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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. That is part of why I left it and of course there was a girl. The girl didn't work out but I decided to stay muslim after.
  2. I'm coming from Norse paganism where it is common to have an altar. I want a sacred space in my home with no graven images. Intend to display a Quran and other books on an altar cloth. in the area where I pray can I do this? Having and taking care of this area makes practicing fun for me.
  3. He wasn't devout but identified as a Babtist I was raised in Babtist church near by but its been restructured under new leader ship and we haven't been connected to them in more than a decade.
  4. my mother wants to cremate my dad but I have a problem with it. How should I handle it? Its not he said he wanted. we can't afford to bury him properly.
  5. I just wanted to request some prayer. If this is in the wrong forum I opologize. I wasn't sure where to post it.
  6. I smoke, but I'm quitting soon. Is it okay to use a patch during Ramadan fasting hours? If not are there any other options? Why is it haram to smoke during Ramadan i the first place? It's not eating or drinking. There is no nutrient going into the body. I'm sunni but still interested in shia rulings.
  7. I sometimes accept shia rulings I make decisions for my self what I believe but primarily side with sunni scholars so I'm interested in what anyone has to say.
  8. I'm a sunni revert. My father is dying and I'm having panic attacks over it. The depression hurts so much sometimes I can't move. How do I deal with my christian father dying in the next few months? Will I see him in Jannah? I've read somewhere in the Quran that Christians and Jews need not fear interpreting to mean they go up. What the rest of my life I'll have to live without him?
  9. I'm putting money back to move somewhere there is a mosque and a Muslim community, but I have visible tattoos that I feel will make it hard to find a spouse. I can start the long expensive process of removing my tattoos or I can leave them and move. next month I'll be able to afford an expensive home laser of ebay it's a professional grade laser that cost about 1,300 usd. It's will cost eight times that much to remove professionally by someone licensed, but I'm willing to take the risk of scaring my arm to remove a very poorly done tattoo sleeve by doing it myself otherwise it's not possible to get rid of it. I would rather make a mistake and have a scar than the tattoo. I want a devout hijabi that will give me children and be an exeptional mother. I'm a revert but I would rather have a born muslim with Muslim family to help give my children a stronger Muslim Identity. The laser is legal to own and after my tat is gone I will destroy it to prevent anyone else from hurting themselves with it. I'm sunni so the vast majority of available Muslims will consider my tat a major issue.
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