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  1. Both my mother and I have seen shadow people with a brimmed hat when waking from sleep. Is it a jinn? What should be done about it?
  2. The ulc life church is an organization that ordains anyone of any faith. I was ask to officiate a wedding for a friend. In Islam any muslim male may preform a wedding but US law requires officiants to be ordained to legally marry someone. The problem is that the ulc life church ordains christians and pagans and sells products for both of the groups. I don't know if it would be haram to use this ordination because the organization sells pagan products like books on how to preform pagan weddings. It allows you to minister according to your own belief. would it be permissible to use this service?
  3. He shoved me and has attempted to pick a physical fight but not in years. I think he would be more of a burden for my sister than a husband if they marry.
  4. I don't know if he's on meds. He does hold down a job. He doesn't like me I couldn't ask about his treatment without it being an intrusion and starting an argument.
  5. I'm a revert my sister and her boyfriend are non religious. He has serious mental illness specifically D.I.D (multiple personality disorder). He refers to his other personalities as alters and I've meet one, an 8 year old girl and there are several others. He has a genuine diagnosis for split personality disorder. My mother lets them sleep in the same bed in our home I feel like if i say anything it might get me put out. They've been together for years now with out him doing anything dangerous but he is just to damaged and ill for me to approve. I'm afraid he might wig out and hurt someone. what do I do if anything?
  6. Do they exist and if so where can I get one. I know there is no need for a certificate I'd just like to have to put on the wall. can you get one online?
  7. Yea, your right maybe I'll wait. I'm not planning on seriously looking for someone for a year to give me time to have some money anyway. I said quickly or immediately a year is quickly to me.
  8. At 31 I feel I getting old and afraid i'm going to miss my window.
  9. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this question. If not I'm sorry it was a mistake. What is the process of having an arranged marriage? How are matches made and what is the process to get married once the decision is made? I'm looking for someone who is willing to have at least one child quickly or immediately after the marriage. I'm going to start seriously look within about a year or longer to give me time to straiten my finances out. when I'm ready what is the traditional way to find someone and what is the marriage process as well?
  10. I may visit in the next year or two. What's it like for Muslims?
  11. I've had to wait days on other sites for answers before. I'm considering hanafi and maliki madhab because I've read there the most forward thinking. can you or some one else here please explain the main differences between the to. I like to form my own opinions which are usually conservative but not always. I like abu layth but am more conservative than that particular mufti and would like advise on what other maliki scholars I might be interested in.
  12. I ask this question on a sunni site and still haven't got an answer. I'm a revert there is no mosque where I live or near by. so just following the fihq of the mosque where I'm practicing isn't an option because I don't have one. I want to perfect my prayer well enough to lead it, so really perfect how do I choose a school of thought to follow for that? My prayer needs some work and I want to be perfect as possible. I leaning towards the hanafi school of thought because it's said to use the most reasoning to develop fatwas. I like to think for myself so a madhab that lets me do that more would be preferable.
  13. I'm going to quit smoking immediately cold turkey, but if I fail can I wear a nicotine patch during ramadan.
  14. I only show everything to people I'm feel I'm really close to. Like close family. I don't think it's right to air out all you dirty laundry with everyone It's not there business. and what works for me may not you that fine and okay for you to feel the way you do.
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