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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dear Salsabeel: You added: That was not the question brother! Why you have skipped the answer? Was he a companion or not & what does you mean by companion? As per my knowledge, our Sunni brothers say Muawiyah a companion and that's why they attach r.a after his name and they believe that all companion (whether close or not) are aadil.  My Reply: I purposely skipped because i dont really care abt Mr. Muawaiya.....he might be respectful to others ....and i usually do not make comments on ppl i dont really know much abt or they arent the supposed role models. This could hurt someones feelings. Why do so. To me i have nothing much to learn from him, his ideas and ideology. If he was a tyrant.....his case rests with Allah....if not ....then why discuss. Secondly i am not sunni iam not shia.....i do not consider to belong an isolated sect. (Read Surat Al Rome:32) I am a Muslim.....as much sunni as abybody.....as much shia as any one of you all. You added: Masha Allah, you are my brother & I love you. It is that simple. My Response: well then.......why do we make simple things difficult Ill tell you what simplicty is. Learn from what Allah teaches through prophet SAW, His sunnah, his loved ones and the living Imam of your time.......change yourself accordingly and raise your own characters .. not just voices...and finally think and try to see whats ahead....we all have very little time to reach our destiny i.e. human exellence. Dont waste time looking in the past which if not applied for future....remains stories and tales only. You Added: Brother, be clear about us, we do not hate anyone for our own selves, we don't curse anyone for our personal enmity or envy. We only hate the enemies of Allah (s.w.t), His Apostle (S) and the Ahlul Bayt (asws) as well as the enemies of Islam. We have not seen any of the companion, we know them through history and identify the true & sincere followers of Prophet (S) through history. So please don't see our views about any companion as our personal envy or enmity neither our aim in this sort of discussion, focuses on ridiculing your revered personalities. My Response: Wow....i really respect and appreciate the manner you have put forward your point. Well its not MY revered personalities but ours. I also agree that the world has not been fair with shia groups all over the globe even today. Reason......both pro and anti groups are vulnerable to contests as they only live in the past. They only look at anti groups or individuals and so much that they usually forget that main focus must be on LOVE OF, FROM & TO THE BELOVED and NOT on those who Are/ were against. Too much focus on abstaining the wrong direction....always abstain us move forward in the right direction. Why get distracted? Love your beloved and do what he did and become what he was.....this is SIRAT AL MUSTAQEEM. stay on your path and let others follow their own.....do not intercept and interfere.....and everyone will reach destination in the end. Simple?
  2. I dont follow muawiya or any other.... i only follow Prophet SAW. Yeah i consider close companions as our role models. Close companions....who love Rasool Allah.....And the prophet loves them. Ahlul bayt closest companions. By similarities i dont mean social and religeous 'co-existence' on a no choice basis.... i mean moral and spiritual cohesiveness....being one!!!!! Integral demonstration of TAWHEED and unity of muslim ummah. Fabrications made look like truth....which are deterimemtal to the whole logic of unity ...... just to divide the ummah is NOT TRUTH OR HAQ. Its a bullet pierced right in the heart. You cannot mend this wound by applying medicine on the forehead instead. You know one thing? the foundation of faith based on hatre and hatre alone......can never ever reap positive attributes or create exemplary society. Love, similarities, peace, oneness, tranquility, brotherhood, tolerance.......these could never be understood or practiced in essence where so much HATE prevails. These positive attributes hence confine to mere political slogans and lip service to 'co-existence' in order to avoid head on collisions with the people we dont tolerate..... Thats a pity.
  3. So thats why Omar said over 70 times during his tenure that "Ali.....By Allah you have saved me from destruction"??? Is that why Abu Bakr during his khilafat used to look at Alis face constantly and when asked why....said looking at Alis face is equivalent to looking at Kaaba????? Is it why Osman used to yake advice from Ali? And maybe thats why Ali named 2 of his sons Omar and Usman???? No my friend......for lovers of Zaat....worldly rule is only for obedience to the duty given by Almighty.....and NOT to enjoy worthless power. True companions only objective was Allah Subhanahu wata'ala.
