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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I wonder what excuse a non-muslim would have to explain how this is not a miracle if it is true
  2. what happened to make your life living hell if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Sunni and Shia scholars agree that 'The Lady of Heaven' is divisive and lacks academic rigour | (invitation-magazine.org) Shia and sunni scholars condemn the movie today on 10th of June. I should add that in the picture ayatollah milani and the direct representative of Ayatollah Sistani are present too, that should be sufficient to show that this movie is not in the interests of muslims
  4. I think it was a genuine event. I am heartbroken for the families that lost their loved ones. The police were waiting for an hour from what I've read in a lot of places. If that's true it shows the true colours of the American system. But I am interested in what you mean by inconsistencies
  5. I completely understand you. Make sure you press the links that I gave in my first reply and implement them. In reality those thoughts are baseless and engaging with them makes it worse. Try the links I gave out and make dua. As others said you are not sinning at all and the fear that you have is baseless as intrusive thoughts mean nothing. Some people who suffer intrusive thoughts are mothers who get thoughts of drowning their babies or get thoughts of harming themselves. Its quite a horrible condition I know. Another thing to help is hypnotherapy for intrusive thoughts. Try it out: Stop Obsessive Thoughts | Hypnosis Downloads its made by professionals and hopefully it will help. Also you must try out breathing techniques like box breathing etc, they really calm you down. I truly know the struggle and know the false guilt you might feel. The guilt we have when we have these thoughts is misplaced. We don't need to feel guilt at all about these thoughts. We are not our thoughts. Our thoughts are just a result of our monkey mind racing. I sincerely hope you are healed from this.
  6. https://www.mytazkiyah.com/ this is a known website for combatting porn addiction
  7. https://thaqalayn.net/book/3 this is al-kafi book 3, if you scroll down you will see a list of hadith on salah. By the way still follow your marja in all the laws of salah, this is just an example of where maraja' derive their rulings from
  8. Alright from now on follow this protocol and if you fear that your ghusl doesn't count then you can blame me for this on the day of judgement and I will take the blame alright: 1. only allow yourself to have only 1 ghusl ! make sure that ghusl is only 10 minutes maximum. Yes I know its going to feel like a nightmare and you are going to feel horrible and very guilty and feel like its not correct but trust me you have to ignore that feeling. After some time it will get much much easier and you will be grateful that you endured the guilt at the beginning( in reality you have nothing to be guilty for by doing one short ghusl but your brain or shaytan will convince you its not valid). 2. Realise that using that much water, spending hours in the shower is a sin because of israf(excessive wasting). Think about why you are so careful with ghusl. Is it for Allah. If it was for Allah would Allah ever accept a sin? God has made the religion easy, and therefore follow protocol one very strictly. 3. Everytime after you pee, do istibra, Sayed Sistani mentions how to do it. After that anything that comes out of the private organ is tahir. https://www.sistani.org/english/qa/01226/ 4. In response to number 2, absolutely not! Leave the inside of the urethra alone. Also never check your private organ for discharge after the shower no matter how you feel, make it haram on yourself whilst you have this waswas to do that. For some time you will feel guilty for this but you have to be disciplined and stay away from checking. I think you have already developed OCD. What you need to do is follow the protocol I said and do CBT therapy online. Look at this hadith of Imam Sadiq I mentioned to Abu ‘Abd Allah (A) a man who was troubled by waswas in his wudu, and salat, adding that he is a man of intelligence. Thereupon Abu ‘Abd Allah (A) said, “What kind of intelligence has he when he obeys Satan?” I said, “How does he obey Satan?” The Imam replied, “Ask him regarding its cause and he will tell you that it is a work of Satan.” therefore when you feel guilty for not redoing ghusl remind yourself that you are obeying Imam Sadiq and that guilt is not actual guilt. Again I emphasise on CBT therapy, its really important to help with waswas. Inshaalah it can help you find your fears that trigger this behaviour. Finally you can ask Allah for protection from waswas and read the qul surahs
  9. sorry I will respond fully a bit later. Just reply back to me so that I get the notification. In short: You need CBT therapy. You might have OCD.
  10. https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2327/ you can check out marriage rulings here also download ask those who know app and ask your question to a sheikh
  11. its definitely obsessive. It might be OCD you are experiencing. Check out CBT therapy to help out with it. Just listen to the other people in the thread, and ignore the doubt. I know anxiety is gonna be over the top, but you have to ignore the doubts. God wishes you ignore the doubts which come from satan and can even develop into OCD. essentially following doubts is not obeying God . Again check out the CBT therapy, its a good solution to OCD.
  12. only if it is with non-ahlul-kitab non-muslims and they transferred wetness through the handshake. Because non-ahlul-kitab are najis, if we touch them with wetness we have to wash our hands as our hands become najis.
  13. please don't present Islamic scholars as arrogant, it's very offensive. In the case of our maraja', they interpret according to their expertise from Quran and Hadith and if they face an issue they do not know about, they ask experts in that field to understand more and therefore be able to give the right fatwa. They have purified themselves thoroughly and are true servants of God and they don't interpret Quran and Hadith according to their own desires.
  14. Family / Raising Children - YouTube Ali Reza Panahian has fantastic vids on Islamic marriage
  15. the fatwas says "per se". Does the office know about Google's affiliation with Israel through project Nimbus and Google owning youtube.
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