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  1. Well, the first verse question their faith and describes to them their state that because they are hypocrites they don't go to Prophet for asking him to pray for their forgiveness. Thus, the condition for the Dua of the Prophet to be accepted is related to the willingness to change their state. Since they are not willing to change themselves, such Dua even if made for the hypocrites would not be accepted because they don't want to change themselves. It is not the case for believers who request prophet to pray for them. As far those as directing supplication to Ahlebait is concerned, most of the people are actually requesting them to be their intercessors and they know that if their such requests are granted, they are actually because of Allah (عزّ وجلّ) and not that Ahlebait (عليه السلام) have such power to grant things at their own. The actual thing is to see what is niyah of people when they request Ahlebait to be their intercessor whether they believe that everything is granted from Allah or not.
  2. Well, there are two main sources one of which is Quran and second is Hadith. When the principal source Quran says to request the prophet to ask for your forgiveness and be the intercessor then I think providing any quote of Imam which does not explicitly reject the intercession would be wrong because prayers and asking someone to become an intercessor are two different things. All prayers are to Allah but asking a noble personality to be the intercessor is also from the teachings of Quran. Please do read the verse of Surah Munafiqoon where Allah says to go to Prophet so that he may pray for your forgiveness. Thus, when we ask a personality to do something for us, we ask it with the intention of intercession which is not wrong if you were taught that in childhood.
  3. I will be straightforward in replying to you so that you understand a man better. Lets begin with the objectifying statement, you know why is veil not objectifying a female rather training the society how to control their eyes. When you veil your body, you are actually blocking the sights of desperate youth who do not know how to control lust, thus, by not veiling a female is actually contributing factor to the crimes. Now, it may be that many men tell you that they are too mature to be attracted by opposite gender and that's why there is no need to use hijab, they are telling lies to you because it cannot happen that a male may not be attracted by the opposite gender except in cases where a male person is having a health problem. Well, Hijab actually protects a female as against a female who does not practice it, why? It is because it actually sends strong signals to the males that a female wearing hijab is not as simple to win as against a woman who does not wears hijab that is why a person talking to a hijabi or who does veil is always careful. It is from my experience being a male that a woman who does not do hijab or badly dressed sends such signals due to which man dares to say things which are improper to them. It is, thus, protecting but you have no idea about it. No, you are wrong about it, the aspects of modesty that pertains to women's clothing are not rooted in misogyny. You are saying that because you are brainwashed by the surroundings in which you are living. On one hand, you say that woman should not be sexually harrassed, on the other hand those very woman provide the reason which causes such harrasment. These woman are actually feeding the brains of criminals to have daring to commit such crimes. Thus, it is not misogyny to say to woman do not pollute others' mind, it is actually telling them not to be a cause of sin in which you are going to entangle others. Every Ruling in Islam is based on logic, one just have to be clever enough not to be overwhelmed by brainwashing of the surrounding. Hijab may not make sense to a female because she has failed to calculate the good done to her because it is not visible to the eye but if you ask an honest male that how much good he has achieved by not having access to the lack of such surroundings where female don't care about their dressing, he will tell you that it has benefited him immensely. Why do you care about how are you viewed physically in public as a hijabi, you are not a source of any harm. Those should worry who commit harm.
  4. The actual translation does not include "being". Here is the real translation "[Shakir 10:106] And do not call besides Allah on that which can neither benefit you nor harm you, for if you do then surely you will in that case be of the unjust." There are also verses in Quran where in Allah (عزّ وجلّ) tells us to request prophets to pray for our forgiveness. I have been reading your posts for quite a long time, I thought you would know these answers as a Shia, these are basic questions which everyone knows while growing up.
  5. Yeah, my mind went directly to Barack Obama. I was about to ask for hadith number but your comment made me not to ask for it because it seems that it was made for barack obama.
