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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Why am i doing mutah? Obviously for Everything but sex there's something called as oral sex and a relationship has a lot of things to do leaving sex.
  2. Look mutah is basically for divorcee woman or widow and the mahr is the money for her financial support since she doesn't have an earning member.
  3. Well even in mutah, a guy can do two or more mutahs at a time which means he can sleep with another woman whilst a mutah
  4. Can you provide me with some reference?
  5. Ruling 2443. A temporary wife is not entitled to the right of sleeping together [i.e. the right that was mentioned in Ruling 2435]. She does not inherit from her husband Ruling 2442. A temporary wife is not entitled to living expenses [to be paid for by the husband] even if she becomes pregnant. Ruling 2442. A temporary wife is not entitled to living expenses [to be paid for by the husband] even if she becomes pregnant. Ruling 2441. If a woman in a temporary marriage stipulates a condition in the marriage contract that her husband must not have sexual intercourse with her, the contract and the condition are valid. In such a case, the husband can only derive other forms of sexual pleasure from her. However, if she later consents to having sexual intercourse, then her husband can have sexual intercourse with her. The same rule applies in a permanent marriage. 2435]. She does not inherit from her husband, nor does her Ruling 2439. A temporary marriage that is not for the purpose of deriving sexual pleasure is valid.
  6. Exactly i read it too.
  7. If you are doing mutah to know someone and are planning to marry that person in future or have permanent marriage plans. If you're desperate and horny then find yourself a girl to have sex with. I mean mutah.
  8. Common sense? Lol I don't know ask some mujtahid or Ayatollah sistani on why we need common sense lol
  9. Even in mutah? I mean i could be wrong
  10. No, i do not agree to this at all. Marriage has alot of responsibilities and commitment. You can do mutah even for an hour but it is clearly stated that you can't marry someone you're planning to divorce. So, if you marry someone and have already planned to divorce that person after for example 3 days it is a sin and is not allowed. In a marriage, if a girl gets pregnant the girl can even demand money for feeding the baby and the guy has ton of responsibilities while in a mutah if nothing regarding pregnancy was demanded in the contract and if the girl gets pregnant the guy has no responsibility he can even leave the girl and the child. So don't ever compare marriage to mutah. Cause it's definitely nothing like prostitution. Mutah is like sex with no strings attached or just like friends with benefits but marriage is like commitment and divorce is a long process whereas in mutah there's no divorce as soon as the contract ends your mutah is over i would request you to read the rules for marriage and mutah and the responsibilities in both. Well I'm not against mutah since i have always wanted to date a guy without commitment and mutah makes it halal so it's exactly what i wanted. I'm not an emotional person and I don't get attached to anyone but my concern is for other girls' out there who actually do mutah to know eachother and later marry the guy whereas the guy is only interested in sex(most cases). And even if i do Mutah i will definitely add it up to the contract "no sex" cause i ain't a public property nd that a guy can't buy me for some amount of money. Ik no one asked but this is just an advice for any girl who wants to do mutah in order to know the guy or planning for permanent don't have sex, state it in your contract (your choice) but atleast even if things don't work out you won't feel used.
  11. For real , you are the most understanding and you got me correctly. I love the way you explained it to me without Taunting like some people. Thanks alot for accepting my pov and tryin to explain. After this thread i feel mutah for married men is wrong (there are still exceptions) but guys going on leisure trips leaving their pregnant wife home and doing mutah is wrong, it is not only cheating but the guy is using another women for her body and paying some amount for it. If you want another girl then be a man enough to marry her not just use her body. And like i said it's on the level of imaan and taqwa a person has. Like for example: Ayatollah sistani and Khamenei Don't have two/three wives.and how much ever you try especially a girl she gets emotionally attached to the guy whereas the guy is only using her. And if you say that mahr is given to the girl but are you telling me that some amount of money gives you access to the girl and that you can have sex with her without any responsibility. And yes there is no responsibility in mutah until and unless you demand for it in the contract. I feel all girls' who have an issue with it should definitely state it on their marriage contract ( I'm definitely gonna do tht).
  12. Shiaism is the best caste and i am blessed to be a Shia. And questioning Allah will take me nowhere in life.
  13. How can i delete this account can someone please guide me. I have no right ti question Allah and i can never fight with Allah.i have got my answers and i decide to not to question it again. Thanks to everyone who were a part of this. But i still feel that married men doin mutah despite having their wife by their side and that they fulfill all their duties is wrong. But obviously that's on the man. Can someone pls guide me on how can i delete this account, i don't wanna sign out.
