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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. DID IT OCCUR TO YOU that these descriptions may well BEFIT YOU LIKE A PIECE OF GLOVE??? How many thousands of fabricated hadiths are there in al-Kafi?... damn , I forgot the number!
  2. You example would have been good ... EXCEPT that Imam Mahdi (as) is supposed to know the details of the accident from all four corners ! THEREFORE, one would expect the SAME answers to questions from those Marj'aas !!! WHY would you exclude the possibility that THOSE who claim to have met Imam Mahdi (as) that they lied or just imagined it??
  3. I am not going to enter with you in any further or future exchanges because you have already exposed your TRUE colours. I have lodged a formal complaint to the administrators of the Forum and I will await the outcome. If nothing happen, I WILL leave this Forum and I will make sure that people know that there is a moderator running the show in the Forum. You post has been cut and pasted into my hard disk as evidence. You have disgraced yourself and the Forum....
  4. This is utterly racist and disgusting..... and on top that coming from a MOD!!!! So the Isalm that was brought by the TRIBAL ARAB Muhammed of BANU HASHIM had to wait for the civilized Iranians to civilize and organise the Reliogion?????? IF NO ACTION IS TAKEN AGAIST YOU... I WILL LEAVE THIS SITE WITH NO RETURN.... I WON'T STAY IN A FORUM MODERATED BY A RACIST!!!
  5. As usual, you are missing the point. RE-read the post. What YOU may believe (about Aisha (ra) or anyone else) is IRRELEVENT. What is relevent is what the Imams (ra) believed and put into practice, and since you claim to be following them, why is the link not there? They didn't not have a problem or any discomfort or hard feelings adopting such names, WHY DO YOU, WHEN THEY DIDN'T? It is a simple question. Don't make it complicated if you can't find a simple answer for it. Just say so.
  6. If we don't follow the Prophet (as) in everything, it is because of our weakness, nothing else. Not because we disagree with him (as) or disobey him as such, astaghfiro'Allah. We would aspire to follow him in everything. I didn't see the Imams (ra), or Muslims in general, call their children Qaroon, Fir'awn or Abu-lahab, because these are the names of enemies of Allah (swt) that were specifically condemened in the Qur'an and destined to hellfire. Now, if the Imams (ra) didn't have any problem associating their own beloved children with names such as Umar, Abu Bakr, Uthman or Aisha, then this n
  7. In other words, you would rather fool yourself into believing that may be he did not actually meant it even if he has actually said it, rather than accepting that may be he actually did say it and did mean it?!!!
  8. That's because you look with one eye and not two eyes. If you look with two eyes, you will see that, unfortunately, it is happening on both sides of the divide! Watch out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYevl-b0vFo Sunnis were burned alive and Shia extremists invented a new tool of torture: drilling the skull! And read this article: Scores Of Sunnis Killed in Baghdad Neighborhood Residents Describe Signs of Torture Washington Post Staff Writers Monday, July 10, 2006; A01 BAGHDAD, July 9 -- Shiite Muslim militiamen rampaged through a Sunni Arab neighborhood in Baghdad early Sunday mo
  9. If someone bring proof that Sistani said this. Would people believe Sistani? The problem is there have been people who made such claim in the past and they were believed (by the mass ignorants).
  10. You can't compare Firaun (la) with Umar (ra), Abu Bakr (ra), Uthman (ra) etc..... the Imams, from Ali (as) to Al-Askari (as) all had no problems adopting such names for their children and loved ones, because they did not think, like you do, that such names were carried by people who didn't have a good character. Another example of the obvious rift and gulf between Shia today and the Imams (as).
  11. Whoever claims to consult me before the emergence of Sufyani and the heavenly Voice, he is a deceiver and liar. There is no power and strength except that of Allah, the Al-mighty the High. [attributed to Imam Mahdi (as)] Somone is lying here.
  12. May be it's true not many Shia embrace Sunnism (I have no numbers). HOWEVER, and this is the REAL TRAGEDY, that are far more many Shia Muslims who embrace Christianity than any other sect. And the Iranians have the lion's share. On the other hand, the vast majority of Christians reverts, embrace Sunni Islam. A google search can highlight these realities.
  13. Whoever claims to consult me before the emergence of Sufyani and the heavenly Voice, he is a deceiver and liar. There is no power and strength except that of Allah, the Al-mighty the High.
  14. There is no problem with it... the problem is the claim that this is somehow a Divine appointment. I put 'send' between inverted commas, because it should not be understood as some Divine appointment in the DIRECT sense. Don't think I am rejecting the Imams (as). Not all. I do know their piety, devotion, wisdom and knowledge. However, I do have a problem with the question of Divine appointment and infallibility. I don't also deny that they (as) inherited the knowledge of the Prophet (as), but so did some Sahaba (ra) and you can't put everyone in the same basket. The other thing you need to rem
  15. Brother (or sister), you seem to be living inside a small shell. There scores of Shia who convert to Sunism ..... and sadly to Christianity.
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