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  1. salam brother I should have worded it accurately, I should have said there is no power dynamic between twin sisters compared to a relationship between a father and a daughter. It was in response to your objection here:
  2. it would depend on the ruling of his marja
  3. you would follow the marja you think is next most knowledgable. as for the second part I'm not sure
  4. Morocco and Tunisia certainly made us proud Tunisia 1-0 France Morocco 2-0 Belgium Morocco 2-1 Canada Even Japan are doing fantastic: Japan 2-1 Spain
  5. no it actually is an obligatory precaution also some history on this ruling: sorry for the background color
  6. you can ask on the ask those who know app
  7. it might be admirable if they learnt something from their mistakes. taking ownership of your mistakes means learning from them. The US is still as rotten as it was back then, except for the advancements in decreasing discrimination and some other things. In fact i'll say its worse at least in foreign policy. The US has since committed far worse crimes, under the radar and out into the open. Abu Ghraib prison and Iraq are good examples, Afghanistan is another good example. I'm not criticising USA because its not perfect, but because of its continued atrocities against the rest of the world and its collapsing of many democracies(ironically) + the continued sanctions on other countries, which makes it the most rotten country, excluding Israel. Other countries that have terrible internal problems are bad too, but at the very least, they aren't terrorising the rest of the world. Taking ownership of mistakes is worthless if the US don't learn from them.
  8. to be fair I don't think they have advocated against hijab but against imposing it
  9. any answer from the office of Sayed Khamenei brother?
  10. this is a point I like a lot. I think the conduct of the friends of God can have a bearing on how the community acts, especially if those friends of God are jurists and maraja' which most of them are
  11. I have to add the words of Ayatollah Bahjat. Whilst I understand some don't consider the actions of scholars to be a proof in itself, it personally has a great influence on my leanings if a jurist who is known to be an arif does or says something, especially those who are known to have reached the highest levels of faith, and are drowned in monotheism. another thing to add is that the source is from this website The Center for Compilation and Publication of the Works of Grand Ayatollah Bahjat Ayatollah Bahjat was also praised very much for his skill in jurisprudence. he also says: interestingly, perhaps he never saw a contradiction between these two things
  12. If this argument were to be completely accepted, it wouldn't detract from visiting masjid jamkaran. If people innately remember Imam more by going to Jamkaran rather than say the local masjid, this wouldn't be problematic and in fact it would be a good thing, or if people would sit down and worship Allah more because of the association of the masjid to the Imam, even if its not the case in reality, it would be good to go to the masjid even if the masjid itself has no special value compared to other masajid.
  13. the context of this verse is different because the pagans believed that the idols had independent power from Allah, and people who do direct tawassul don't have this belief. there is unanimity in the shia school of thought that believing anything other than Allah is independent is a misguided belief, so I wouldn't apply this verse. Second this also may not apply because those who do tawassul pray to Allah directly and supplicate to Allah directly, but may ask Ahlulbayt from time to time to intercede. The second thing I have to ask is that the comparison you are drawing is not accurate about supplication. This logic is rather strange brother. Essentially you are saying that the one supplicating believes that Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) grants their dua, but will supplicate to other than Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) while still believing that they aren't granting the dua. Asking and supplicating are two different things. we know that Ahlulbayt have zero power of their own, and that all their virtues come from Allah, and their entire existence is entirely by Allah's will, and so are all things completely dependent on Allah. Asking is a more accurate term. The "supplicating" to other than Allah is not because they can grant the dua, its because of their esteemed station, and because of such a station, requests they make from God are more likely to be answered than ours. I don't think you reject that asking others to pray for you is a good thing. For example, you might ask your mother to pray for you, because you know that the dua of a mother has a high likelihood of acceptance. The mother has an esteemed position in Allah's sight in relation to her child. So what about the spiritual mother and father, such as Amir al mo'mineen or Fatima Al Zahra (عليه السلام). I understand what you mean in this point. I think you may say that people ask Ahlulbayt for X and Y. Intention matters though. I feel like we can can open up this discussion much more, but I need to do some research. 12. Seeking Help From The Spirits Of Awliya’ Allah | Wahhabism, 2nd Edition Revised, Edited And Annotated | Al-Islam.org i'll leave this for now to open up the discussion
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