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  1. Not at all I was born and raised in a Sunni-majority country, all my life I've been taught that Shias are enemies of Islam and that they are ignorant about it. I would always try to ask questions about Shias but I would receive no answers. Years later and here I am, reading Shia books and literature to find out more Sometimes I still get the feeling that I'm wrong, that I've strayed from the right path and have become a kaffir. But I tell myself the only way to get rid of this feeling it to read more about Shia Islam and sometimes this soothes me.
  2. If everyone is a leader, then who's going to follow? If you are a leader you have authority which must be intertwined with accountability. You must also be decisive and static, so you can't tiptoe around certain matters, you must take a decision When you do this, you must handle the repercussions of your actions and stand by them In a union between a man and a woman, which one of them fits this description more?
  3. Ironically the sanctions helped Putin all the more. Now Russians are convinced that he was right to mistrust and alienate the West and that this is an all-out war against them. I think the sanctions are only affecting the technological sector of Russia but I don't think its government cares, aside from the military which probably isn't affected since they import all their gadgets from Germany which will never be on board with this madness.
  4. I'm learning Persian atm and the grammar is a piece of cake. The hardest part is listening, Spoken Persian (Tahroni Persian in particular) is very hard because it doesn't follow the grammar rules and to me seems arbitrary, it is also spoken in a fast manner Building up the vocabulary is also hard though not so much as listening
  5. You have my sympathies as I can relate to your situation. You are a strong person for adhering to your beliefs even though it's not easy, it must be hard I hope Allah helps you and you find a partner with whom you can live side by side guided by your faith
  6. He was no one, Just another apostate with less than subpar intellect who gained fame through insulting Islam
  7. Michaela Peterson herself has no content to provide, ever since she started her channel she's been only as successful as far she's been able to leech off her father. Her channel might as well be just another girl reactions channel
  8. The way I see it: Good was triumphant through defeat Evil earned everlasting shame through victory Hussien didn't lose the war, he stood his ground even though the entire world turned its back on him Him and his companions of Ahlu-al-Bayt may have died that day, but they are still alive today when we mourn them, for every place is Karbala and every day is Ashura God honoured Hussein ((عليه السلام)), for he died in battle by swords and arrows, in a manner so audacious and appalling that no true Muslim could accept. It is irrefutable that Hussein's cause was righteous. He is more alive today than many men; death brought him eternal life.
  9. Get past it as much as you can, limit your interactions Sounds like your mother has been through a lot, still it is no justification for wishing her children ill Do not just take it, it WILL affect you negatively. Best solution is life away of her but do NOT neglect her.
  10. "من كنت مولاه فعلي مولاه اللهم وال من والاه وعاد من عاداه وانصر من نصره واخذل من خذله وأدر الحق معه كيف ما دار" 'Whoever follows me must follow him [Ali] oh god be guardian over those who follow him, be an enemy to those who take him [Ali] as an enemy, aid those who aid him, hinder those who hinder him and let justice commence wherever he commences' This sentence made me contemplate much about Ali ((عليه السلام)) and his status even though I was never raised as a Shia. I don't see how anyone could read it and not be convinced of Ali ((عليه السلام)) 's status and significance; for the prophet has honoured him and only him with such words.
  11. I think he's trying to walk on eggshells for the sake of his audience; he famously refused to answer whether he actually believed in god (could be because he genuinely believe in his argument about believing in god) He's probably conflicted because of his academic background and knowledge.
  12. Glad to know I could offer sound advice. The husband's position is understandable but inshallah everything works out. I wish the couple good luck
  13. why thanks, this is exactly the type of book I was looking for Thanks again for keeping this topic in mind.
  14. It´s already far worse right now, though I think by 2024 the US hegemony will have diminished to the point where it wouldn´t matter anymore
  15. Idk if Trump will run for presidency in 2024 2024 will be far more different than 2016
  16. Well let's hope things are going to turn for the better now Turkey seems to have mediated successfully between Russia and Ukraine. Quite impressive, no matter what I might think of him Erdogan's diplomacy is brilliant.
