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  1. Children chant massacre-Jews song at North London school - The Jewish Chronicle (thejc.com) Ah yes, the reliable jewish chronicle.
  2. salam sister. first, how is the food at home. What kind of food is he eating. Food full of sugar and vegetable oils are bad for his mental health. Food has a great effect on mental health. Is he getting enough sleep? Does he take vitamin D at a high enough dose, and does he take b vitamins and fish oils, having probiotics etc. These are important, because bad mental health can be caused by deficienies in the body and bad diet. He should also be exercising in some form daily for his mental health too. Exercise is extremely important. Of course this is surface level, but it can make all the difference. Assuming you cook for him you can make him healthy meals and next time you go to the grocery store, you can avoid unhealthy food. number 2. Dear sister, you must first stop yelling at your children and you have to work on yourself in a way that you are in a good mood and displaying that good mood. You can do this through seeking professional help if you like. there is a good programme you can try called Queen Program – Spiritual Warrior (spiritualwarriorprogram.com) run by sister Zahra Makke. It may help you in your personal life and improve you as an individual. You should be such a person that the good fragrance of akhlaq can be smelled by your husband and children. A simple tip for example, when your husband comes home, do you unload the difficulties of your day unto him immediately. If you do, at least wait 10 minutes after he came home to tell him. This simple psychological thing can make a lot of difference. When he comes home, apply perfume quick and greet him with a smile, compliment him, tell him how much you missed him. This small thing will make his day. How is the atmosphere of the house in general? If I put myself in his shoes, he's at work at a job he dislikes, hes there for 8 hours, not enjoying it and his relief should be when he comes home, except when he comes home he can't get a peace of mind and therefore he struggles a lot. That may be why he leaves, because its a kind of escapism for him. He may be burnt out. do you see this in yourself. You don't need to answer here, but its just a question for you to reflect on dear sister. If you find this in yourself, its obviously what needs to be worked on. Have you identified why you may have a bad temper if its true? It may be a good idea to see a therapist to help you, and to help you identify the reason this is the case. Your husband could also try the kings program, but the website isn't working properly so you can contact them Spiritualwarriorprogram@gmail.com you can also schedule a call to ask questions before getting the program to see if its for you. If any of this advice helps you, please pray for me!
  3. Monopoly is halal according to Sayed Sistani. There are versions of monopoly that i am not sure about. Just use the general criteria the brother above gave to determine which is halal and which is not
  4. then what about two twin brothers or two twin sisters? a dynamic is not added here. So where would the difference between this and homosexuality be? twin sisters would be two consenting adults of equal authority.
  5. salam sister, why would you not be opposed to people having guns. Maybe its because you grew up in a society that believed in people having guns. I have grown up in the UK, and I can't seem to understand why there is a necessity that individuals have guns in the US and that guns cannot be just made illegal for all in the US. In the UK, the equivalent of guns are knives but we don't suffer from mass shootings. Its usually stabbings but that happens frequently between gangs, and little children are not killed by knives. Are there any valid reasons that people should keep guns in the US?
  6. its not a demi god status though, something which would implicate ghuluw. Those who have powers were given it because of working against their nafs, whether muslim or non-muslim. There is no doubt that non-muslims exist that can do things that are outside the common bounds of the laws of the universe, but they can only do it with Allah's permission. The same applies to muslims that have this power, it is only with the permission of Allah. This in no way is against our aqeedah, nor does it constitute shirk in any manner.
  7. It is a little strange, then, that belief due to miracles can be accepted but not a demand for miracles. If it is acceptable to believe due to miracles, then why would it be wrong to ask for or even demand a miracle as proof? Additionally, if a Christian or Hindu experiences a miracle that is regarded as proof that his faith is correct, how can one use a miracle in Islam to prove that the Christian or Hindu belief is false? Furthermore, one must also define “evidence” and “the Good.” Religious tradition (“God says”) defines the Good and evil alike. anyone can perform miracles(actually the word "karamat" is more fitting)(under certain conditions), including buddhists and hindus. In the time of Imam Sadiq there was an atheist who could perform karamat, the reason was because of his constant fighting his ego. After he converted to Islam, he lost those powers because his reward was Islam. What I mean by this is before he was muslim, his reward as a disbeliever for fighting his nafs was a reward in this world, which were special powers, however his reward after became a reward of the hereafter because he converted. In recent times, one of our great scholars talked to a (I think hindu yogi) who could tell you the exact location of any individual and whether they were alive or dead as long as you told them their name. this however doesn't validate their traditions, but its only a reward for them in this world.
  8. salams, unfortunately this still wouldn't be acceptable, the man must be a muslim for the marriage contract to be acceptable. Perhaps she can show him proofs of Islam from channels that are good at polemics. is there any reason that he can't see himself converting? If he sees Islam is more sound than Christianity, would he be willing to convert?
  9. because deriving laws of the religion correctly and accurately is a complex process. There are many books on principles of jurisprudence, so even if your criteria is not met, it does not invalidate X or Y's position on this subject because there are different methods for deriving laws. There are also scholarly books on the mandate for hijab in Iran, its not like ulama pulled it out of their back pocket. And if other ulama disagree that's fine, no problem, however the ulama in charge of Iran believe in the mandate and therefore the mandate is being implemented. just because one of the criteria you presented isn't met, that doesn't invalidate our position.
  10. you need to ask your marja. If your marja has not given a fatwa, ask the next most qualified marja
  11. reading the transcript shows that Biden can barely pull his sentences together. Its rather quite embarassing for the "leader of the free world"
  12. Sayed Khomeini doesn't believe only muslims go to heaven but I can't find the post where his view is discussed, sorry!
  13. I wouldn't feel weirded out per se. The important question is, has the girl made her parents aware she is doing this. because in the end she will need her father's permission for marriage.
  14. peterson it seems has had a history: this second tweet is from 2018.
  15. Salam. Main thing is to take it slow and try your best. I get impact shocks too although I am not a revert, so its not a revert exclusive thing. I sometimes internally question too, why was X or Y prescribed. Usually I find though over little time the shock disappears and that thing that shocked me doesn't do so anymore. You may enjoy Sheikh Panahian
  16. Well then explain to me why most men in the Arab Islamic world will still stare at women no matter what she’s wearing. Explain to me why men will still sexually abuse women and rape them even as hijabis. Even if hypothetically those guidelines were adhered that’s not gonna fix our society nor keep it in a healthy condition because our society is filled with fasaad. Men have a tendency to stare either way. Now, I’m not using this as an excuse for non hijabis, I’m being realistic here. the solution here is not to increase the chances of men staring by not adhering to guidelines. Yes, men can still stare at women in hijab, and women in hijab are able to be raped or sexually assaulted no doubt, but what are the rates of this happening to hijabis vs non-hijabis. I don't have a statistic so I'm curious if anyone has a study.
  17. May Allah have mercy on those martyred. Who were those two motorcyclists. I assume daesh.
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