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  1. @توحید Instead of doing taqiyyah. I suggest you try to sit with them and have a serious discussion and try to convince your parents that Shia is the right path. I can give a argument: the main point you should focus on is Hadith al thalaqayn. Where the prophet: says that whoever follows the Quran and my ahlulbayt won’t go astray. This Hadith is well known among all sects. Now the idea of ahlulbayt in Sunnis is that the wives are included (with Aisha). But Aisha can’t be from ahlulbayt because she led an army against imam Ali in the battle of the camel. And the Quran clearly orders the wives of the prophet to remain in their houses. But she didn’t listen. The Quran says that the ahlulbayt from the prophet is removed from every impurities. So it can’t be the wives. In Hadith al kisa it says that imam Ali, Hassan, Hussain and Fatima is from his ahlulbayt. And imam Ali apointed Hassan from Hassan to hussain from Hussain to al sajad and so forth. So there is a direct line of successors appointed by the ahlulbayt which makes them also from the ahlulbayt. And that’s why Shiism term of ahlulbayt is right. And if you have the Quran and (the right) ahlulbayt, like the prophet said you won’t go astray. they will say Shia is commiting shirk. counter of that statement: We ask Allah help with mentioning the names that are dear to him. And cursing certain so called sahaba isn’t shirk because muawiya cursed imam ali and he is still seen as a believer. (It can be found in certain Sunni Hadith books)
  2. Allah tests those who he loves the most. don't see this as a punishment from god but be grateful that Allah has given you the opportunity to demonstrate your faith to him. Just like imam Kazim when he was imprisoned for many years and tortured, he thanked Allah for giving him the opportunity to worship him.
  3. @Debate follower you can bring all kind of weak hadiths to back up your argument. But let’s be real your Sunni view about ahlulbayt is weak even your own texts mention it like ahlul kisa. Even some of the sunnis denies that battle of the camel happend because they know that Aisha was wrong and even disobeyed the Quran. they know if they acknowledge the battle of the camel they have to acknowledge that ahlulbayt only applies to imam Ali, Fatima, Hassan and Hussain. Once you know who the ahlulbayt is you know who is right. It’s that simple.
  4. I can agree with that. I guess I should say Muslim children shouldn't use these platforms when growing up.
  5. I wanted to know the thoughts of my Shia brothers/sisters about what they think of social media. i personally live in the Netherlands and I’ve never really used social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter. While the Dutch people can’t live without it. And sometimes I am being mocked or laughed at because of it but i don’t really care, I stay as much away from things that can corrupt my belief. I think that social media is really bad for a Muslim believer and should never use it unless it’s for like starting a business or such. Because I downloaded for example Snapchat and the discover stories are full of half naked women or at tiktok are full of women showing off their body. And secondly social media can affect how people think like there are so called Muslims in my country that support lgbtq just because for example their role model or other influencers support it. What are your thoughts?
  6. @Manaarim sorry for this situation but I’m sure if you stick to the truth, allah will bless you a great blessing. I wanted to answer your doubt about our fasting. We fast a bit later because that’s what the Quran has told us to do. Even the famous neil degrasse tyson a American astrophysicist tweeted that Muslim should break their fast later. This is his full tweet: The Qur’an says plainly that daytime fasting during Ramadan ends at “Dark” not at sunset. “Dark” is a good match for the end of twilight. This time of year: up to 15 mins later in equatorial latitudes. 30 mins at middle latitudes. And 45 mins at higher latitudes. I’m just saying. I hope I erased this doubt. If u want I can erase most of ur doubts with giving evidence of why Shia is the right path.
  7. If I would answer this it would take me hours. If you truly want to know the pillar of Imamate and the evidence of it from the Quran and hadiths with a lot of reports than look at these two links. It wil explain everything. https://www.al-islam.org/shiite-encyclopedia/twelve-imams-part-1 https://www.al-islam.org/shiite-encyclopedia/twelve-imams-part-2
  8. I will first provide evidences about that prophet Muhammad’s ahlulbayt are sinless and then give evidence who are his ahlulbayt and this itself will prove the Imamate. In Sunni and Shia Hadith books there is the Hadith al­-­Thaqalayn. Where prophet Mohammed says that he will leave two things which if we both follow we won’t go astray. The first one is the Quran and the second is his ahlulbayt. we both know Quran is the perfect book but for the prophet to say that we also have to follow his ahlulbayt shows how great they are and therefore must be perfect as the Quran and therefore they have to be infallible. now second proof of the infallibility of his ahlulbayt. In the Quran it states that: "Verily Allah intends to keep off from you every kind of uncleanness O’ People of the House (Ahlul-Bayt), and purify you with a perfect purification". (Qur’an, the last sentence of Verse 33:33) this verse mentions a perfects purification. Meaning whoever got this purification has to be sinless. And indeed Allahs words do not lie. now who are the ahlulbayt? In Sunni and Shia Hadith books there is a Hadith called Hadith ahl al-kisa. Where prophet Muhammed put Ali, fatimah, Hassan, Hussain and himself under a cloak. And the hadiths mention that the prophet than said: "O’ Allah! These are THE Members of my House (Ahlul-Bayt). Keep them away from every impurity and purify them with a perfect purification.” meaning that the verse about purification in the Quran was about them. You probably are now doubting about the rest of the 9 imams of the Shia. But you have to know that every imam was appointed by the one before them. So imam Ali to imam Hassan to imam Hussain to imam al sajjad to imam al baqir to imam al sadiq and so on.... therefore there cannot be a mistake in the imams. Al-Imamah literally means 'to lead '; al-imam means 'the leader'. In Islamic terminology al-imamah (Imamate) means 'universal authority in all religious and secular affairs, in succession to the Prophet'1. al-Imam means 'the man who, in succession to the Prophet, has the right to the absolute command of the Muslims in all religious and secular affairs '. Who’s is more worthy of the Imamate than these 12 perfect humans? I suggest you look at the biographies of the 14 infallibles. There are YouTube lectures about them by sayad Ammar nakshawani they are very informative.
  9. Thank you for your answer. I had a discussion with my brother about it and just wanted to know what I should do according to Islam. Soo it’s not that serious alhamdulillah.
  10. should I help my brother if he did something wrong according to Islam? Lets say my brother killed someone and my brother is the one who was in the wrong. should I still defend him? Or he for example hit a women should I still defend him? And if I should, to what extent?
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