  17. This pic alone is worth a deep analysis for anyone that follows Iran and the politics of its SL, it shows that the relationship between Russia and Iran is no longer a begrudging alliance where both parties would eye each other distrustfully.
  18. I don't honestly think Peterson is controlled opposition, the biggest thing that discredits him is his lack of creed and extremely vague affiliation. I think the professor is just too burned out, a big reason why he shoot up to fame was because of the infamous Channel 6 interview it wasn't his own intellect or philosophical merit that brought him his fame even though he does have some intellect. I want to point out something as well, he is (or was?) a clinical psychiatrist for many years and working with mentally irregular people must have taken its toll on him .. Other than what's happened to him in 2020 you can notice that there is something quite off about him mentally
  19. We're not talking about an ordinary case here, the mother grew up in a conservative terrain whereas the daughter grew up in Canada no less. I'd try some small, innocent acts that will bring the mother and daughter together, and I would also try to make the mother micromanage her less .. the daughter is going to be a mother herself soon (Inshallah) so she must have her own 'space'. Besides, nobody responds well to micromanagement at any case. Honestly, this seems to be a regular misunderstanding (of which Social Media is the number one to blame) that may have gone too far only because the daughter doesn't respond well to the mother's interventions. I would take extra caution not to let the mother antagonise her.
  20. Exactly, that´s how mounaifqueen get a foothold in the religion, by giving them free reign to do, say and judge as they please since it is ´not acceptable´ to call them kuffar even if they do not abide by the religion they claim allegiance to.
  21. I hope I´m not intruding but is the relationship between the mother and daughter a good one? sounds like your daughter is a bit rebellious so she may be a bit antagonised from her mother´s intervention. As to the issues between her and her husband in and of of themselves, were it up to me I´d suggest they cease social media use, simply because an it´s harming an otherwise (seemingly) good union. There are countless arguments as to why Social Media is more harm than good but arguing with a woman will get you nowhere. Maybe have a sit with both of them and explain how contaminating social media is? women mostly copy what people in their vicinity do so if people close to her stop using social media she´ll follow. Have you made an effort to get to know what type of acquaintances she is making? her friends are probably the biggest influence on her so I´d make sure they at least as religious, if not maybe try to find a group or gathering where she could find one? could a Hussiyniah حسينية be nearby?
  22. Thank you for such a well formatted effort. My suggestion had to do with the fact that there is a mountain of disinformation about Shias and show if I were to introduce books that specifically handle the topics most relevant to the Shias it would be better. Though I think you´ve done more than enough, I´ll be sure to give these books a read myself.
  23. I don't think that such a question could be answered simply. Historical events that have nothing to do with demography, religion or the laws of the country play a big role in shaping this. Now keeping this in mind. I want to point out something, many people think of the Iranian society as a very pious one .. I don't think this is false per say; however, if you were to make contact with the average Iranians on the internet or even see how women dress in the streets of Tehran, I don't think you'd call them very Islamic.
  24. I believe the good doctor has had invaluable content that I myself owe a great deal of the positive progression towards becoming who I always want to be to. He also demonstrated bravery numerous times politically, his reaction to the enforcement of LGBTQ Pronouns and his political views are one of the more rationale and mature of the Western academia and also, more relevant to us his sympathetic views towards us. However, personally it seems to me he has become more of a politician rather than an intellectual recently, this video for example feels more like a politician making a petition rather than a professor and a clinical psychiatrist making a plea for dialogue. His also praises the Abraham records and calls it a step for attaining peace amongst the 'Abrahamic religions'. Doesn't he know that most Muslims reject this shameful collaboration?
  25. Salam Title explains it, How would you introduce Shia fiqh فقه (The difference in Wudu وضوء for example) and essential beliefs such as: the importance of the twelve imams, why are they held in such high regard? why are they infallible? Also a good simplified book for Tafsir تفسير of Quran would be highly appreciated .. I would think such a book would be ideal to combat the slanders against Shias.
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