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  1. Tell him the name of imam zaman and let's see his answer............................ We should stop giving demi-god status to human beings. I believe in miracles, but I also believe that they are performed within the bounds of the laws of our universe, and that there is a rational explanation for them.
  2. Yes, that does happen, but my own intuition would lead me to believe that it would have occurred far more frequently if the women had been dressed less modestly. Secondly, there are several layers of hijab, including the social hijab, which is equally, if not more, important. If a woman were adopting the proper social hijab, she would not go to areas where there is a possibility of being harassed by other creeps or places where she knows is full of males or not appropriate, like bars, clubs, parties, etc., unless absolutely necessary , and if really required, she would most likely bring a male mahram companion with her to such places. The issue is that women think differently than men, which is why I believe the husband has the final say in situations like this in islam, for example if the wife wants to leave the house. As for the males who continue to do such things, I would say they are losers and not genuine muslims. Because if they can do that to muslim believers who dress modestly, imagine what they will do to other women who dress less modestly.
  3. Sayyid Mahmoud Taleghani "was an Iranian theologian, Muslim reformer, democracy advocate and a senior Shi'a Islamic Scholar and thinker of Iran. Taleghani was a contemporary of the Iranian Revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and a leader in his own right of the movement against Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi" "Taleghani died on 9 September 1979.Two sons of Taleghani claimed that he was murdered but this claim was not proven. His mysterious death and lifetime achievements were the occasion of huge crowds and much emotion before and during his funeral" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahmoud_Taleghani Ahmad Ghabel "was an Iranian Hojjatoleslam Shia Muslim cleric, theologian, seminary lecturer, researcher, and author. He was a follower of the dissident cleric Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri and was detained several times by the Iranian government. He died on 22 October 2012 while on hospital arrest. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahmad_Ghabel Are these ayatullahs? I read that both of these had some controversial opinions about the hijab. Do you know anything of this? @Ashvazdanghe
  4. There's an old adage in real estate that you don't sell the house to the man, but to the women who will convince the man to buy the house.
  5. No, but since the original author used these words, I decided to use them too. I can't explain it because you're referring to unusual situations, which are known as outliers and they will always exist. Even if such were the case, would the harassment be worse if the ladies were dressed modestly with hijab as opposed to yoga pants? I doubt it.
  6. @khizarr please have a look at this thread, some of the members have posted some good material. It's many pages long, so you will need time to go through all of it. Not all of the posts include reliable information, some are though very interesting and valuable. I havn't myself gone through it all, but I have seen some valuable posts.
  7. Since you guys brought up infidelity amongst spouses, an important point i want to add, is that in Islam, men are permitted to have more than one wife at the same time, therefore men cannot commit infidelity. And if you look at the history of your country, whether it be European, Western, or Eastern, you will find that polygyny wasn't uncommon not too long ago. I think that this propensity has been ingrained in males ever since we were created, which could explain why it is permitted under Islamic law. Now, before any of the male readers get any funny ideas. Understand that it will almost certainly cause you more issues than it will solve. I personally haven't heard of or seen anyone who has had "successful" polygyny relationships. In fact, I once knew someone who boasted about his polygyny connections, which on the surface seemed wonderful, but when you looked closer you could see the harm it had done to family bonds. If the wives fulfilled their obligations by being there for their husbands when they needed them, and of course by taking good care of themselves and looking well, then 99.9% of these polygyny feelings would vanish.
  8. Caroline Ellison CEO of Alameda Research, apparently she's the girlfriend of Sam Bankman-Fried. Her father Glenn Ellison is an economicst Professor, and apparently he has close ties to Gary Gensler (serving as the chair of SEC). Also Ukraine is rumoured to being partners with FTX and WEF was also one of their partners. How could these experts not see the ponzi scheme when commoners have been warning about it for months?
