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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam Insh'Allah she will become better and Allah will ease her suffering. khuda hafis sister nadia
  2. Salaam brothers and sisters, I was wondering if anyone new of ne dua i can recite so that i can be more respectful to my parents. I know i love them n all, i know i dont treat them as kindly or respectfully as i feel i should. Feel free to add any incites on how important parents are, because i know they are the doors to heaven and when they are alive they are your direct connection to Allah. Through your mother's prayers especially you are protected and blessed. Thank you sister nadia khuda hafis
  3. Salaam Brothers and sisters :D This topic is always intersting to me. Who and what are jinns? I was reading in the marriage section about them, and i read that you can marry one? Is that possible? I thought our human eyes cannot see them? If you do marry one or become friends with one, does that mean that they are transformed into the shape of a human? If anyone has ne knowledge about this please feel free to tell me Lots of Love :angel: khuda hafis sis nadia
  4. :D Salaam everyone, I have a question. First off, Is Muta also called Sedar (in farsi or persian), because that is what i heard. And im pretty sure it is the exact same thing. Also, how long can it last for. Say you are young (ehem 17ish)? Like can it last for years? I know this question was probably already mentioned, but i just want to clarify it. And also, na mehram basically means that you are not halaal to that person right? And last one ^_^ , what is Katb-Iktab everyone always mentions? Is this known in both the shia and sunni muzhab? Okay thank you, khuda hafis nadia
  5. Nadia

    How old are you?

    Salaam bros and sis(es)B) ~so i still got time the funny thing about the teenagers of today is that we decide when to be old and when to be young. For example to your parents you would say "I'm too young to be in charge of all this!" but then you can also say, "I'm old enough to live by myself, or you always treat me like a kid!" Of course i do the exact same thing, so yea... :angel: keep it real da 1 n only nadia R.
  6. salaamwalekum true that , true that sis baheera....luckily this year i've met a lot of good muslim ppl who have changed my life for the better, insh'Allah i will become more knowledgeable...but u r right...progression is the key. Thank You. khuda hafis nadia
  7. Salaam brothers and sisters, "My horse is pregnant and can you tell me whether the new-born would be a male-horse or a female-horse?" "If I calculate, I can tell." "You are telling a lie, it is impossible for you; because, it is stated in the Holy Qur'an: `No body except Allah knows about the hidden things and it is only Allah, who knows what it is (male or female), being cared for in the womb of the mother'. What makes you think that to know the the gender of a baby is to know the unseen. This is simply something that you do not know. So are you telling me that doctors, who use ultrasound, are magicians, since they can tell the sex of a child? I dont think so. I believe that Imam Ali (a.s.) is a very knowledgeable, pious man. He knew many things, mainly because he was so close to Allah (swt). What may be the "unseen" to us is actually the "seen" by the Imam. Many people are aware of a sixth sense. They are able to have premonitions and sense the auras of others, read their minds, whatever you want to call it. This is not knowing the unseen. This is only using the power of mind and thought that Allah (swt) has given you. Of course, fortune telling is bad, palmistry bad, maybe to the extent of saying it is haraam as well, BUT you have to clarify what you mean by knowing the unseen. To KNOW Allah (swt) is something that everyone is striving to do, but know one can fully realize WHO or WHAT Allah (swt) IS. It is something beyond the abilities of thoughts of human kind. Only Allah (swt) knows, because HE knows the unseen. Allah is Allah. khuda hafis nadia
  8. Thank you very much for both of the responses. I appreciate it a lot. Insh'Allah everything will go well from here on out. Khuda hafis nadia
  9. salaamwalekum sister, I understand totally totally how you are feeling, everyone falls in love or has feelings for some1 at some point in there life ;) . But i also feel that it is your duty to be a muslim. In the end it will all come down to your belief. Are you truely strong on your beliefs or do you not mind. Your bringing up will also add to this opinion. It is all up to you sister, but personally realize that you are affecting your future either way. we are with you. khuda hafis nadia
  10. Salaamwalekum sisters and brothers, :D My main question is why should sisters wear hijab? The reason i am asking this question is because next year i am starting college and i would like to start off new and fresh. I want to do this for myself and become a better person. I know that just by wearing a hijab it doesnt make you a better person, but what you believe in. Therefore, when someone comes and asks me why i wear a hijab, i want to be able to explain to them (obviously it is not only for the protection of your outer being, but spirtually as well). This will be a big step for me, since i have lived in America all my life, and basically have only seen the American life style. I believe this is a perfect way for me to be away from the corrupted society of guys and drinking and parties, but i know that some girls who still wear hijab participate in these activities. Basically if you have any opinions or reasons why girls (islamically) should wear hijab or should not, whether you be sunni or shia please let me know. Thank you. :rolleyes: p.s. recently i have also read a book, that talked about why it is so important the women cover themselves in this life, because the punishment afterwards is harsh, very harsh :cry: THank you Again, Khudafis sis nadia
  11. Nadia

    Best advice given to u

    Salaam everyone, Of course I have recieved advice from almost everyone i know, but there are only a certain few that have stuck with me. Recently it is from a dear friend: "Trust in your parents and they will trust in you." "Whatever you do, wherever you go, Keep Allah in mind and heart." Surely: those who know him best, fear him the most. <----- Once you are able to free your heart, from the emotional stress of this life, you are able to understand Allah, and then you know you are on the right path. khuda hafis nadia
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