  6. It was perhaps because of maintenance. The website is back again.
  7. I cannot understand what you mean by empiricism. Do you mean that it is not evident that such and such type of supplication is works for every kind of person, is that what you mean by empiricism. If you mean what I have written then I would say that for a prayer to be granted, it is not only method of praying that matters but there is also what is better for the one who is asking. It may happen that a person is praying in the best way and with pure intention but his prayer is not granted because it will cause problem for him in future or because it was better for him not to be granted. And, it may happen that a person lacks the proper way of praying but his prayer is granted so that his or her belief could be insure one's belief in God. So, it is also the consequence which matters if the prayer is granted. True, Our belief in Islam is because of the trust which it has earned by teaching us causes of its commandments and prohibitions and that is because of such earned trust that we also acknowledge belief in those things which we haven't seen yet but because nature has left signs of which to which Islam imply and asks us to believe.
  8. When I used the word "tool" for science, I meant it to be the "integral part of Islam" which helps one in building belief and is central part of it. However, in order to go further into it, I would like to delve into the meanings of science and belief. Science is not limited to one aspect of life such as biology or botany, rather it includes everything that obeys a certain law. Thus, there can be science of law, science of psychology and so on so forth. Belief on other hand, is based on trust that is to say that if a person is proved honest and truthful throughout his life and he says that there is a God, then he can be believed to be true even if one has not seen God himself. The thing which proves him honest and truthful is science and the act to trust his words for unseen things is called belief. Thus, it is because of science that belief is there. It is thus central part of a true religion. There are two things to be addressed here one is correct way of worship and second is supplication. As for supplication, It is an individual act whose only conditions are that it must made sincerely and through respect only then it will have chances of being granted. As for worship, its method is changed or depraved with the time due to depravation in religion that is why a new prophet is sent and this is the reason the Islamic way of worship is superior to Christianity because Christianity has failed to maintain its pure way of worship and includes words which are not liked God and for it God has provided plenty of evidence in Quran as to why Christians are wrong. As far why should a Muslim not pray with fold hands is because it is written in Surah Aaraf verse 29 that Muslims should pray as they were created. Every human being is born open handed and is not created as bounded but free so worship should be like a free person. O yes, I read your post again, I missed the part in which you made an assumption. It was my mistake, I thought you made an statement but you made an assumption. Sorry. In order to deal with this issue, it is the duty of a follower to search for religion that does not lie to him because the thing from which it will stop him will surely be found true if evidence of it is not given at that moment because you have to sometime trust a source because it is not possible that every evidence be ready for you in all situations. Thus, only remedy available to a follower is to choose a religion which is logical and welcomes questioning. The meanings which are apparent from the use of the word "Qalb" is that it makes a person's personality. Thus, if a person does good, his Qalb improves and if he person does bad, it Qalb is affected badly. So, it appears from its usage that it is actually self or conscience that changes whole personality. Not every demand for a miracle can be accepted because if humans are always allowed to have miracles then value of trust and position is lost which defines status of a believer. Islam says that this world is a test where sometimes we be shown miracles and sometime we would witness difficulties in which we have to keep trust in Islam and be patient which will finally result in goodness. Thus, through this way, our status is defined for heaven where we be shown every kind of miracle which we wish for. As far as happening of miracles is concerned, its happening is not limited to anyone and such happening is not the proof that such person is on truth for example miracle may happen for an atheist too, who may not believe in religion and the cause of Miracle may be to warn him regarding existence of a creator. Similarly, is the case for Christians and Hindus that they should find the teachings of true God. Mere happening of miracle does not provide that it is true religion rather it is the belief and teachings which clearly defines whether such religion is true or not. This is what is explained in Surah Baqarah that when people worshiped calf, Allah (عزّ وجلّ) said that why did they fall for the golden calf rather than seeing what it propagates, it propagates nothing but mooing This can be your belief about Islam but our understanding is different. Our understanding is that Islam came with truth and earned our trust. It commanded and forbade us for many things and explained almost all of them and there might be something which are commanded or forbidden by Islam for which we lack clear evidence as to why it is allowed or forbidden at this moment but we trust its such commands based on its earned status. It is same as you believe your doctor who has earned your trust and you do not question every action of him because of your lack of understanding his certain procedure or practice or medication.
