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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ........that explained, I again ask that you please consider taking 10 minutes to do my survey--- Questionnaire/survey
  2. This is Fred, the writer of the survey. I appreciate and understand the critique, and I give a three-part response: 1) in fact, I am seeking to "understand Muslims," and what would be helpful from their perspective in being able to have an engaging, open discussion about Jesus and the Gospel. That is necessary for Christians to better understand how to be able to enter those kinds of conversations respectfully and effectively. 2) Personally, I would do a survey of this kind if the places were reversed and a Muslim person wanted responses like the kinds I've have asked for. I say that as some of my dear Muslim friends describe their faith to me, and how they approach that makes a difference on how effective our conversation is. 3) Regarding understandings of Jesus, in respect to both Islam and Christianity, it is important for all of us to clearly know the big, fundamental differences in understandings of who Jesus Christ is. Respectful, engaging conversations can help us to all learn the various understandings.
  3. The following is a long introduction, but I hope it's helpful.... As a pastor, I am a student in a Doctor of Ministry program in the U.S., researching what would motivate people of various backgrounds to have more engaging, helpful dialogue about a subject which is important to most people---spirituality. I hope that as I distribute and receive back 4 different questionnaires/surveys from 4 various categories---longtime believers, newer believers, those who are of faiths other than Christianity, and those who are not actively spiritual or religious---I can analyze responses, and learn much. For one thing, I plan to share with my fellow Jesus-followers how we are perceived and how we can do better at communicating about spirituality, whether that is in listening and learning of the spiritual understandings of others, or discussing our spirituality. Presently, I am in need of people who identify as Muslims to do the short, 10-minute questionnaire/survey at this link-- Questionnaire/survey (Responses are kept private, names & contact information are optional, and there are places to write comments & feedback.) Thank-you for considering helping me.
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