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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. [edited - Blasphemy towards respected personalities of Islam on an Islamic site is a no-no. You've been banned]
  2. When the Son of God comes in judgment against the nations, he will espouse the faith once and for all entrusted to the Saints, that was not lost and whose God is not impotent to keep his Church.
  3. Okay, 'brother' lets talk about these 'verses'. Firstly, the verses are not contradictory or unbiblical in the sense that they do not represent a contrast or an anti-biblical position. So, to argue against a Christian world view on the basis that the text contains additions, or editions is not an attack on Christianity, but a caricature of the doctrine of inspiration that isn't taught by the church evangelical, and Reformed. Again, it doesn't follow that Christ came, was God incarnate God is a Trinity, God sent his son to die for a people because of minor additions of the resurrection, or inte
  4. Absolutely not. I'd never abandon my Christ for your prophet, my Trinity for your monad and my scriptures for you pamphlet.
  5. I'm not your brother, we adhere to two opposing religions. Lets avoid the ecumenism. We are at opposite ends in almost all things. Do you not understand what I just said? The Christians scriptures are not inspired because of the words, but the propositions therein. And, you should clarify 'God's word' since apparently you still assume your Islamic understanding. I can easily say "The Word of God" is the Bible.
  6. The fact is, that isn't new or unknown. The issue is not has the Bible 'changed' but what does this 'change' constitute? You're assuming your Islamic doctrine of inspiration and imposing it on the Christian doctrine of inspiration. You obviously don't understand the Christian doctrine of inspiration. The doctrine doesn't teach that the text of the New Testament and Old Testament lack error in manuscript or transmission and that therefore they are inspired. But, rather that the propositions (spoken, and written) are inspired. These oral propositions spoken by the Prophets, Apostles, and witness
  7. No. Where is the theology? This is a love poem.
  8. Sir, you praise the devil and his angels. You preach no Gospel, and do not know the Son or His Father.
  9. I manage to offend some crybaby sometimes, anyway...I will post a response to what you've said on my blog. If you don't like what you hear you're free to comment on it, and if you'd' like I'll post it here for my Muslim friends. I think you are in drastic error, and I say these thing only because you've become hard hearted and I'm concerned for your soul. Its one thing to believe error, its another to teach error and you've done lots of teaching here.
  10. Hello, I have to actually disagree with you Christian friends. I don't believe that we can seek God of our own will. The Bible teaches that the will of man is fallen and affected by sin. It teaches that all of mans aspects, the will, the intellect and the emotions are tainted by sin so that man is a slave to sin and dead in sin. We are dead in sin, at emnity with God and we do not seek him because of these very things. So, while one can honestly seek God as you have said the truth is it was God who was seeking him first. I hope that makes sense. If a man makes any step toward finding the true
  11. No. You're assuming what needs to be proven. Indeed, why is that God cannot communicate a message to men through fallible men? You're Islamic assumptions are being assumed. What does this mean? 'Christan scholars' ? Perhaps you should allow Christians to define who Christians are. When one denies the definition of the Bible the definition of Christian cannot exist.
  12. A basic understanding of depravity should clear it all up. Lots daughters wanted to have sex with him, so they got him drunk, ever been drunk? Before conversion I've been wasted, I've been blacked out, I didn't remember a thing. Lots daughters were evil, evil, evil and they wanted to commit an evil act with their father. So they did. Finally, who cares what Islamic tradition says. Who cares what the Christian tradition says in as much as its divorced from the time and Jewish oral traditions. Its irrelevant. Islamic tradition positing some novel idea is like Mormons inventing a tradition that
  13. It wasn't Romans only who killed Jesus. The Jews did also.
  14. I've seen only one rational person here. Shiasoldier.
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