  9. Islam does not disregard science as a tool to prove beliefs what Islam denounces is the obstinacy of an observer who wants proof of certain thing as he wishes. For example:- There are people who want that in order to proof a being, he must be perceivable. However, science also suggest that evidence of certain thing at a place is also proof of a doer which cannot be seen by the eye at that moment. Thus, to those who say that God must be perceivable, Islam answers by saying that it is not necessary that presence of everything be perceivable by the eye but there are other faculties which imply towards presence of such thing such as feeling or intellect. In response to the second part of your paragraph, it can be said that a true religion is based on such practices which are perceivable like the practices of Islam which have introduced various practices to discipline and bring about good qualities among human which are not against human experiences. The effect of homosexuality may not be visible to you because you have chosen to ignore its effects otherwise it is very visible and immense. It is sin which if allowed to propagate will effect the process of procreation which will be followed by destruction of a family system without which the gains of human civilization will be lost. I do not know why you failed to see such effects. In Islam, the pivot of faith is Qalb which is translated as heart but it is not heart rather self or conscience. The word for heart is "Afidah". The usage of word Qalb implies to its meaning which tells that it is used in the sense of self or conscience. Thus, when Quran says to reflect, its takes place in self or conscience. In other words, the truth is known through self or conscience which include all sources of knowledge such as five senses plus mind and its understanding improves through more observations of evidence. Well, Islam does not criticizes belief due to miracles rather what it says is that demands of human beings for miracles would not end as they will always want something which would feed them as spectators. Islam says that if a man has to determine if anything is good, he must look at what it propagates and whether it propagates towards good or not and that is where your opinion fails where you said knowing the truth through heart requires no evidence. Evidence is part of Islam. Islam is proved through the law which it gave that is to say that if you want to determine anything look into it what it propagates whether it propagates good or evil.
  10. How are you so share that he was direct son of Hazrat Adam (عليه السلام)?
  11. Brother, perform it where you feel comfortable. I think it will be wise not to give anyone reason to fight. And, I am also hopeful that your family will be normal with you after some time, insha-Allah.
  12. The Iranian help to Russia is due to a defense pact between them which obliges it to help the ally in war. This has happened even in the time of Prophet (PBUHHP) when Prophet (PBUHHP) was asked to intervene between Bani Khaza and Bani Bakr and Prophet helped Bani Khaza. Russia was the country that was being cornered by the west and they stood against it by giving the west what they would have given Russia when they would have surrounded them. So, Iranian help is not unjustified. It is in accordance with the Islamic principles of war. These are in no way being used against civilians but the military targets which implies that for what purpose Iran has allowed sale of those weapons.
  13. One should be shy of something if that something is a forbidden act. But, in case of good things, you should not be shy. If you be shy of spreading good things, how will your virtues increase and how will the goodness spread. Just remember that thing.
  14. If we see at the nature of things there occur change in them either from the stage when they are non-perfect and they become perfect such as a child into youth or from the stage when they are perfect to deterioration such as when a youth turns to old age. Thus, the second part of the sentence provides that it is not necessary that times only perfect things but it deteriorates too and hence it can be argued that Human beings already existed, the only change that came into them was due to living under different conditions.
  15. You can say to him that whenever tradition of the Prophets was forgotten, Allah (عزّ وجلّ) sent another Prophet. And, the recent among those prophets was Prophet Muhammad (PBUHHP). So, Islam is the religion that only only revives what is forgotten but also perfects what was not discussed in detail in previous religions. It is therefore necessary that one should accept and follow Islam.
  16. I would suggest such mother to ascertain interests of a son and suggest him some religious books on that subject or if it is possible for her, she should read such books and share its knowledge with the son, may be this way, he can be brought back to religion.
  17. Imam-e-Zamana will communicate to his followers through any modern way of communication. Insha-Allah. By the way, sister @starlightyou are my favorite moderator here, I used to come in past with a different name and you were always responded quickly. May Allah (عزّ وجلّ) bless you sister.