  9. Salam, I recently replied on a thread about this issue, but my reply was shortly deleted for being "inappropriate and judgemental", so I thought of making my own thread to discuss this issue with the members here without coming off as attacking any author in the process. Before I get attacked by social justice warriors, let's define the term "promiscous". It has many meanings, some of which include: 1: Having casual sexual relations frequently with different partners; indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners. 2: Careless, indiscriminate, disloyal. 3: It's not just about physical contact, talking to non-Mahrams behind their husbands' backs with malice intetions is equivalent to being unfaithful/disloyal. I'm sure that many of my Muslim brothers and sisters have heard stories of hijabi Muslim women committing really bad deeds, some of which are regarded as greater sins. I find this to be quite sad considering that some of them appear to come from good families on the outside. What has struck me the most is when I hear of married muslim sisters that are engaging in unfaithful behaviour. I mean, from a man's standpoint, is there anything worse? Yes, we men have many obligations to our women, including loving, caring for, and showing them compassion. However, this isn't our sole responsibility in this dunya, and it's difficult to fulfil all of our obligations consistently. That doesn't imply we don't care about you or like you anymore, nor does it give you the right to be disloyal. Why then does this occur so frequently? Do any of the ladies, in all sincerity, understand what males are responsible for and everything else we have to do? And what do we expect from our women? it's only that they are available when we need them, that they have respect for their husbands, and of course that they are loyal to the husband. Is there any man that disagrees with this? Now, what do most women expect from their husbands? I don't want to make a long list, so I leave it blank. Now, where did we go wrong to allow such promiscuous behaviours into our communities? Is it social media? is it bollywood movies? is it friends? is it stress? May Allah bless all virtuous women, regardless of their religion.
  10. If only 1% were aware of the SEC's involvement and how extensive the conspiracy is. Not to mention that another crypto billionaire died a few hours after spreading conspiracies. Nikolai Mushegian
  11. Even if all the shareholders are people of Iran how does that help?
  12. Sheikh imran husein says that the enemies of islam and enemies of Iran saw an opportunity and made it their full-time mission, by taking advantage of Amini's death in order to destabilise the country, bring about its destruction, and install a secular government in its stead. Nobody has any regard to her death. It's all about taking advantage of her death. And, yeah, I agree with him. Furthermore, none of these influencers or other commoners who are only interested in getting likes and approval have the slightest regard for women. Iran is not the only country that would benefit from their assistance if they cared about women, there are tons of other countries that really could benefit from their support, but nah. And if they are so adamant about helping the Iranian ladies, then help them by opening your doors to them rather than destroying another nation and imposing your laws on it.
  13. EiE

    Thoughts 2022

    If I am not mistaken, shorts over knee is only recommended not wajib.
  14. it has been debated for a long time, and you have two very opposing extremes with opposing perspectives. If something is effective, I would expect it to work, I do not see that with the covid vaccines. That is without taking into account the amounts of reported vaccine-related harm. People who have received three shots are still afflicted, and people are now being asked to have their fifth dose. It begs the question: Why did the Ahlul Bayt adherents take the heed of the taghut narrative? @AshvazdangheWhat are you even talking about? The Iranian medical system is a for-profit enterprise. Why else would it be traded and listed on the stock exchange if it wasn't for profit? Barkat Pharmaceutical Group is a publicly traded company on the Tehran Stock Exchange. Discussing with you about Iran is analogous to discussing the problems of North Korea with a North Korean.
  15. @PureExistence1 I agree with you that because men and women are fundamentally different, some tasks are better suited to men, while others are better suited to women. Therefore, we shouldn't label everything as objectification, sexism, misogyny, etc., as those terms have different connotations in today's society and are used to sow confusion, incite hatred between the sexes, and draw attention to insignificant issues.
  16. Also, because women are "rebellious" by nature, they must be "managed & policed," or otherwise the world would be in a much more chaotic state. Have you ever questioned why Islam makes no mention of any female prophets or imams? pondered why certain rulings are applied differently to men and women?
  17. I don't see a problem with this viewpoint. We males are drawn to the female body because it is made to look beautiful and attractive. What about it is so difficult to understand? We were created in that manner. We men are also instructed to lower our gaze, which is much simpler to do if women are dressed modestly. I firmly believe that if everyone adhered to these basic guidelines, both personally and as a society, we would be in a much healthier condition.
