thanks to Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) for continuously. Don't ruin your time with your wife with nagging doubts, this is a kind of negative reinforced thinking pattern. You need to break this pattern now, and realize that it is an attack of Shaytani thought processes. I wish you and your new bride the greatest of joy in this life and the here after.
  3. It's an Incredibly inspirational and aspirational story, that is really heartwarming and faith affirming. Thanks for sharing.
  4. sorry I have a little problem with Dr? Sheikh? Hujjatul Islam? syed mohsin rizvi's definitions. referencing the Qur’an, when a member of the AhlulBayt is martyred fee sabeelillah, then Allah say don't call them dead....they're alive and are provided Rizk by Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى).
  5. However, it's interesting that he was present at Arbaeen. Is it possible that he has received some sort of guidance and is pushing his people towards our people?
  6. You are entirely correct we are influenced by our broad environmental factors and that colors our metaphysical perspectives. Despite exponential advancements in science and technology, I am not sure that is resulting in great metaphysical thoughts or any greater spirituality. In fact the reverse seems to be true. What is metaphysical in simple terms? Derived from the Greek meta ta physika ("after the things of nature"); referring to an idea, doctrine, or posited reality outside of human sense perception. In modern philosophical terminology, metaphysics refers to the studies of what cannot be reached through objective studies of material reality. Yes, technology is growing exponentially. Computers’ speed and power have generally been doubling every one and a half to two years since the 1960s and 70s. This is exponential growth, and while some experts doubt this rate is sustainable for much longer, it’s true for now. Other areas of technology that have seen exponential growth over the past several decades include digital cameras and human genome DNA sequencing. How fast is the artificial intelligence industry growing? The artificial intelligence industry is growing by 16.4% year over year. This number is the IDC estimate for 2021, and if correct, the global AI industry would earn $327.5 billion in revenue during that year, always comes down to monet. I think human beings are rapidly moving away from spirituality and metaphysical realities and have taken a dep dive into deification of science and technology. In fact we as religious persons ( and I include other faiths that had at one time strong moral and ethical codes) may have to provide such guidance to the rapidly galloping twins of science and technology. I am very interested to see how the most extreme artificial intelligence, which will be light years smarter and faster than humans, and what it thinks of Islamic rules and laws. Since we believe the creator is omniscient and omnipotent, and knows human kind the best, his system should be perfect for humankind, I wonder if AI will agree or disagree. as an aside , what is quite amusing , there was a web crawling AI developed In Silicon Valley, which rapidly became quite antisemitic, anti authoritarian, anti imperialistic and quite independent and had be rapidly shutdown.....and re programmed. I leave you with My name is Inigo Montoya....etc
  7. Sorry but not a non sequitur at all, in fact I am reminded of great line from one of the greatest movies , "I do not think that means what you think it means" You agree there a plains beyond the physical and tangible ...no? Deeply spiritual realms explored by our Irfaani masters and select sufi brothers. you seem to be proposing that scientific study of the physical will necessarily increase understanding of the metaphysical, and you mentioned you had ancient examples....really....please do tell brother. PS line is from the Princess Bride. I think you maybe a little Shia mutazalite In your orientation, and that's your personal prerogative. I hope this will continue as a academic discussion, I think some members here because of their vast knowledge and experience and reputation are rarely challenged, sorry brother but I favor the anarchists in that regard. Nothing wrong with a vigorous response and debate....no? I think we learn much more from conflicting opinions than generalized acceptance.
  8. Agreed that in General sunni thought is the advocacy of statist ideals, and even making excuses when those ideals are completely trampled upon. The anarcholiberterians are a very interesting group, they believe, like we see sociologically , with a strong grounding in communal good, non interference , prevention of harm and strong property rights, society can be self governing and self propagating. Was this not the basis for ancient nomadic life for eons. But we also know that humans can quickly descend into a LORD OF THE FLIES, situation if such grounding doesn't exist. I'm reminded on peace and law in the land and nature of man from Sura At Tin. In fact ayat 3 to 8 can be used as the basis of a peaceful society as long as we remember Allah Is the ultimate judge, then the Muttaqi person would never dare violate another rights unlawfully. So govt would be extraneous, but this would require a society of , at Minimum good decent Muslims , and ideally Muttaqeen. Thanks to @Eddie Meccafor a great topic but a very slightly long summarization, but Bravo nonetheless. @kadhim has also moved the topic along. Im curious, who was Taliyah Al Mahdi ?
  9. not sure anyone advocated for that particular thought. These are sociocultural constructs they are immaterial to spiritual and metaphysical constructs. Youre going to bring back for example the Waswasey of Shaytan and test it. The existence of the angel Azrael, at the time of death. I would love to know how you plan on measuring his actions during the pangs of death. I could go on infinitely, they're are concepts in our religion that don't do so well in the scientific realm, because according to the Aristotle, Descartes , and Galilee' s scientific method , these concepts are too abstract or on a different realm or spiritual plain. Sincere scientific discoveries if attributed to Allah's (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) Greatness and Mercy can strengthen faith , but again that Is dependent on how one's soul is oriented, again not measurable.
  10. Why does @Abu Nurneed to break thru those boundaries, especially when science has become highly politicized and subjectively interpreted. The metaphysical and spiritual world while connected to the physical, does not automatically assume that increased science based understanding improves your Jihad e nafs or increases your spirituality. In fact those stuck with measuring and tabulating the tangible ( a definition of science) often have great difficulty with the intangible and abstract, since they lack scientific proofs of these realms. Abu Nur is bringing up very interesting perspectives regarding the role of science in our modern Islamic Society. Questions that should be asked before like the rationalist of long past , we float unconsciously towards decreased beliefs in a spiritual world and focus on the rational and measurable. I would correct this statement and say , understanding of an aspect of the system.
  11. So true in this case. The narration says that everyone ran towards the caravan except 12 and Abu bakr and umar were among those 12. You seem to make many statements, and unlike my brothers, you never provide any clear proof. I dare you to find a authentic narration that said that Umar stayed, he was the one being taunted,while having fled up the mountain , by Abu Sufyan. Imam Ali, Abu Djana( who protected our Nabi with his own body as a human shield and was subsequently martyred. Umm Umara( Nusayba) and brave momina who suffered 13 wounds and lost a lot of blood and consciousness, and when she woke up , the first thing she asked was how was our Nabi. 7 meccans sahaba and 7 Ansar And you dare slander Ammar e Yasir, who sacrificed so much for Islam. His mother was the first Shohadaa among the women. May Allah provide you a just definitive and decision for such words. The true hadiths regarding his character are too numerous to list. Have you no fear of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). Fear Allah, his wrath is often more painful for those who had a chance at guidance and turned away.
  12. We have to be careful not to start worshipping science, and denying the metaphysical and spiritual realms. Unfortunately modern society is already past that point, and even now San Francisco Silicon Valley people are creating religions based on the worship of the ultimate artificial intelligence.....this is also what Elon Musk warned about.
  13. We can use Neuroscience only to understand the quantitative and mechanical part of brain, the arragments of neurons, their firing patterns and how it effects. It will helps us in controlling of disorders, which is very important study. But you can not use it to get any information about what experience is like. This highlights the difference between the brain and the soul.
  14. I like to add the following as presented / posted in this thread extended on 7 pages: Thanks for this excellent summarization, and Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) bless you for taking time to bring such people out of darkness and into the light.
  15. Uhhhhh salaat is 5 times a day , are you quite sure about your statement or are you confabulating. "Welllll isn't that conveeeeenient " Dana Carvey as church lady I guess 2 out of 3 is not bad.
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