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  1. Salam, Answere is pretty short. What is about the rest which stays in my mouth? Alcohol that is used in mouthwash should be Ethanol, which is liquid and an intoxicant. I think this might mean something like Butanol which is used in lighters to make fire an is under normal pressure gas
  2. Salam, what is the difference between medical and intoxicating alcohol? The dentist tells me to rinse and then he starts to inspect. So the rest stays in my mouth. What about that? salam
  3. Salam, whenever I go to the dentist he tells me to use mouthwash before a procedure. This mouthwash has alcohol inside. As far as I know, regarding to Sayyed Sistani alcohol is not impure. But what about the rest which stays in my mouth after spitting it out? Thank you salam
  4. @VoidVortex @AStruggler Salam, thank you both! salam
  5. Salam, thank you for your answer! The thing is, this problem is really influencing my life. I hope there is an easy way like ignore the substance instead of going through therapy. Salam
  6. Salam thank you very much! I don’t get this part exactly: “If a waswāsī individual gets certain that something is najis, they are not required to act according to their certainty except when this certainty comes throughconventional ways. As for washing a najis object by a waswāsī person, the criterion is the usual people's status and it is not necessary that the waswāsī gets certain that this thing gets pure and the najāsah is removed.” does this means, I should ignore the impurity like it is no impurity? The problem is, I have a big feeling of guilt since I used to make a lot of things impure by masturbation. Thank god I stopped but that’s how it got worse. I’ve gained “experience” like this substance doesn’t dry away that easy and stays sticky a long time. When doing an exposure and prevent therapy I would even make more things impure, wouldn’t I? Thank you for your advises, I really appreciate it! Salam
  7. Salam, unfortunately I might have some OCD regarding impurities. I’ve have had problems with all the big ones (semen, Urin, feces and blood). It caused my a lot of trouble in my life. I used to manage it to the point, that only one problem is left: semen. I have some kind of fear from this substance because of its properties. It’s sticky and thick. It’s not like blood which is more easy to spot and wash away. I’m fearing transferring it everywhere and thus I use to shower long and avoid everything which could lead to come in contact with this substance. Even if I try to shower pretty quick it’s still like hard to get it clean. It’s not that easy to wash away for me. I wonder if there is some kind of Islamic solution for this ? thank you! salam
  8. Salam, I would like to ask if there is one single Shia scholar/marja which says/said that semen is not impure? Thank you! salam
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