  18. Dealing and doing commercial business with taghut nations while remaining mute on the oppression being committed on other human beings, as well as selling destructive products for the use of killing and damage to others, is incompatible with Islam. Iran has a long history of doing that, as has frequently been discussed in these forums. Now, why am I focusing on Iran? Because Iranian leaders claim to be respecting Ahlul Bayt's teachings, but their actions show otherwise. Regarding the vaccine query, you're asking the wrong question. First and foremost, the medical industry should not be permitted to be profitable since it provides incentives to keep people sick, the more sick people, the more profits, similar to the weapons industry, the more wars, the more profits. This is a significant concept that I believe is essential for the well-being of all humans all around planet, and it has many solutions that will not be addressed here. So, in essence, I would claim that the current medical establishment is incompatible with Islam. I try to keep things short in order to avoid derailment, as the virus and vaccine have both been covered more in-depth in other threads. Now, in regards to the COVID virus and my displeasure about the Ayatullah receiving the injection on television. Have you ever seen an Ayatullah or other prominent spiritual figure injecting oneself on television? According to my knowledge, this has never happened before. Why did the Ayatullah take the vaccine on television if it was so beneficial to you? I found it to be wrong on so many levels, and a lack of accountability on so many levels, especially given our limited knowledge of the virus and vaccine. Why, like many other world leaders, did the Ayatullah appear on television to receive the shot? Do you now realise how powerful and influential these pharmaceutical companies are?
  19. @PureExistence1 Yes, it was probably the vaccine they produced themselves or those imported, I believe from China. That was not, however, my point. I'm trying to ask why Ahlul Bayt followers and Taghuts both follow the same concept, idea and narrative. Why are they utilising devices whose maker, Karyl Mullis, indicated they can't be trusted, while mass-injecting their people with something that hasn't been studied much, isn't well-known to be effective against a disease, and has barely been evaluated at all. Besides that, I have a lot more to say, some of which have already been covered in this topic. Do you think that resembles Shia Islam? Do you believe the prophets or Ahlulbayt would approve with their choices?
  20. Congratulations on winning the 2022 award for funniest reply.
  21. I personally believe that the most secretive and sought-after man on this planet and in the universe will have a wealth of advanced technology on his side, which he will utilize and spread to the general public In sha Allah. I also believe his supporters will be called using these advanced technologies as well.
  22. @Hasani Samnani Given your position on the vaccination programme and your status as MD (if im not mistaken), I'm curious to hear what you have to say. Here you have Ayatullah Ali Khamanei get the vaccine on television, do you believe this was a wise move? Does this move from the Ayatullah resemble the teachings of Ahlul Bayt? I personally didn't believe in the "covid narrative" and I didn't believe in the "covid vaccination programme," both of which many people, including scientists, biologists, immunologists, doctors, etc., are now questioning. So ask yourself, why in the world would ayatullah khamanei take the shot on television, buy the covid narrative, and together with his officials initiate a mass vaccination programme in iran as well? Why would he expose his own people to something we know so little about and that has barely been tested at all. This seems more like widespread indoctrination. and all of this under the influence of who? that is a really great question.
  23. This is just business for businessmen, not something that followers of Ahlul Bayt would consider. 1. The Russian invasion of Ukraine was anticipated for months before it began. It baffles me how Iranian officials could have been unaware of this given that it was common information. 2. It makes absolutely no difference whether the drones were supplied prior to or following the invasion. They provided Russia with weapons to be used in the killing of others, including some innocent people. What other purposes did they anticipate for their drones? Are Russian officials implementing Ahlul Bayt's teachings? Which side is Iran on? because they appear to be playing the narrative along with all other countries, whether they are on Ukraine's or Russia's side, they are all bad. I'm referring to the true sides—are they with the taghut or with Ahlul Bayt? Because it appears that they are supplying taghut countries while remaining mute about the oppresion activities against other people, another example being BFF China. Sometimes I wonder whether there are Iranian agents on this page being paid to safeguard their interests at all costs......
  24. So, now that Iran's foreign minister has officially admitted to using Iranian drones, do you still believe the Iranian government is guided by the teaching of Ahlul-bayt? What kind of justification exists for selling drones to war crawing countries, which will lead to many innocent dead? They are beginning to resemble businessmen more and more each day, but instead of suits, they are wearing long robes and turbans.
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