  4. ^ they all loved the prophet and prophet loved them......simple (cant comment on Muawiya though) . We shall not unneccessary dig nose and try to find differences and run futile comparisons. Caliphate seems such a trivial matter in comparison to the main objective all companions sought.
  5. Exactly.....for the same reason maybe Hz Abu Bakr and Hz Osman opted for immediate allegience ..... to avoid head on collision with tribal warlords and Maybe Imam Ali wasnt willingly ready to assume caliphate responsibility then. Please respect these companions. I dont know but these aguments makes the situation look as if companions were some power mongers fighting to win an election seat in NA 125.
  6. Even if we are right.....we should try to correct others very softly and subtly....otherwise it looks rather odd and invites harsh reactions. If our shia brothers have certain faith....we should respect it....and vice verca.
  7. What a bad way of correcting someone. How can we disrespect others faith and expect respect in return. Sorry but this is not the way our prophet has taught us. This manner can create enemies but cant and will not correct anybody. Sorry ....
  8. Answer lies in the next sentence. Please read it. No....Muawiya was not amongst close companions. Yes we may have difference in opinions.....i believe the 4 yaars were close companions. However Ahlul Bayt are even closer and dearer. Brother.....we my have certain differences.....some minute some huge......but that should not make us enemies yaar. We all have One Allah...One Prophet....One Quran......One objective. Lets talk about similarities and not differences......there will always be..... Lets talk about heart and not mind......mind asks for logics....which are never enough to satiate. Lets talk about love and not hatre......hatre contaminates and divides....love only sees good deeds and purifies. Thats our deen...full of love..... Spread love and try once to ignore each others weaknesses. When we can ignore these in our kids.....why not all kalima reciters. Lets not try to be judgemental and may it be with THOSE who have attained the top stature.....lets be students and not try to be teachers. Believe me......it can change the world.
  9. It doesnt fit Imam Ali's stature and class.......sorry i dont buy it. If this was the case the why dod Imam Hossein chose this path and took a firm stance. I firmly beliwve that it was ONLY Maula Ali's OWN will that he did not OPT for this caliphate. Who dare stop Maula Ali to assume this role otherwise. We should not come up with weak arguments; instead......keep Imam Alis grace and others respect intact. We are talking about muslim ummah made by Rasool Allah SAW himself brother ....not any feable, misguided qaum or nation.
  10. Just baffled how much we stoop down to levels where we become hate machines. We revert to criticism.....hate speech....defamation..character assasination ..... we become judges to question Allahs wisdom and Rasools selection. Muhemmed SAW only taught us love......and thats the only thing we lack today. Love is from heart.....it defies logics, teaches us to respect, it teaches to bring the best out of people.....it combines....it elevates.... Hate needz logics.....it divides....it compels to disrespect. Did Rasool and his Companions and lovers hate anyone.....you people know the answer. He is RAHMATULIL ALAMEEN.......by this virtue he cant hate....he just loves......and we are His followers..... Show your respect to those we follow. The actual blasphemy is to look and act different from your beloved. If you love prophet and claim to love Ali.....show through your character......dont revert to words, actions and approach that make you hate machines always trying to degrade personalities which were Rasools companions....may it be anyone. Its not about people....its about prophets choice and relation that is of prime focus. The last sermon categorically states please become ONE........and shame on us that we ONLY talk about divisions. Please spread love. When a mother loves her child she totally igores the weaknesses....she only see out of her hearts sight. Thats love....... We should ignore each others weaknesses. If someone thinks he is superior to others....he should be thankful to Allah.....and demonstrate the character of his own role model. We claim we are Saadat.....and act like none. How will this ummah become one if we just keep on trying to prove a point that i belong to the best sect and all others are jahannumis? Grow up please and think beyond trivial matters. Look with your hearts eyes. There is sooooo much to respect and love. Thanx.
