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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If that´s the case, maybe try to get a rational and calm reason as to why they think you´re not prepared enough for it? There must be a cause for their rejection.
  2. We don´t have enough information to help you, How old are you? Do you have a job? Student debt? how well of are you? If you are still in your early twenties then I´m afraid in this day and age it´s too early. Focus on becoming a man worthy of safeguarding his wife and leading a family; at that age you can hardly spare anytime not working on yourself.
  3. Yeah those are 'remasters' Same thing, they just change the gameplay mechanics and the graphics and maybe add an easter egg or something. Not a bad game by any means, though I wish people would discourage companies of milking old titles.
  4. RE4? that one RE from the Playstation two which they keep remaking over and over and over and over again? Why am I not surprised? It's Capcom after all.
  5. I´m afraid not so many people would put so much faith in discussions.
  6. Whenever there´s an economic crisis, divert your people´s attention elsewhere. Eventually the Middle East will get gobbled up by either Turkey or Israel, in influence and in obedience.. and soon maybe in name too.
  7. Look friend, I know things are hard right now but this is no way to live your life. I know nothing about you but I saw a few of your posts and they gave me the idea that something is off. If you would take any consul from me, lay off the internet for a while, try to get immersed in your life and contact family. When I first went off the grid my life improved immensely.
  8. Exactly my point, censorship plays a huge part in this charade they´re imposing, they silenced the president of the most powerful country and answered to no-one. What they do with the algorithms is nothing compared to how the have absolute control over the academia and social movements; we´re talking about decades of indoctrination here (US´s sexual revolution, introducing ´´sex ed´´ to school curriculum, hijacking religious authorities like the Catholic church and now Muslims). Yes it plays a part, but it´s only the tip of the iceberg.
  9. Though I agree with what you said on how sexualization and degeneracy in general are to blame, I'm afraid we shouldn't dismiss censorship so readily; the media utilises this tactic for a reason.
  10. What´s there to say? it´s an absolutely despicable deed that goes contrary to every religion and human well-being I don´t give it much thought personally, thankfully it´s not shoved in my face 24 \ 7 where I live, no use wasting my energy on something I can´t change.
  11. Anyone would like to share their thoughts on these virtual currencies? doesn´t have to be Bitcoin I have been meaning to read more about them but I am very sceptical, at least I know for sure that the dollar is supposedly linked to a gold standard but digital currencies are not so straightforward. There is also the fact that neither the West nor China for example would allow such currencies to flourish
  12. A good advice would be to move outside of the cities, maybe if you could move into a not so crowded town you could escape all the current madness. Find a local community, ideally it would be Muslim but that's not an absolute must, and try to contribute and have genuine relationships with its members. One thing about modern life is that relationships are extremely superficial and non-fulfilling, one doesn't have to adhere to honesty and truthfulness when they will never meet you again and there is nothing you could do to affect them. But not in a small town, where everybody knows each other, nobody would be able to do so brazenly as it is done in the cities.
  13. Salam everyone I took some time to read about your comments, seems like those of you in the US have quite a lot on your hands ..
  14. In the broader sense, it's the military industry grappling at the chance profiting for another large-scale war.
  15. Salam It is insane, because it isn't meant to actually support Ukrainian efforts during this war, training personnel on much of this equipment takes several months, the Ukrainian army stockpiles are mostly made up of Soviet equipment even after what happened in 2014.
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