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  1. Idk anything about it other than it comes from eastern philosophy. Can anyone explain it and weather it's permissible?
  2. I converted years ago but there is no mosque in town should I call before going to a new mosque or should I just go. Is there a special way of entering other than taking off you're shoes.
  3. I see your right. I'll leave tattooing alone then. It's impossible to have only male clients in that business.
  4. I'm sunni but I occasionally agree with Shia rulings in contradiction to mainstream sunni thought. I have tattoos I got after reverting and don't feel that there haram, and am interested in becoming a tattoo artist like I've dreamed about since I was 14. Having a full sleeve and intending to get another I feel will make it difficult to find an accepting sunni. Also if I become an artist then my income would be considered haram by the vast majority of Sunni women and there family.Should I be looking harder a Shia women or should I try to find another sunni? when it comes to what to teach any children have them study the faith and decide for themselves how to identify and witch community they personally belong to. which is what I intend to do even if I marry another sunni.
  5. I'm afraid of Islamiphobic nationalist attacking me again. This is just something I'm considering I haven't made a firm decision yet and may choose to save the money to move.
  6. My state just signed into law constitutional carry. Meaning its no longer needed to have a permit to carry concealed weapon. I'm looking into buying a handgun possibly.
  7. That is part of why I left it and of course there was a girl. The girl didn't work out but I decided to stay muslim after.
  8. I'm coming from Norse paganism where it is common to have an altar. I want a sacred space in my home with no graven images. Intend to display a Quran and other books on an altar cloth. in the area where I pray can I do this? Having and taking care of this area makes practicing fun for me.
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