  11. One small question......suppose the references are even reliable, the bravest man Ali couldnt react on omars tyranny.....and on top of that........he gave allegience to not only to abu bakr but to Omar and Usman till finally he became last caliph. Strange....arent we pointing fingers towards the bravery of Ali......was he scared? Was he not on Haq? If he was..... then why did not he set example by taking necessary step and why did his son Hossein took an incredible stance against the nifaq of his time. Doesnt this contradiction of the 2 greats leave us confused......was one of them not right? Furthermore....not only Ali seems to be fearing Omar but also waited to speak the truth after the apparent deaths of the first 3.years after the incident. He and Bibi Fatimah were Ahlul Bayt....it was Rasools Daughter for godsake. My friend......these references are weak and intended to spread hatre and hostility. By following these we undermine the 3 less and Imam Ali more. Please let the common sense prevail and do not revert to unnecessary exxageration. Imam Ali IS great enough even if he is apparently the 4th caliph which was actually his own choice. Imamat is an exalted role he received as bounty by the Almighty through Rasool SAW himself....caliphate is an earthly administrative and political leadership in the line of divine duty. Being the 4th one doesnt lower his grace and rank. We cant love someone by simply hating others. Get a life please.
  12. So its been almost 4 years.......any positive thoughts my friendz????
  13. @ Orion Beautifully explained dear. God bless you @ barelymuslim Allah is everywhere, everyone everything. His explanation is beyond description. Allah is the supreme and only Reality. Omnipresent...Omnipotent. There is no being without HIS being. if someone comes close to you...you seem him perfectly...a little closer makes you see him better. closest.....you see him best....but then the closer he gets.... the vision starts dissipating. And when some one is in your EMBRACE......he cant be seen....you just feel him. He is within you...he becomes part of you or you become part of him. And my friend Allah is in everything. Can anyone say that Allah is not in him? And by the way.....Why do you intend to get Shia views and references of Allah SWT's Diety? Is Allah Shia? or Barelvi, or Sunni or Christian?......sir He is beyond this frivolity. Secondly.....Allah is ONE. Do you believe that Shias have some other God? Please correct me if i have understood something wrong. Otherwise.....we should be gentle to other faiths and shall not challenge 'em as all the faiths are different ways to one Excellence.
  14. Dear Placid AOA My dear friend….. Human as “The Real Man” is Perfect when connected with the divine intellect. But Perfection is a relative term my dear isn’t it? How?..... let us brief the answer: All prophets are in complete closeness to the ‘Supreme Divine Essence’ and thus are not separate beings. Different forms but ONE SUBSTANCE. After the physical process of ‘Purification of NAFS’ (Tazkiyah), every prophet reaches at a point of ‘NOTHINGNESS’, where only the purified ‘INNERSELF’ is left which is the divine intellect from the Supreme Divine Essence. Almost all religions and spiritual studies reveal the concept of Nothingness and presence of God (Diety) is within this Innerself. Hadith refers: “He who recognizes himself, recognizes his Lord” Nothingness is the peak of physical body and ‘Innerself’ is the ‘Purified Perfection’ i.e. “Muhemmed SAW” to be achieved. This ‘innerself’ is the ONLY Reality of all beings. It is “lam yal lid, wa lam yu lad”. Beyond progeny or bloodline. Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani in his book “The Secret of the Secrets” states: “‘Muhemmed’ is the essence of all beings, the beginning and reality of the universe. Allah has created all souls from his soul in the realm of the first created beings, in the best forms. ‘Muhemmed’ is the name of all humanity in the realm of souls. He is the source, the home of each and everything.” The Prophet only reveals the REALITY through this ‘INNERSELF’ to the extent of capacity possessed by the human intellect of that time. By virtue of practically demonstrating the syllabus of achieving the excellence as per the level of human intellect, these prophets become the role models