  18. Well, if the population of NWFP had other choice, they would have stood for that. But because the population of NWFP was more civilized as compared to Afghanis, they agreed to stand as Pakistanis. As regards nationalism, it already existed from the time when Indian lost war of independence in 1857. And, the differences among Hindus and Muslims were not new as they been witnessing that since rise of Marhattas until the fall of Mughal Empire. Hindus were brainwashed for ages to think that they were being ruled by Muslims while they forget that those Muslim rulers were able to rule upon them because of the support of Hindu nobles and elite. So, in reality, both Hindus and Muslims were ruling their masses respectively. But when congress was established, it's main goal was to put only Hindus in power by sidelining other ethnicities. This was at first observed by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan that Hindus want to be Masters of Subcontinent. But his such views were not recognized until the Muslims learnt it from the experience of Congress. Meanwhile, the Muslims and leaders of other ethincites demand a constitution which could provide protection to it's masses but Congress was not agreeing to it. It was because of this that all those regions where Muslims were in majority decided to follow Muslim league. About your view that Sindhis had little affinity with Jinnah, I would like to tell you that I belong to Sindh region, and Sindhis did not love anyone more than Jinnah. And it was Sindh which was first province to pass resolution in it's favor. Well, I think you ignored the religious and cultural difference between India and Indus Civilization and between NWFP and Afghanistan and between Balochistan and Iran. Indus valley civilization which comprises mostly of Sindh, Punjab, NWFP and Balochistan were religiously and culturally in harmony as compared to their similarities with regions you mentioned. The population of these regions were not comfortable with India, Afghanistan or Iran but with themselves because they had been living together with same religion and cultural values for centuries. No no no, you are mistaken. The Hindu nationalism was born during the rise of Marhattas. After the war of independence in 1857, the British revived it to keep the divide among Hindus and Muslims but Congress leaders thought that it's good for their cause. Jinnah did not believe in disunity among Hindus and Muslims first and made efforts to bring together both nations but when he found out that Hindu leaders were not interested to allow other ethnicities have their rights, he parted way and joined Muslim league. Jinnah stood for rights of ethnicities which were never accepted by Congress so you can't blame him. He had no other option to counter Hindu domination.
  19. Have you visited al-islam.org website, it contains lot of material about Shia faith. Here is web address: https://www.al-islam.org
  20. I think you should read it by comparing it with Quran. That is to say that the Holy Quran says: "Do not commit grave sins but as for the smaller sins, Allah (عزّ وجلّ) will forgive them". That is to say that in above hadith the word "evil" can be said only for smaller sins and not grave ones. Thus, those who committed grave sins like keeping hatred of Ahlebait (عليه السلام) or committing any other grave sins will be held responsible and punished.
  21. Well, it can be argued that those who did not participated due to any reason, agreed to join Pakistan because they did not participated in any other movement which define their acceptance of Pakistan as their homeland otherwise why they chose to be silent. It is true that British and Russian rivalry was old but Russia did not have forces in Afghanistan before 1980s. In NWFP, they feared the Afghan interference. Hence, Durand line was to control Afghan element.
  22. Well bro, if because of love of Prophet (PBUHHP) people love and respect a syed, it is not a sin. I would say that a syed should reciprocate and love and respect non-syeds for Prophet (PBUHHP).
  23. Yeah it may happen in this world but there are good people as well.
  24. It is style of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) to talk to prophets like that and the most notable reason of this is that the message is conveyed to a nation through a prophet who represents them.
  25. I think you misunderstood about grace or Lutf here. It would not have been Lutf or grace of Allah (عزّ وجلّ), if He (عزّ وجلّ) had made the people to believe in Him either through wealth, fear, or outward beauty. The problem with the wealth, fear and outward beauty is that if they would have been made means to spread religion, religion would have got only those people who were unaware of their own internal abilities. It was, thus, grace of Allah (عزّ وجلّ) that did not found Islam on such material things so that people's true identity be known to them. True grace is that grants to a person his own marifah and also to grant excellence to those who are pious. I do not see in those quotes anything against Shia belief about grace or Lutf. You have simply not understood what Lutf actually is.
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