  14. The most satisfactory answer i have come across.
  15. Many things that you said actually makes sense like the war part and i agree that during wars and all men should Marry other women as well but how can it be applicable now? Also , thanks for your answer it makes sense and kinda satisfactory leaving the mutah part but yeah i will try to work on myself and not question Allah's laws and commands but the reason i questions l mutah because it is exactly like prostitution. In Iran there are marriage centres where the girls' actually do this as a livin' and the guy pays and takes the girl for a night/hour and women do this as business to earn. Doesn't it seem wrong to y'all? If tomorrow Allah commands that Shias should kill anyone who's Hindu .will we do it? NO. BUT that doesn't mean that we r not obeying him. We live in a generation where there's deception (truth mixed with falsehood) we can't trust anyone regarding anything like aalims, Maulana's and it is even stated that when 12th Imam reappears he'll first kill thousands of aalims, you know why because now money can even buy aalims/Maulana's. We are living in a generation where it actually gets difficult to differentiate between truth and false. There are soo many hadees which are not authentic and completely contradicts to what quran says. So i wasn't questioning Allah's law look if mutah was allowed before during the prophets time still makes sense but now i have come across soo many people doing it for a relationship without commitment. Girls' actually earning and doin this for a livin'(halal prostitute).
  16. Yes, my guardians are absolutely fine with it. That's all wht i need right. A guardians permission and i have it so can i now be in a halal relationship? Since everyone out here are propagating mutah as if it's a sunnah. And yes I'll do it too after knowing and reading this thread
  17. Mutah is, in fact, a sort of prostitution So i was correct
  18. Are you referring to me?
  19. No, not sarcasm. I was speaking bout mutah. And after reading the mutah thread and experiences i just feel that shia men only not all but many think bout mutah even after marriage and that they can never be loyal and that they cheat in the name of islam so for mutah i have no interest to do it with a shia guy whereas for marriage i will specify in the contract. But atleast for mutah i wanna enjoy with a guy who's not judgy or a cheater even if it is for time being.
  20. But this is not love period.
  21. Wht his wife is doing is wrong but there are obviously reasons behind it and in this case he can obviously marry another girl I'm not against it nor am i calling him a cheater. But if he does mutah to a girl , will he not be using the girl just for sex? Think bout the girl he'll do mutah with.. better option be a man enough to Marry a widow and tell your wife bout it and introduce your second wife to your kids, prevail justice between both or do mutah...your life not my concern.
  22. I'm young girl and pretty and I'm not a very religious person.i'm saying all this regarding to the situation I'm in. now my parents are broad minded and that they grant me everything I ask for. I like relationships and i love American blonde guys so if i want i can do mutah with multiple men in the us/london and I'm sure no guy would say it a no. At first i wanted to marry at 24/25 but after hearing bout mutah that i can be in a relationship without commitment I don't wanna get married before 30. Infact my parents have agreed with me on doing mutah. Nd i love relationships and i even promised that I won't do it with a Muslim since then they judge your character. Everything is in my favour but from inside i feel something is wrong bout it. I don't know i really feel guilty when i even think bout doin a mutah. I'm not asexual and i love relationships, my parents have agreed, the guy i want has agreed and no guy would say no to me the one's that ik. But i really feel guilty. I wanna ask u all why? When Islam has permitted it then why? Though I'm not religious but something bout it Just makes me question. Look if i get convinced tht mutah is allowed for virgin girls' and that they can be in relationship with blonde American guys then I'm gonna go ahead.
  24. Love? Lol sir who are you fooling? Yourself? Aren't you the guy who wants to do mutah/second marriage.. I'm not against it. But if you truly love someone, you accept the person with all his/her flaws. Example: if my husband is a really good person his character is really nice and he's caring but he is not handsome with 8packs/abs . Now in this case if i truly love him I won't complain bout him being ugly or poor i will accept him as a whole without complaining and i will control my desire for having a handsome husband. Now case 2: i have just convinced myself that i love him or an illusion of love then I will complain bout him being ugly and definitely try to find a handsome guy or flirt or date one. You have the wrong idea of love. Prolly an illusion. If you truly loved your wife, you won't even look at any other women even if your wife is not attractive anymore or not good in bed or doesn't have sex with you that often. Mutah and polygamy is halal. But it depends on the level of your taqwa, empathy, kindness, imaan. Does Ayatollah sistani have a second wife? Does Ayatollah Khamenei have? "NO" AND does that mean that they have the most perfect wife that is the reason they never married any other women? The answer to it is "no". No one is perfect.
  25. Well islam has also asked the believers to not to follow religion blindly. And questioning is not a bad trait. What's the use of following something when you don't really have proper knowledge bout it. Allah is not wrong there's surely some reason or some exceptions but to understand that proper knowledge is required which till today no one i have come across has. None of y'all gave me a proper explaination. Y'all just said it in a round manner (hyperbole).
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