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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't think she is thinking about her daughter aswell , she is very concerned about her life to the point that she wants me to rent a flat and look after our child when she is at work or gym etc. I think that's more western thinking. She got two friends and both are single... I'm very concerned and confused wallah Allah subhan Allah gives me sabor
  2. Salam alikum Thanks all for the reply. She is not thinking of reuniting at all. At first she said I want a separation when she saw I stayed calm and wanted to talk about our relationship, she got angry and insisted in a divorce. Now we are apart to give some time away from both , she is very dramatised by the past and not willing to reunite. She sends pictures of my daughter from time to time but very formal and still demanding a divorce Should I call her and try to talk ? Or should I just leave it untill things go abit better. Jazakom Allah alif khair
  3. Salam alikum Thanks all for the reply. Before leaving the flat I already gave her 2 weeks to think in her own and me aswell , I came back very positive. Couple of days later she came up with let us separate for months and then when she saw me taking it in a calm way , she started to be angry saying now I want a divorce because she thought ill be angry on her and end up with a divorce myself... My family are in Iraq and my uncles here can't do anything because her father himself is saying I have no control over my daughter... Im confused with her really
  4. Salam I wasn't the one who went out , she forced me by saying I'll call the police. I avoided her anger and respected her decision and went out. She is now everyday in a unique decision, one day she blocks me the other day she unblocks me. I'm giving her the time she needs but her attitude is playing with my emotions. She tried calling me couple of times but I'm giving her the space she wanted. I am not knowing what is she really wanting, I'm thinking about my daughter and her too much. What advice can someone give me Should I be that extra caring person how I used to be like before , or should I change the way I respond to things coming from her ?! Thanks all for the support and care
  5. Thanks for the comments My wife is not the best aswell. My anger issues comes when my wife doesn't tell me when she is out , when she goes to the gym, when I try to speak to my daughter aswell. She has never counted on my word in Islam. Now she is demanding a divorce , I don't think it's fair she has done alot to me. Her dad is by her side and is saying I can't control her .. and I'm not forcing any sayed to come and solve the issue because I know she will be against all this. I don't have anger issues but a man with jealousy out of love and care will understand me.
  6. Salam alikum My wife is requesting for a divorce because I come home angry from work. She is not understanding that this is not me its just the nature of how things are coming out and I'm trying to avoid this. She forced me to get out from my flat and now she is just demanding that I need to divorce because this is a toxic relationship to her. I am very patient and would not want a divorce for the sake of my daughter and wife. Anyone can relate to this and recommend me on what I can do please
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