for people to follow. Becoming exactly like their role models is the ultimate goal and hence ‘Perfection’ to be achieved for that time. Every Perfection is just a beginning has no end. As the human intellect keeps on elevating, the ‘divine essence’ reveals REALITY by updating itself further to that extent of the intellect increased. Hence Perfection keeps on improving also. “In every era He has new Grace (Perfection)” [29:55 – Al Rahman] “Your each moment is better than the former moment” (Interpretation) [#4 - Al Duha’ha] Allah has sent his divine message i.e. “THE BOOK” through prophets, for mankind’s guidance. This THE BOOK revealed Reality through various scriptures which were limited to that particular time and revealed reality as per the human intellect. As the intellect grew, the previous scriptures kept on obsoleting and new scriptures came for further guidance. Check Al-Baqara # 106. 1400 years ago Allah SWT made religion complete by sending His most beloved Prophet Muhemmed SAW along with Complete “The Book” i.e. ‘Quran’. Adam is the 1st and complete humanized form of the Supreme Divine Essence. Prophet Muhemmed SAW 1400 years ago, has reached the same destiny in COMPLETE FORM AND SUBSTANCE; At this level, the form and substance together are complete as same Reality which is beyond separate physical identity. Hence He is the Pioneer Role Model, an Ultimate Mentor and Leader/Imam for all the times. He is the Khatim un Nabiyyeen and now no new prophet will ever come after Him. Since He is being sent as “Rahmat ullil Alameen” till Qayama, therefore continuity of his divine message “till eternity” in living physical form is essential and mandatory. Similarly Quran is also being sent as the Complete “The Book” from Allah SWT. It is complete in all respects and NO NEW ayat will ever come. However, this is the miracle of Quran that it updates itself and reveals Reality as the human intellect tend to improve. Since Quran is Hidayat (DIVINE GUIDANCE) from Allah, therefore this guidance will also be present there till the end of time. Now lets go forward….. After a comprehensive training and physical process of ‘Purification of NAFS i.e. Tazkiyah’ for over 23 years, Prophet Muhemmed SAW developed “Imams” as succession of the Prophethood, who following His very footsteps, reached the level of ‘NOTHINGNESS’ and the ‘INNERSELF’. All Imams are connected spiritually with Muhemmed SAW, who as the Total Purified Perfection reveals Himself through Imams. After Prophet Muhemmed SAWs apparent departure, the first to become complete human expression of the supreme divine essence, in both form and substance, is Imam Ali (ra). But since the REALITY is the SAME. That is why Ali (ra) as Reality states “Awwalun Muhemmed! Akhirun Muhemmed! Awsatun Muhemmed! Kuulun Muhemmed! Following the footsteps of Prophet Muhemmed SAW, only those attain the level of Imamat who passes all stages of TAZKIYAH and reach nothingness to reveal the innerself. æóÅöÐö ÇÈúÊóáóì ÅöÈúÑóÇåöíãó ÑóÈõøåõ ÈößóáöãóÇÊò ÝóÃóÊóãóøåõäóø ÞóÇáó Åöäöøí ÌóÇÚöáõßó áöáäóøÇÓö ÅöãóÇãðÇ ÞóÇáó æóãöä ÐõÑöøíóøÊöí ÞóÇáó áÇó íóäóÇáõ ÚóåúÏöí ÇáÙóøÇáöãöíäó “And when his Lord tried Ibrahim with certain words, he fulfilled them. He said: Surely I will make you an Imam of men. Ibrahim said: And of my offspring? My covenant does not include the unjust, said He”. [2:124—Albaqarah] Imams are representatives of ‘Al-Rahman’. The Reality/ innerself of all Imams is the SAME. This is the proof of their ‘Oneness’. But if someone identifies these Imams physically, then followers of each imam stand divided into as many different sects. These foremost in the race…… are … and will continue to guide and lead the mankind to achieve Ahsan-e-Taqweem, Inshallah. Limiting Deen to any specific Imam/ spiritual guide and locking ideas on the apparent face of any individual Imam’s personality, is like denying the continuity of Allah SWT Rahma, which should logically be present physically in the world and not merely in spiritual or intangible form. The syllabus without a living Imam remains incomplete as the TAZKIYAH is only possible through a living role model who is the Human Expression of the Supreme Divine Essence. We hope to have addressed your observations and look forward towards your further comments, if any.
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