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  1. Wa alaikum Salaam, I'm sorry brother, but this video is silly. The fact that western powers, chiefly the US, have maligned their rivals using lies, and sided with certain groups when it suited their interests is not anything new. We don't need to even argue that. It's also not an argument for denying the plight of our brothers and sisters in Xinjiang. What the western powers and western press say about issues is not the litmus test for whether they are true or untrue. The ethnic cleansing campaigns against the Uighurs are not new either, going back decades and documented since the early nineties. They are also not unique to Uighyurs and Muslims. The Chinese have carried out similar "hanification" campaigns against other ethnic minorities including Mongolians and Tibetans. To call these campaigns "economic development" is a joke. The evidence is overwhelming. Many Muslim leaders have been scared to call this out, for fear of unsettling their ties to China. https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/5/14/the-faux-anti-imperialism-of-denying-anti-uighur
  2. I added a few more to your list. The attack is coming from all directions now.
  3. It's absolutely worth it. When it comes to issues of belief, I always liked the phrase of "agreeing to disagree, agreeably." There is no problem with having Shia Mosques and Sunni Mosques and approaching matters of practice and belief differently, but we should unite on those areas where we have commonality in terms of faith and identity as Muslims. I've had many good Sunni friends over the course of my life and we were able to have relationships of respect and and love. There will always be reactionaries on both sides. You see this especially on the political front, where the interests of preserving power tend to take precedence over the welfare of the masses. Most Muslims I have met in my life from various backgrounds and countries tend to be reasonable people. We shouldn't allow the goals of the elites of many Muslim countries (e.g. corrupt kings, power-hungry military commanders, western lackeys) to skew our view and convince us that these are the goals and desires of most Muslims.
  4. So you can for example be heterosexual, but behave like a wild debauched libertine, having sex casually with whoever without any sort of meaning or structure to it or commitment to the other human being beyond scratching animal itches. Or you can be Cameron and Mitchell who are gay, but committed to each other in an otherwise more or less traditional monogamous relationship with understood terms and responsibilities. No. All such acts/relationships are illicit. You don't get to define the parameters of morality in your religion. That is stricly for Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and his appointed representatives.
  5. Budgeting has been done to the maximum extent possible, hence why I am specifically seeking supplications, recitations etc...
  6. ASA, I am currently potty training my toddler. The other day, she urinated all over the hardwood floors of my house, all the way up the stairs and to the top floor. I immediately dried it with paper towel. Usually, I clean my floors with a steam mop periodically. However, in this case I'm not sure what needs to be done to properly remove the najasa. I believe a certain amount of water needs to flow over the affected surfaces, but not usually a good thing for hardwood. Also, not sure of the exact location of every drop at this point, as I quickly dried it after it happened. I'm not paranoid that if my feet are ever wet and I walk across any portion of the area affected, the najasa will transfer to me. Please advise.
  7. AOA, I'm in desperate need for advice on duas, ammal, or supplications etc... I can preform to help my finances. I'm the sole breadwinner with two young children and am riddled with debt and bills just barely scraping by each month. I have been actively looking for a better paying job for over a year without any success, no plausible explanation, I have a good education lots of experience and work very hard. please advise.
  8. It's so important to maintain awareness of the fact that we are in very advanced stages of Akhiruz-Zamaan. This is one of the few facts helps give me perspective these days given all the vileness, oppression and cowardice we see in the world. It is very clear from numerous traditions that during the Akhiruz-Zamaan, this corruption will not be confined to Non-Muslim civilization, but will come from within our ranks as well (including even some of our scholars). As the Holy Prophet (saws) said: And don't forget Shaitan's pledge regarding the human race:
  9. The gun culture of America is very disturbing. It has resulted in a lot of death and misery. There are more guns than people in the US, and now that the country is in a state of rapid and accelerating decline, this is a recipe for disaster.
  10. Salaam brother, from a purely technical perspective, perhaps your argument does not have any holes in it. I understand the argument that civil laws in secular countries need to be judged on their own merits, that they need to be viewed from within their own secular paradigm. But all legalistic jargon aside, 'promoting of good and forbidding of evil' is an essential practice of Islam. This is why I am wary of aligning myself with the either side of this "leftist-rightist" duopoly that exists in Western political/social discourse. Even if you find some legalistic loophole for defending something (such as gay marriage), the overall reality is that it's wrong.
  11. Real change has to come at a societal level, but overall the ruling is a good development.
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